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2013 Was It The End Of The World?

Updated on February 14, 2016

2013, A new beginning

Well we just watched the new year roll in. Welcome to the year 2013. We made it! With all the hype of the end of the world we all celebrated in joy of the coming new year. Forget about the past welcome the new, make some new years resolutions. Will everyone stick to those resolutions? It is time for change, time to renew what once was, a time to not forget about the past but to learn from it and make things better. How will you live your life this year?

Is it really the end?

We have heard of so many prophesies that the end of the world is coming. Are they all crazy or is there some truth behind it? What if, the end of the world meant a big change in our lives. Not that the world is going do burn up, be flooded and or mass destruction. The bible says that no one will know when the end will be so why does everyone get all hyped up when they hear these prophesies?


The world ending as we know it.

I believe that at some point our life as we know it will be changed. Society has grown accustomed to spending more money and using more consumables that we actually need. At some point and I think that time is starting now we as a society will have to start to conserve. Conserve in our spending, debts, oil, gas, electric, and yes even food. Society waste so much and we need to change our way of thinking. I think as the economy continues not to grow people will start watching what they spend, how much money they borrow and concentrate on the real needs. I think that is how the world will end as we know it and not by mass destruction. Too much of our energy is on working for material things. What ever happened to visiting families on a Sunday. Sunday used to be a day of rest. Now it is about sports, shopping etc. Squeezing church in if you can. Its time to take back our lives and our values as a society. For when we do then and only then the gates of Heaven will open up and we will be welcomed into the kingdom of God Just saying.

As we welcome in 2013 lets try to make the world a better place for not only for our selves but for the children of tomorrow


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    • profile image

      hub fan 4 years ago

      2013 has been a great year