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Managing Energy While Living a Hectic Life

Updated on April 20, 2020
Davie Chen profile image

Davie is a passionate consumer of nonfiction literature and knowledge distributor for the purpose of enhancing people's lives.

How many times have you heard someone saying, “Sleeping is overrated”? As a matter of fact, I was a participant of the party.

In developed societies, lacking sleep has become more a self-evident than a choice. Indeed, it mostly is a choice but may not be an option if s(he) wants to extinguish the entire list of responsibilities.

Managing energy has drawn out to be a practice of winners’. To all the readers who are weary, imagine waking up being exuberant and emotionally convivial. And then, imagine feeling almost as mellow by the end of day, after numbers of tasks at work and taking care of the family and cleaning the house.

It’s not a mere fantasy despite the challenge you will have to face.

I will mention a few practices of how I manage to get through a hectic schedule without drowning most of my energy by the end of a day.

Sleep and wake up at the same time – I’m sure you have heard that before. Having an unchangeable schedule of sleeping and waking up helps you to recalibrate your internal clock. Sooner or later you will notice the noticeable change of getting tired and waking up feeling refreshed almost at the same time.

Have a genial relationship with stimulants – If you have read articles of stimulants, you would have found authors influencing on eradicating caffeine intake (or after a certain time of the day). Coffee, green tea and other similar stimulants usually contain caffeine or taurine and sometimes, both. We all receive stimulants in a different way. Some stays awake after an 8 ounce of sugary beverage and some falls asleep after five espressos. I once fell asleep after 7 espressos while I was commuting home in a subway. Standing and sleeping. Nevertheless, go easy on stimulants and you wouldn’t have a chance to mess up your sleeping cycles.

Practice time management – This is entirely another topic which I would love to talk more about in the upcoming article. A few years ago, I worked for two companies, having courses from two universities and practiced a competitive sport all concurrently. It was…exhausting. But a proper planning of time management saved me. Let’s keep this simple – if you manage to squeeze the entire schedule into 14 hours, then you can celebrate your accomplishment as a master time manager.

Invest in your environment – There’s a simple solution for that. Buy a mattress that enhances your health. A bed expert would love to help you in any furniture stores buying a (pricier but worthy) mattress. An optimal mattress will cure back pain, enhance sleep quality and reduce anxiety. Sounds like a good mattress is pretty vital.

Provide yourself passive incomes – Do you know a tangible cure for brilliant sleeping quality? Yes, it’s called “No need to work.” And by that, I mean not needing to work for anyone else but yourself. Passive incomes are not depending on working hours, only on efforts that are (the most of the times) done once. Living off passive incomes gains you an opportunity to sleep in or even sleep all day. Apparently is depends on the size of your incomes. Nonetheless, if you had the skills, talents and knowledge to do so, your life would be deceptively easy, and you would wake up every morning (or evening or night) elated.

These lifehacks are not meant to be done simultaneously. Apparently, you can but based on numerous of studies and statistics, many people have only mastered a couple of the habits mentioned above, so if you are willing to pursue all five, then don’t be too hard on yourself and master one at a time.

Thanks for taking time reading my article. See you next time!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Davie Chen


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