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Enduring a Painful, Unfair Life Made Possible by the "Smug Six"

Updated on March 9, 2016

This is "Reeve"

obviously not his real name. Let me tell you a little about "Reeve." Notice his patented smug look? He looked this way in class and out of class. On the football field and on dates which he had that measured in a degree of over-abundance. All "Reeve" had to do to get a date was slowly sidle up to the pretty girl, wink, say a few smug phrases and bam! Hello, hot time on Saturday night.

Truth is, "Reeve" was a smart alec through and through. I tried to like him, but that failed miserably. In years after high school, his cheerleader wife left him for a convict and poor "Reeve" was dismissed from a huge corporation in the south for frequenting casino's while drawing Workmen's Comp. Yeah. And lives with his poor, ailing mom, who I was told waits on him as if he were a toddler.

Can you say "J-E-R-K?"


Meet "Ben"

not his real name. "Ben," was of a milder, more-mellow persona than "Reeve," but not by much. No. I didn't like "Ben." His dad was a successful radio station owner and spent his monies on "Ben," and we, the rural students, were never to forget how important "Ben" and his daddy were to our town. Yes, I tried to be friends with "Ben," but no dice. I haven't lost any sleep over that failure either.


Say hi, to "Dick"

no, this is not his real name although if the word 'dick' was used as a noun, it would fit him perfectly. "Dick" was the most-smug student in the sixth grade. I give you my solemn word. No matter what I, or the kids who came from the rural school systems said or done, "Dick" had something ugly or smart to say about it. I hate to admit this, but he was my distant cousin on my mother's side of the family. One day to what I hoped to "break the ice," and be friends with "Dick," I shared this fact with him. "Go to hell," he responded. I haven't got over this egomaniac to this day.


Hello, "Joe"

using this for his real name and loving it. "Joe's" forte to tormenting us country kids was to be as sly and deceiving as Satan himself. Fact is, I always thought that Satan was so proud of him that if he did go to Hell, Satan would let him work in the front office without any pain or heat. I also failed at being "Joe's" friend. Like that was a huge loss. Today he is married to a lovely girl whose dad used to own our Kentucky Fried Chicken while "Joe" is a "big wheel" at a factory in a nearby town that manufactures conveyors for coal mines. Yes, "Joe" and wifey are so happy, wealthy and both are now smug.


"Roy," in top photo; "Ry" in bottom photo

and you guessed it. These are not their real names. And while I am legally disclaiming, the photos used in this hub ARE NOT the real photos of the "Smug Six." If I were to use them, I am convinced that they would file suit against me and win. I am not going to bore you with lengthy bio's of "Roy," and "Ry," because it is not necessary. "Roy" had "that" smart butt swagger everywhere he went. I tried to walk like him, but fell down a lot. As near as I can tell you, "Roy" would put down his toes first and then lift his heel high and repeat the process with his other foot. I grew to hate both these members of the "Smug Six." I am sorry and I won't tell God a lie. "Roy" was the first to use tobacco in our class and he used it openly and never hid it from the teachers while "Ry," was always talking (in first person of course) about how our band director 'loved his drumming.' Today, both are living easy lives with pretty wives on their arms and if I were to meet them or the other four on the street I bet you one-hundred dollars that none of them would speak to me. God does answer prayers.


The look on this girl's face

is identical to how the majority of the girls in our class reacted to the "Smug Six" when they walked down the hallways--strutting their smug strut, halfway acting like they were awake and letting their mouths hang open and this is something we regular kids never understood.

Why the asinine acts? No one worshiped these guys. Actually, there were some of their own kind, the "city kids," whose parents owned stores or had prominent positions in our town, did not hang with them due to their sickening display of being smug.


This is a graphic of a cheerleader from the 1960's

And no, she was not one of our cheerleaders. Not that we males would have minded. But zoom in on the look on her pretty face. See that smile? Well, the cheerleaders as well as the majorettes which were all "dolls" in my opinion, all loved for the "Smug Six" to pay them a little attention.

