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Updated on February 6, 2012
Tapping Into Emotional Intuitive Intelligence
Tapping Into Emotional Intuitive Intelligence

Beyond the Veil of Life Into the Realm of Near Death

September 16, 2004: I slipped beyond the veil of life into the realm of near death.

Falling into an intoxicating vertigo state that lasted several months, the face of death visited me informing me that I could stay or I could go. Western medicine provided inconclusive diagnostics, but little else.

Meridian testing may have saved my life. It is quick, painless, very effective and provided me a unique, in-depth internal blueprint.

· Meridians are the pathways of positive / negative energy which carry internal communication

· Energy disturbances in the subtle bodies (subtle energy can't be seen, felt or found with the senses) precede the manifestation of illness, emotional distress, etc.

· Matter, which vibrates at a very slow frequency, is referred to as physical matter

An an Intuitive Healer I am able to detect and clear (heal) this energy through innate intuitive abilities.

I have the distinct honor to work with Diana Rittinger, who does Meridian Testing in the San Diego, CA area. Together, we present workshops sharing both my intuitive abilities and her vibrational medicine. Our joint goal is to offer healing in a safe and non intrusive manner.

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