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Energizers for humans

Updated on April 10, 2011

What are the ‘energizers’ for humans? Is it the vitamins or pill supplement we take in daily? Is it the food we eat? Is it sex? Is it HubPages? As for me, I can choose one of the options or enumerate all.

Knowing these energizers

Did you or have you experience sleeping like a ‘log’ when you arrived home? You didn’t even change your office clothes to the usual sleeping attire, pajamas and all that.

Everyone of us feel tired, weakened or stressed out because of our jobs and other strenuous activities. But we can also notice that there are people who are always energized. They’re always happy, active, eager to move and be productive. What is the secret of these people?

1.Sufficient sleep

Sufficient sleep has a great influence to people to have more energy. The Promise of Sleep is also the title of the book written by William Dement,  M.D., a researcher at Stanford University in California.

Sleeping gives way to replace the supply of neurotransmitter in the brain through nor epinephrine and dopamine. It will give more mental and physical energy the next morning. A six or eight hours of sleep can give us the sustained energy we need everyday.

Unlike before, when I was just starting in HubPages, my eagerness to finish more hubs left me weak or with less energy, as if I was drained like an old transistor battery. Right now, I see to it that I have sufficient sleep after doing my hubs in Microsoft Works Word Processor (MWWP) first, before publishing it in my HP account.

2. Optimism

Based from the scientific study of Maryann Troiani, clinical psychologist from Barrington, Illinois and one of the authors of Spontaneous Optimism, a greater part of being happy and being energetic, too, is the regular support coming from friends and family. It is often called energy booster’.

It is said that people having positive outlook in life have more energy that those who are often sad or melancholic that can lead to high blood pressure and stress.

I was stressed out before in HubPages, because I cannot generate comments from fellow hubbers. Now, I am beginning to be contented because I am slowly gaining hub-friends. Although, I’m still waiting for my first 100 hub-fans or followers.

3. Good disposition in life

Robert Thayer, Ph. D., author of the book titled Calm Energy to have a good disposition and fast-decision making in life.

Frequent thinking about what you’ve done in a certain situation, whether it’s right or wrong can stress you out and a waste of energy. If a person fails, one shouldn’t have to blame himself/herself. We should learn from our experiences, whether if did good or bad effects to us.

I really love writing. Signing up in HubPages is the very fast decision I made in my life. When I’ve seen the word ‘hub’, Google Search suggested ‘HubPages’ and the rest is history.

WILLIAM CHARLES DEMENT. famous author of THE PROMISE OF SLEEP (Photo courtesy of
WILLIAM CHARLES DEMENT. famous author of THE PROMISE OF SLEEP (Photo courtesy of
ROBERT E. THAYER, Ph.D., author of CALM ENERGY (Photo courtesy of
ROBERT E. THAYER, Ph.D., author of CALM ENERGY (Photo courtesy of

Healthy living can be achieved by these three tips from renowned experts on the three subjects.

Our physical aspects will suffer if we fail to maintain balance in everything we do.

  1. Lack of sleep - depriving our selves with sufficient sleep will affect our performance in our job. Sleeping late at night can dehydrate us, so, better drink fluids, like hot milk before sleeping to balance your electrolytes. I suffered insomnia because of sleeping just 4 to five hours due to reading books or writing articles or watching late night movies on television. I take Stress tablet coupled with multi-vitamins to revive my body cells.
  2. Pessimism - Being negative at all times will not give benefits to yourself. It will just give you stress. Hoping for the best in everything we do is the best way to pass the day while working or doing your chores at home and taking care of your family. Losing hope due to loss of a family member. hating somebody and holding grudge at someone will fail your ability to do good deeds everyday.
  3. Lack of initiative - Don't be a lazybones. Our dreams must be coupled with good disposition so that we will achieve it. There are times in our lives that we feel not going to work. Don't let absences ruin your career. Be loyal to your job. You can improve yourself by learning other skills and doing something to improve your craft.

Don't forget your family and friends that energize your life.

Since man cannot live by bread alone, he needs to adjust with his environment. He must socialize in order to acquire new information about his place and the latest about everything.

The qualities that make us superior from other creations in this world  are  what make us humans. To make our existence worth living,  we must always look at the positive side of this world.

Dr. William Dement's Personal Growth Series by GoogleTechTalks

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by PhiloshophersNotes

Calm Energy c/o energypoems


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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Being an internet junkie, I know I don't get enough sleep. Very good tips.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I certainly wish people realized the value of sleep - and how much damage the lack of it can do. And optimism - yes it works wonders. With optimism it should be the only choice because without it - we tend to become immobilized.

      By the way I've never seen those Tiger Iron do-nuts. I'll have to check those out. Thanks!

      Enjoy your two kittys!