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Enduring the Two-Faced Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac

Updated on August 28, 2012
Enduring the storm.
Enduring the storm.

Getting to Know & Understand Isaac

By: Anastasia Vaughan

Hurricane Isaac is now as we speak on its way to the gulf coast. But what does the name Isaac really mean anyway? Isaac when googled means “he will laugh” on some sites while it also means “laughter” on other sites around the web. Never mine the very first thought that pops into your mind when some hear the name Isaac is the mellow sexy R&B sounds of Isaac Hayes. With a name that means laughter this two-sided tropical storm/hurricane can bring a number of surprises wither it be good or bad. In Sheridan of Hollywood Florida however, we were lucky to be on the clean side of a storm that clearly had the potential to get dirty at a moments notice. Isaac swept through South Florida in an almost comical motion depending on what side of this two-faced storm you were on. Being on the clean side of the storm met the Hollywood area in which I live not far from Hollywood North Park RD( beach area) saw heavy rains and very strong winds. The good news about this storm as it heads to the Gulf Coast would be that Isaac isn’t exactly a multi-tasking storm once the area that you are in while enduring Isaac has a damn good drainage system.

Though the winds ranged from 45 mph to 28 mph on the Sunday that Isaac made a guest appearance in Broward County Isaac clean side of the tropical storm was very dry when weather conditions were windy as the winds began to get very low key when rain decided to take dominance in the area. The clouds were dark, the air winter time tropical cold, and the concrete wet from the back and forth tug-a-war of rain games that Isaac played while in South Florida. Despite the fact that Isaac wanted to show people who stood in his path who was boss it his message all depended on what mood he was in. This time around unlike storms of the pass the front door didn’t shake profusely, the windows weren’t on the verge of cracking, there were little or no scary flying debris and in this neighborhood even the local Chinese Restaurant remained open. Still in spite of all the anticipation which Isaac brought across the seas with him their was more hype than storm this tie around even in spite of the inconveniences that residents were forced to bare while Isaac visited the Sunshine State. Not only did Isaac take our Sunshine (which luckily didn’t last long) he also took our lights, held our parking lots captive with heavy with large sums of water that will take days to dry but he left behind downed trees, damaged property, and sad-faced tourist to were sadly booted out of the Keyes on a weekend because of his presence. Even when the Keyes was said to have been having the Category 1 version of the storm, conditions changed very little when speaking of the laid back yet aggressive style of Isaac.

All in all Isaac was mostly a gentle vacation at in inconvenience time for some people. I wish the rest of the Gulf Coast states the best in enduring Isaac. Here is to hoping his personality doesn’t change in a Cat 1 storm on the way over there.


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