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Electricity, Magnets and Gravity

Updated on July 1, 2009

Teaching you kids about electricity, magnets and gravity

Living things move by themselves. Non living things need push or a pull to be able to move. Such push or a pull is called a force. It can make moving object to move faster if it is slow and move slower if it is fast. A force can also make a moving object change its direction. Electricity, magnets and gravity are some common examples of forces.

Electricity and Motion

When you a still a child, how many of your toys move by themselves? What is inside the toy that makes it move? Toys that move have batteries inside, which provide electricity that makes them move. The small amount of electricity in the battery makes the motor inside the toy run. Electrical force can make some household tools and appliances move. How is electricity stored in a battery? A battery has components inside that stores electricity. These components are made up of earth’s elements such as carbon, lead and ionized water. Batteries containing lead are harmful to living things.

Magnetism and Motion.

Have you ever seen or played with a magnet? When you open the refrigerator door slightly and then let it go. The door will close by itself. Doors of refrigerators have magnetic linings. The magnet helps to keep the door tightly shut. Magnets are generally made of iron or steel. The bar magnets and horseshoe magnets are the most common. A magnet has an invisible force with which it pulls or pushes certain things. This property of magnets to pull or push things is called magnetism. The magnetic force at both ends of the magnet attracts or pulls objects toward itself. Magnets attract or pull all objects made of iron.

Additional FYI’s.

Magnesia was a place near ancient Greece. The Greeks discovered that a kind of black stone attracted pieces or iron. This stone was called magnetite. Anything that had this property of attracting iron came to be known as magnet.

Force and Gravity

Skydivers jump from an airplane at a height of about 1,800 meters above the ground. They perform different kinds of movements as they fall toward the ground. Then, they pull the rip cords of their parachutes so that they land gently on the ground. What makes skydivers fall? Let’s find out.

You must have noticed that it is easier to go down the stairs than go up. Going down easy because gravity pulls you downward. When you go up, you have to lift yourself because you are going against gravity. This is because the earth acts like a giant magnet. It acts as if it has a gigantic bar magnet along its center. The earth’s gravity pulls or attracts all objects down toward itself. This pull is called the force of gravity. It is a force that pulls everything toward the center of the earth.


You have seen that a magnet can move some objects toward itself. And the force of gravity pulls an object towards its center. You also seen that electricity can move some objects too. We therefore say that electricity, magnets and gravity are forces that make objects move.


Example 1.(Electricity) Lightning as a form of gravity.
Example 1.(Electricity) Lightning as a form of gravity.
Example 2.(Gravity)Pull of gravity towards the center of the earth.
Example 2.(Gravity)Pull of gravity towards the center of the earth.
Example 3.(Gravity)Pull of gravity towards the center of the earth.
Example 3.(Gravity)Pull of gravity towards the center of the earth.
Example 4.(Magnets) Some common magnets attracting irons.
Example 4.(Magnets) Some common magnets attracting irons.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      can u plz say the relationship between magnetism and gravity?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      simple things i need to know about.tnx for sharing.


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