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Elvis Presley Speaks through Michael Dennis

Updated on October 22, 2009


I have always been a big fan of Elvis Presley-the king who could sing it all. Ballads, Pop. Rock and Roll. Spirituals. Country. You name it. I used to sing some of his love ballads during my singing years.

“Hello everyone, this is Elvis. Some people will think that for me to make an appearance to Michael at this time to be ridiculous if not an incredible thing to do. I realize there are people who do not even believe I made my transition. With all the current impersonators who imitate my looks, dress style, and singing, it may seem that for one to claim to transmit messages from me a rather audacious, egotistical endeavor. Well, it is true that to claim to channel spirits is very audacious and I add that now is a good time for audacity to take its place.

“I’m here to say that such communicating is not only possible, but it actually happens far more than you can imagine. In the future far more people shall become spiritually attuned and awakened to the degree that communication between Heaven and Earth, or between spirits and people, will be as natural as sending an email or dialing the telephone. What a grand time that will indeed be. There is so much wonderful and helpful communicating which is taking place now between the two realms. It is time to be daring and to open your minds to more possibilities. It is time for broad minds to replace narrow minds and you are all being asked to expand and stretch your mental and spiritual muscles so to speak. Resistors to change have always been known for clinging to outdated mindsets and belief systems. Fortunately, the world has its share of rebels and pioneers who spearhead movements which promote and advance freedom and expansion. I was one such pioneer in the field of music and I like to think that my efforts resulted in some very positive changes in the area of music and the world at large.

“It is natural to resist change and to be hesitant to accept ideas and beliefs that are at first foreign. In time you realize the benefits of change, and I hope these talks offer you much wonderful mental and spiritual food to chew on and give nurturance to your soul. I encourage you to keep an open mind.

“As you may have read in books about me, I did have a deep interest in metaphysical topics. I derived much comfort from reading books on spiritual matters ranging from Astrology, healing, ancient Egypt, to UFO’S. I was always interested in exploring the mind and the bigger picture. Naturally I was very thrilled when I realized up here that telepathy and spirit communication are very real, and that I can project thoughts to anyone I desire and that those sensitive and receptive enough will receive them. Some people of course think they are merely exercising their imaginations in journeys of fantasy when they find themselves thinking about me. My friends, on a certain level, your entire experience on the earth is a dream as the old song Row Row Your Boat says. By the same token, life on the earth has purpose and meaning.

“I am glad that so many people remember me fondly. You do get my attention when you read about me, watch one of my movies, listen to my songs or look at Elvis posters and paraphernalia. This puts out a mental image in the ethers which I can tune into. Seeing an image can help you feel the presence of those you are drawn to. Go ahead and think you are imagining things, but don’t be surprised if I don’t glimpse or wink at you from a photo from time to time. Let me remind you that spirit vibrates much faster than physical matter. We can pass through matter and with practice we can manipulate it to some degree.

“Have you not at some time had the strange feeling while staring at a painting or a picture that eyes were peering out at you? Although an overactive imagination or fatigue can account for some of these experiences, there are times when spirit can look out at you from a picture or poster. Now perhaps you better understand why we spirits are making contact now. There is much that you experience that you cannot understand. We are here and more than delighted to offer you insight and clarity about such paranormal experiences so you can learn not to be afraid of them, and to embrace them as beneficial and helpful.

“Many of us on this side of life are attuned to your vibrations and energies. We have even known and been involved with some of you in former incarnations. This can partly determine which celebrities, stars, and people you find yourself attracted to. We can observe you paying us homage and enjoying whatever it is you like about us. I’m delighted that my songs are still so popular. In many ways I’m still very much alive on the earth in people’s hearts and memories. I had a deep sensitivity and my best friends and closest companions were women. Although I could romp with the boys and play rough to so speak, it was with women where I felt I could truly be myself. So you see, there is an infinite selection of pals and companions on yours and my side of life.

“It greatly pleases me to observe those people who have chosen various spirits for their playmates and vice versa. One means to contact your favorite departed authors, actresses, etc. is through viewing their films, listening to their music, and reading their books or books about their lives, although you must take those biographies with a grain or two of salt. There is nothing that pleases a spirit more than to have their art and ideas appreciated. Many writers have done much to advance humanity in their thinking by the books they wrote. Because I was such an intense passionate man and performer, I am able to pass on some of that passion and enthusiasm to those with whom I come into contact.

“There is definitely a place for all that romping, hip swerving and pelvic gyrating which I am so famous for. I will talk about that soon, but now I want to say I am no longer as hyper and jumpy. I have mellowed out quite a bit, and I have developed more humility since I made my transition. I thank God for every day of life and I still possess that strong spiritual sense that never left me when I was on the earth.