I saw this in action numerous times in the hallways of our high school. The cheerleader and majorette cliques would gather in circular fashion and gab like young chickens about guys, dates, sex, food, guys, their figures, and things that popular female cheerleaders and majorettes talk about.

But all of their talk ceased when the "Smug Six" would inch by their groups, wink, and then continue to drag their feet adorned with expensive Keds sneakers or top-of-the-line slippers for young men. Honestly, us country bumpkins never stood a chance when it came to securing a date with a cheerleader or majorette and with most of the girls in my class.


If our school days

were a bit like the students in the above photo, well, friends, you would not be sitting in your recliner or on your couch reading this hub. I am serious.

This film is much like my school days

Did any of you experience anything or anyone like the "Smug Six" in your school days?

See results

An open break-down of

the awful things that the "Smug Six" did to us,

the rural students who had no choice but to attend our city school systems:

  • Harmful jokes such as telling one of the rural kids that the pieces of chalk was actually pieces of tasty candy and urged them to munch one of them which the poor rural kid did without any argument. The "Smug Six" as well as their friends from the city families and the teacher all laughed the poor rural kid to scorn. I always said that Hell has a special place for clods like these guys and the teacher who was scared not to laugh due to the influence the dads of the "Smug Six" had in our town and with the School Board.
  • Bragging loudly every opportunity on how "much" their families had. Cars, land, and of course, money.
  • Treating us and all who liked us like pieces of trash. Yes, you could buy yourself a one-way ticket to "Ignore Town" if you as much as spoke to one of us rural students. You would be guilty by association. The "Smug Six" had that much clout in our school.
  • Always getting ahead of us and anyone else who dared to think that they were as good as these two-legged monsters who controlled our school.
  • Acting and I mean Oscar-winning performances they would pull on us, but really just pretending to like us to pull yet another nasty prank on us and the thing that hurt the worst was not as much the prank, but our teachers knew all about the sometimes-dangerous pranks and did not lift a finger to discipline them.

These, my appreciated-followers, are but a few of the things the "Smug Six" did to us from 1963 until we were vindicated from high school (graduated) in 1972.

The moral of this story is: "Sometimes in life, the scars that are the biggest only cover the cuts made the deepest not made by the sharp blades of knives, but by the selfish, arrogant behavior and actions of others.


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      I am so glad that you relate to my plight with these "people,"and I use that term loosely.

      Oh, yes. They are still around and during all of these years, I can be proud that, by the grace of God, I have never wished them any tough times.

      But back when we were in school, they were all I said they were in this hub.

      I loved your input about knowing people like this. I guess when we get to Heaven, we can ask these people, "just what did you have against me on earth? Here, you cannot lie, so start talking."

      Thanks, dear Friend for your comment.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, annart,

      Thank you for your sweet comment.

      I understand about hectic schedules. I was a slave to one for 23 years, but I fell sick with Fibromyalgia in my nerves, muscles and bones, so there you have it. Life has a way of taking care of us. Right?

      I sincerely appreciate your words in your comment. Write me anytime. Love You, My Friend.


    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      Wow, cruel kids. I don't understand why they have to act like that. If it will make you feel any better, one of the country kids in my school went into business with his father, a plumber. They were highly successful and he married a very pretty girl. They built a new house back in the 1980s and it is one of the biggest most beautiful homes in town. Anyway, this boy was one of my friends, and I'm proud of him. His wife is the daughter of my mom's best friend. I don't know which crowd she ran around in because she was a few years younger.

      But on the other hand, my husband's cousin was a "Dick" who did him exactly the same way. They never got acquainted. Pity. I grew up with this cousin and always liked him. My husband wasn't local, so I don't know why his cousin treated him that way. (BTW, I wasn't one of the cheerleader in-crowd either, so I'm not making excuses.)

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      2 years ago from SW England

      We all know people like this, sadly. I always hope that they get their come-uppance one day and some of them do. Unfortunately, not always!

      I have quite a few of your hubs to catch up on - hectic schedule at the moment but I will catch up eventually! Hope you and yours are well.



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