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Is The Overpopulated Planet Heading For Severe Famine

Updated on June 18, 2013

The End Of Civilization Could Be At Hand

We like to say modern man conquered the famine. I remember the famines in Africa that prompted the Live Aid concert, and since then there have been no more famines. But those times are coming to an end. And Thomas Malthus 1798 thesis of agriculture not keeping ahead of population growth might come true sooner that we would like.

I Like To Think The Famines Of India Were Tamed By The British.

After the British built up the railway system they could easily move food around and there were no serious famines for the last 70 years of British rule. But after the British were kicked out, the first thing that hit India was a famine that starved over 5 million to death.

But this famine was not caused by food shortages but by greed. The food merchants bid up the price of food so high many people just couldn’t afford it and subsequently they starved.

That Situation Could Affect The World Very Soon.

With climate change throwing the seasons off kilter and a severe El Nino just waiting to happen. Things do not look good for the future of the overpopulated planet. Now we have bio fuels helping to eat up the food supply. But the greatest danger to food security is the USA in recession.

Before we could rely on the USA to send food aid to where it was needed but now times have changed. And I think that could be a sign of the future where every county wants to keep all its food to feed its people. China is the odd man out, what will they do.

Well we could find out very soon as a severe drought in Northern China and India is not too far away. Right now these areas are running out of ground water and that usually means food will soon follow.

How Long Have we Got Left

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