“Now I would like to speak about passion because it was my grand passion for life which drove me to performing and to the stage. Passion is any powerful emotion or appetite such as love, hatred, lust, joy, anger or greed. One might have a passion for a certain person, place, thing or even a hobby, vocation, or avocation. I believe that longing and yearning is nothing more than passion waiting for expression and realization. Passion must truly be expressed instead of longing for you to fully take in and experience life. It is stifled passion that accounts for so much depression, loneliness, and other soul ailments so prevalent in the world.

People are filled with hidden longing because of the lack of passion in their life. We are all destined to be impassioned about something and passion fuels enthusiasm and gives us the needed energy to fulfill our unique destinies and roles on the earth. Why people feel they must hold tight reigns on their emotions is beyond my comprehension. Emotions are the means by which we feel and breathe in life. To stifle them is like stifling our very breath itself. It saddens me to see so many people wander and roam through life like zombies. Passion is the breath that gives us vitality. One of the reasons that rock and roll came to be so popular was because people were no longer able to sustain the facade and live the so-called ordinary respectable life that people were expected to in the forties and fifties after World War II. One can only put on airs and live a conventional lifestyle for so long and then something has to snap to break the cycle. It is usually the youth who rebel against the old stifled conventional order.

“The soul needs room to breathe and move about, and dwelling in a physical body doesn’t change anything. The wild frenzied dancing that rock and roll made possible came about at its proper time. Do not misunderstand me. I am not advocating wild frenzies and orgies where everyone falls all over each other in sexual arousal to fall in the arms of the person nearest them and then head somewhere to copulate. I am advocating freedom of movement which dance provides, which is both healing and pleasurable to the physical body. Passionate music heightens the intensity.

“There is a place for the loud eruptions of sound and screaming which so permeates the atmosphere at rock and roll concerts. There is a charge of energy generated at such events and good performers know how to work an audience to the point where they can release pent up energy through dance, gestures, and vocal sounds. I realize that some people drink, smoke pot or take drugs to accelerate the euphoria they wish to attain. There have even been cases where people got so out of control that people were trampled by the rushing mad audience. Obviously this extreme hysterical behavior is neither acceptable nor necessary for one to enjoy and release pent up energy at concerts. Numbing oneself through drugs inhibits the natural release that the body seeks through the sounds of music, the vivid colors of the various lights and other visual displays. When the senses are numbed, the soul is numbed to an extent as well. At the risk of sounding trite, I will say there is much truth to the old adage, “natural highs are best”. And this is coming from one who indulged far too much in pills and other stimulants.

“It is natural to let it all hang out so to speak and lose oneself in music and movement. Lose oneself is an interesting choice of words, I think, because there is the need and desire for us all to lose ourselves from time to time. This is so we may partake and participate in our greater wholeness as well as mix and merge in the greater wholeness of others. There is most definitely a place for the melting of the borders of the human ego that separates us from others. Dance and music are two means which can help melt those borders. The soul knows that it is akin to all humanity and it hungers for and delights in the company and fellowship of others. What a greater way to exchange energy and commune with another than to ask someone to dance. People may not consciously realize it but there is much communication and energy being exchanged on the dance floor which will determine to some extent if there is enough soul similarity and familiarity to merit more contact. We all size each other up with non-verbal communication techniques we are often not consciously aware of.

“I personally am all for blind dates and especially blind dates at dances. One should, of course, exercise caution when going out on a blind date, and preferably with someone whom a friend has recommended. On the dance floor the body can communicate in ways that words cannot. I am not referring to the stirring up of sexual passion and lust which hip contact and physical closeness can engender. One can actually become closer to another person on the dance floor by keeping a certain distance. This allows the cells and molecules of the dance partners to size each other up, and mix and merge energies in subtle ways that the body is unaware of. Before one shares a slow dance it is a good idea for the couple to have shared a couple of faster dances where there was little if any body contact. Cells, molecules, and atoms all have their own awareness, and although they do not speak words they are capable of communicating with others on levels most people are unaware of.

“Why do you think there is so much what I call “eyeing” going on at parties, dances, and other events? It’s not simply that someone observes another person and is drawn or compelled to them. Yes, this happens and can very well be an indication that two people are about to meet once more to experience yet another relationship. Karma is always in motion and will draw people together. One way this happens is via eye contact. The eyes are tunnels so to speak for the soul’s vision. Through the eye contact the soul is measuring the energy and turning on its memory faculties to attune to this particular person it feels so drawn to. The cells, atoms, and molecules are reacting at subtle levels as well. There is subtle awareness and memory probing taking place on subliminal subconscious levels. This is not an easy concept to explain but if you were here and could observe as we spirits can with much more acute vision, you would better understand what occurs on so many levels when two people come into contact.

