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End Times, Last Days, World War 3, and Bible Prophecy

Updated on September 8, 2014

Do You Think They Saw WWII Coming?

These are very perilous times we live in today, and all a person has to do is look around to see all that is happening... We can see wars raging, rumors of war, natural disasters, and also potential man-made disasters such as looming nuclear war and threats from manufactured viruses and diseases. There will always be naysayers that walk around denying everything and saying that it's been like this in every generation...

Well, I'm sure that's what they were thinking just before World War I, and also before World War II. For the first war, no conflict of that size had ever occurred before, so it could not be contemplated! WWI was supposed to be the cure-all and fix and was supposed to have decided everything so that no further conflict on the continent of Europe would happen after that...

What did they find out? They did not realize just how quickly things can get out of control and unmanageable when the guard is relaxed and at peace. However, after the Great War, or WWI, that's all people wanted to do... They didn't want to think about or worry about war anymore, and get to the task of rebuilding their countries and enjoying some well needed rest and respite. People were soon trying to leave behind the horrors of war and the flu epidemic, and working to have some fun during the roaring '20's and make some money during the stock market highs.

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Nuclear War

Economic Crash Coming

Then came the financial crash, and tough times set in among the people of Europe and America. Economic stress like that can change perceptions and mindsets, and soon Hitler and Mussolini were able to take control of Germany and Italy with continental ambitions. On the other side of the world, Japan was also marching off to foreign lands in a search for natural resources that they were sadly lacking, such as oil and coal reserves. They needed the fuel in order to be able to keep feeding their large warships and tanks in search of global dominance.

All of these world-wide changes helped account for the beginnings of World War 2, barely 20 years after the end of the first one! Can you imagine living in that time period, with memories of the first war fresh in your mind? Total disbelief would probably be showing in people's eyes, not able to comprehend the war and destruction that was coming... After all, wasn't this taken care of already? Hasn't this issue been decided?

World War II was a long and brutal struggle, and it took everything the Allies had in order to prevail. In fact, if Hitler had changed a few of his strategies and timing, it was very possible that he could have won that war! Had he waited to invade Russia, waited on invading Poland until he had time to develop his top secret weapons and in sufficient quantities, if he had not gone to war with the U.S., all of these points could have helped Germany win the war.

Financial Collapse and Crash of the Dollar

Can We See it?

Luckily for us, that did not happen... Now fast forward to today and we see a similar scenario appearing before our eyes, with fresh conflicts with the Ukraine and Russia, belligerents in the middle east such as Iran, Syria, and ISIS... North Korea threatening to nuke the U.S. over the slightest provocation, China exercising it's new-found military might in the South China Sea and with Japan, and of course all of the questions about NATO expansion into countries closer to Russia...

All of this, and the huge financial uncertainties that are present in the Western World, with incredibly high levels of unsustainable debt and economic collapse on the horizon threatening the downfall of so many countries, including the United States. We live in a very precarious time right now, and I can just imagine what they would have thought about it in 1938 or so... Did they see it coming? Do we?

World War III


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