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Electrolysis of Water | Science Project for Kids

Updated on December 15, 2008

This is an overview of a science project for kids offered by Heath Scientific. The Hydro-Splitter Kit is an electricity experiment used to educate children about the electrolysis of water.

Science project kits such as the electrolysis of water experiment are available from Heath Scientific’s website. These science projects for kids educate children on a wide array of topics from the electrolysis of water to volume and density. They provide an affordable method for parents to improve their child’s education and take an active role in their child’s education by conducting the experiment with their child.

General Information

The chemical formula for water is H2O, meaning there are twice as many hydrogen molecules as oxygen molecules. When electricity is introduced to water, the molecules split with hydrogen appearing at the cathode and the oxygen will mix with one hydrogen molecule making hydroxide. 

Supplies Needed

- 1 Beaker

- 2 Carbon Rod Electrodes

- 1 Acid/Base Indicator

- 3 Alligator Clip Wires

- Salt

- 2 Droppers

- 9 Volt Battery- not included in the Hydro-Splitter Kit

Experiment Procedure

The carbon rods electrodes are connected to the battery with the alligator clip wires. The beaker is filled with 200 milliliters of water along with 25 drops of acid/base indicator and a pinch of salt.  To increase the voltage and speed of the reaction, a second 9 Volt battery can be used.  


Since there are more hydrogen molecules than oxygen molecules in water, the electrode that the hydrogen goes to will have more bubbles. This water will be blue, while the water around the oxygen electrode will be pink.  This electricity experiment allows home schooling parents to easily explain the concepts of electricity and voltage without a large investment. 

Founded by Pat and Heath Nichols, Heath Scientific is a provider of educational supplies located in Cedar Hill, Texas. Major suppliers of Heath Scientific include AntWorks, Thames & Kosmos, Uncle Milton, and Can You Imagine. If you are interested in hosting a school fundraiser, or obtaining science related educational tools, contact Heath Nichols at Heath Scientific by email at or by phone at (972) 291-4223. 


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      cas 6 years ago

      hey i m really stuck . my science fair is due in 4 days and i m doing this could u help with the results and data and coclusion. i m really not a slacker i have been very sick latley

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      7 years ago