“This “eyeing” as I call it is a very interesting and fascinating experience. You’ve all had this experience or observed someone else who will look at someone then look away. They may feel guilty for staring but yet they are somehow compelled to look. Usually this intensity goes on until they can stand it no longer and one of the parties will then make a physical move and approach the person they have been “eyeing.”

“The communication may be so agreeable that the couple will choose to dance. I am genuinely pleased when I look in on a dance floor and behold a couple gravitate to each other, wind up holding each other tightly, then resting their bodies against each other in a mellow, sweet, slow dance. What a lovely sight it is to behold with our spirit vision which sees the light around each person, the aura if you will. This vision enables us to see the mixing and merging of so many different varieties and shades of light. We can tell which ones go together and which do not. Some of you are capable of beholding auras and there is much to gain from this ability.

“Heightened vision and sensitivity can save you from many unpleasant situations and circumstances because you simply observe and sense on a deeper level the incompatibility of energies. If you find yourself repelled by someone’s presence and energy it is important to honor this feeling. Your mind may question and tell you there is no reason to be turned off by this person but your intuition may be telling you otherwise because it has access to memories you do not presently recall. You are wise to develop your intuitive faculties more.

“Although we can see which energies are compatible and which are not, we have no desire to be match makers for it is your task to learn to be the most qualified judge of who is good for you and who is not. Note again that your karmic obligations will determine who you get involved with and who you avoid. Body language is a wondrous means to become acquainted with someone. Some silence can go a long way as well when you are partaking of “eyeing”. This is especially helpful when you first encounter someone. You can sense so much from what is not said if you will but close your eyes a moment and tune in. This will seem strange to many people because they feel they must always have a conversation going on when they are on a date. They often become a chatterbox because they are nervous. Again, I remind you so much can be communicated in the silence and I encourage you to make an effort to spice up your evening with some silence as well.

“Just as silent communication takes place during “eyeing” it also does while dancing. I am disappointed that people do not dance more. I admit that some people have a natural sense of rhythm, and dance may be easy and second nature to them. Dance is a most aesthetic art form and I have nothing but the highest respect for those who take it up as a vocation or avocation. I like to think I had a natural sense of rhythm and lived up to my reputation and the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis” that got assigned to me because of my love to gyrate my hips. I had an instinctive sense of movement that I brought with me from some past lives where I had been a trance dancer. In some of those lives I knew how to hypnotize and entice an audience with my movements.

“Likewise, I had an instinctive feel for words and sounds. I loved to caress words because in those past lives I had developed a strong voice which enabled me to partake of primal screaming and chanting to exorcise evil spirits and to invoke healing spells. Some of your more rowdy screamers at rock concerts are likewise moving the sounds and energy to exorcise some of their own internal demons although they are usually not aware of this. They just know and are compelled to move and scream. I assure you that primal screamers are less likely to get cancer for they don’t let their primal emotions sweep them away and eat away at them. They let them out.

“Although dancing comes naturally to some people, anyone can dance. Many men seem to have the impression that after a certain age it is silly for a man to dance, or that they have left feet and simply can’t dance. Fortunately, women are more assertive these days and it is not uncommon for a woman to ask a man for a dance or out to dance. Most men can be talked into going with a little bit of sweet talk and coquettish persistence. Dancing is as natural as howling is to wolves. Indigenous peoples all over the world include dance as a part of their rituals and celebrations. Many of the shamans and medicine people use dance as a means to enter a trance state where they let the spirits of the ancestors speak through them. Dancing, and especially if accompanied by drumming or other instruments, can shake one out of their ordinary frame of mind and move them to heightened levels of awareness and consciousness.

“This is because the physical moving about stimulates the neural circuits throughout the body and brain, as well as the molecules, atoms, muscles, bones and the entire physical body. Get up and move about, or “get up and boogie” is the perfect anecdote sometimes when you are feeling lethargic and down. For the body’s physical chemistry affects the mind and emotions as well.

“One need not be a trained ballerina, tap dancer, or take lessons in ball room dancing, the foxtrot, the jitterbug, the rumba and other dances to be able to dance. What is important and needed by the body is rhythm and movement. Let it be your guide. Work up a sweat. This is why the heavy breathing involved in some lovemaking sessions is so beneficial to the body. And indeed some sessions can get so wild and frenzied that lovemaking can become a tribal primitive dance itself. This is welcomed and needed at times. So, for those of you without a lover or spouse, I say, find yourself one, and put your inhibitions aside and self consciousness about how your body might look. If but for no other reason sex is great for the body and contributes to well-being and fitness.

