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Endangered Species Central America

Updated on January 30, 2012

Animal species are endangered on every corner of the globe. It is up to the human race to prevent there total extinction since we are the ones who created the problem of them becoming much less in number in the first place. There are a number of different animal species that we should be aware of in Central America as well that we should protect.

The largest selections of animals from these countries that are the most endangered are certain families of monkeys. For example the red back squirrel monkey is listed as an endangered species within several Latin American countries. It is now estimated that the number of red back monkeys is less than 4000 in all of Central America.

Another family of monkeys that is becoming more endangered is the spider monkey. The spider monkey is currently on the endangered list of panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. With more than two families genus already extremely endangered or already extinct this is one of central Americas most protected monkey. There is only one or two that are left and they are on protected wildlife areas. No one has seen some of the sub family class of spider monkeys in the wild for more than 30 years.

There is a third variety of monkey that is also on the extreme danger list of many countries . It is the Malted Howler monkey. There are small groups that are protected by the national governments of most countries but they are still being hunted a lot for their valuable fur in the tribal sections of these countries.

The most common reason for these monkeys being on the endangered species list is due to the loss of natural habitation. It is slowly being cleared by farmers and mining companies to produce more food or mine for more minerals. You can see most of these monkeys still in well protected areas of these countries but you will most likely never see them in the wild. The governments of these countries are still struggling with their own economies and sometimes are not able to enforce the protection of these monkeys. So many groups have popped up all over Central America to raise awareness and value of these animals.

There are other animals, not only monkeys that are endangered of disappearing from the earth. They include a wide variety of wild cats. The most well know of these is the jaguar and cougar families of cats. These cats are normally found all over Central America of course in limited numbers. But, it is the only place in the world where some of the North American and South American species are ever going to interact on natural territories. Some of the main species of jaguar are estimated to be less than 100 left while in other categories maybe fewer the 20.

Along with many other species of animals not just the ones I listed her are in constant danger of being gone. So, make sure you help with the valuable information and exposure to these types of endangered animals. Because the more we know about them and the more we are able to educate the world to informing


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  • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

    Jose Velasquez 

    7 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

    Are human beings the only species on Earth that have endangered wild life? I know that in our never ending quest to shape this planet to our needs we have done some horrible thing, but I was wondering if their was another species of animal that has similar traits such as this.

  • Jangaplanet profile image

    A James Di Rodi 

    7 years ago

    Hi kadmiels,

    It is Unfortunate that human activity has put these magnificent animals at risk of becoming extinct. I am so shocked to hear about the spider monkey- there are only one or two remaining? it is indeed sad to see this animal specie reduced dramatically this way. Thanks for sharing, and for raising awareness regarding this issue.


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