“You need not be on a dance floor or always have a partner. You can dance at home alone with or without music. And once in awhile why not even dance in your birthday suit behind closed doors or out in nature to better connect with your primal energies and self. If you feel like making noises, screaming, or pretending that you are different animals, do so. Many primitive cultures put on animal masks and honor the spirits of the animals by imitating them through movement.

“Children have the right idea about this. They love to crawl and jump about pretending they are this or that animal. Even if the suggestion sounds silly, think of how beneficial it is to the body to get the blood pumping and the heart going. Of course, there are many ways to exercise and stimulate the body besides dance and sex and I recommend them as well. We see so much sitting around among people that it can be depressing. You are not destined nor is it natural to constantly be sedentary. I was never more thrilled at concerts than when people got up and moved about and danced. If you are too shy to dance, why not joining a marching band and march to the cadence of the beat. This beats sitting still.

“You may think won’t I lose it if I indulge in such an emotional outburst? I say, that you will lose it if you don’t find outlets for your frustrations and stress. Some think they must always appear cool, calm, and collected as the saying goes. I say it’s the silent ones you have to worry about. They are often the ones who wind up losing control and doing the most damage. They have kept their feelings at bay for so long that finally they explode and erupt like a volcano destroying everything in its path. I encourage you to find creative outlets to express your feelings.

“Movement and sound are two effective means to move energy and emotions. In many a concert I would watch people in the audience sway their hips to my music, often their heads tilted back and their eyes closed, sometimes tears flowing down their cheeks. I’d often wonder what emotions my songs were stirring up. At concerts not only does one dance on a psychic level so to speak with the performers, but also with the other members of the audience. At concerts one is automatically much more receptive to the energy of the surroundings and the crowd as well as to the many spirits hovering about, sitting on the unseen balconies. This can stir up more passion. And yes, the taking in of the other ‘spirits’ can and does affect the mood and energy as well.

“The music and visual stimuli stimulate the psychic subtle senses as well as the physical ones. It is actually possible to ground oneself in different ways before attending a concert so as not to be vulnerable to the spirit of the crowd. There are many psychic vampire spirits who hang out at concerts, and they love to suck the energy and life force of the spectators. The more drugged and zoned out they are, the easier it is for the spirits to access and drain their energy. This is another reason one can be exhausted for days after attending a highly powered concert, or feel ill-tempered and in a foul mood.

“Another reason that the energy is so high powered at concerts is because the performers are the central focus of attention. They are at the soul level making love to an entire crowd as so much intense psychic energy passes back and forth between the audience and the performers. This is why spectators make such efforts to get front roll seats. They are hoping and yearning to get a chance to make physical contact with the performers. The physically closer you are, the more of a psychic connection can often be made. There are exceptions. If they make physical contact via hand shaking etc, the energy exchange is even more intense and can either enhance or drain energy from the performer, depending upon the quality of the spectators’ energy. All that attention and adulation can be a lot for any performer to take in. They can become as live electrical wires that have snapped because of a wind storm, creating much loose erratic electricity snapping and bursting about. Such wild frenzied singing and performing can awaken the kundalini-serpent fire which begins at the spine and makes its way through the chakra psychic energy centers through the body with such lightning force intensity that the performer loses control and can even become temporarily mad.

“Some performers have been known to suffer nervous breakdowns because of so much fiery energy burning through them at the psychic subtle levels. And instead of drinking water and cooling these inner fires, they will often drink strong liquor which only adds fuel to the fires. Some people instinctively intuit the damaging affects which unbridled frenzied outbursts can have upon them, so they refrain from attending such concerts altogether. Much healing and healthy catharsis can take place. One simply needs to become aware of what all can take place on the subtle planes and how to ground and shield themselves from psychic vampires who steal energy anytime presented with the opportunity.

“Yes, the concert hall can be a place of great healing. Much emotional cleansing and release can and does take place for those who do not lose control. Passion and enthusiasm have their place but unbridled out of control enthusiasm and passion can be disastrous. If the performers were trained in the healing art of shamanism, they could be great mentors as they lead the audience through various soul initiation rituals and healing exercises utilizing sound, chanting, lights, and different types of music. Some of this does occur at concerts as some performers have an instinctive sense of how to direct loving healing energy to the audience and how not to be drained. Jim Morrison was interested in the shamanic path, but unfortunately far too often his attraction to drugs prevented him from sharing much of his innate wisdom and knowledge.

“Intuitive performers have a very close rapport with their audience. They can even ad lib and offer different types of songs which will bring about different positive affects. Improvisational music can be a wondrous tool and especially if the performer has a natural ear for music.

“Reaching the level of stardom, such as I did, presented me with many challenges as well as opportunities. If I had nurtured myself more, I’d have been there even more for my spectators. Yet, I do derive much comfort and consolation at knowing I was a servant of the muse of music and I did manage to make a positive difference in many people’s lives. My more tender love ballads help awaken many to the stirrings of romance and passion. Although in my personal life I did not achieve the level of intimacy and soul merging I would have liked, I was able through my music to help bring some to a deeper realization and appreciation of the value and need for passion, romance and love. I am delighted to have been able to help people feel more deeply and even tenderly; this is one of the reasons I always loved to sing the soft soulful love songs to balance the loud dramatic rock and roll tunes I belted out.

“There is nothing more damaging to the soul that shutting down what I call the “passion faucet.” Passion is like running water that must never run dry lest the soul become an arid wasteland. Giving up on life, on one’s dreams, hopes and passions is cancer to the soul. Even when you feel depressed try to imagine just a bit of water pouring through your “passion faucet.” Imagining it can even make your mouth water just a bit and drive you to get a refreshing drink of water which can relieve some of the dryness you may feel inside.

“There is a spiritual component to water that helps cleanse us both physically and spiritually. A trip to the sea or ocean can be great therapy when you are despondent. Even taking a dip in the pool or sitting in the hot tub can do much to stimulate and rejuvenate the various bodies of your being and help make you feel better. If you can create a little garden nature spot in your home with a little running fountain of water, please do so. This can do much to alleviate stress and to awaken you to passion as well as calm. Viewing flowing water reminds us how our lives are meant to flow harmoniously as well.

“Take a little time for that walk in the forest near bubbling creeks and streams. This serves to remind you how the soul needs to be watered with dreams, hopes, and much passion. When feeling down and weakened, pray and invoke your guides to help you. Putting yourself in the company of dreamers and those full of hope can help. Take little steps. Do one small thing per day so as to kindle your passion a little. Remember it only takes a spark to get a fire going.

“This can be done, I assure and promise you. And it must be done before the soul can be liberated to deeper levels of love, joy, ecstasy, and happiness. When someone gives up on life and withers away (and this is not limited to those past forty or fifty who are looking forward to retirement) their soul will often begin to retire and withdraw as well. This is why some people go downhill quickly before their time. Without soul passion and energy, the physical body deteriorates quickly and is more prone to ailments and disease. On the other hand there have been people known to receive unusual cures from diseases as terminal cancer because their passion, faith, desire to live and soul fire were so bright that the physical cells, atoms, and molecules responded and were able to rejuvenate themselves and heal. To a certain degree the phrase “mind over matter” is true.

“We can play any role we wish to on the earth. On some level I did enjoy the title assigned to me by many, “The King”. Just as a king will wear long robes and jewelry, I created my own wardrobe of glitter and sparkles which made me stand out and gave me a unique shining appearance. I defied the conventions of the time when I’d sway and gyrate my hips even when I was asked not to. After all, who had the right to tell “the king” what to do?

“I give you permission to dream your dreams. I give you permission to open your arms and reach out to me on the spiritual plane where I currently reside. It is time to wake up from sleepy slumbers and to expand communications. I have no desire to shake anybody up, unless they are listening to my song, All Shook Up, to insert some humor. Be daring yourself and defy conventions when they go against the truths you hold dear. Take risks in order to learn more about yourself. If you have a fear of being alone-many performers do-force yourself to spend an entire day or even week with little human contact. It is so important to become at home and to enjoy our own company as well as the company of others.

“On this thought I say I hope you have derived some benefit from this talk. I now take my leave in a quiet frame of mind. I have a desire to meditate and ponder beauty and nature. Ask to meet me by a stream in a dream and I will sing to you. If you cannot do this then I invite you to take out your CD or cassette of my songs and put it on and listen to me. There I shall bring some smiles and good feelings your way. Let my love songs remind you that you are worthy of love. As one of my love ballads says, “Love me tender. Love me long. Take me to your heart. For it is there where I belong, and will never part. Love me tender. Love me true. All my dreams fulfill. For my darling, I love you, and I always will!



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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Thank you so much. Elvis is a very deep and old soul. He was deeply into the spiritual and metaphysical realm as well.

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      Beautiful channel! Especially loved the descriptions of "eyeing" and soul passion.


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