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AICTE Norms & Standards for Staff Pattern, Pay scales & Service Conditions of Technical Staff in Engineering Institutes

Updated on April 6, 2010

The All India Council of Technical Education has played a very important role, in maintaining uniformity of standards in the technical education system in the country. Recent trends however indicate that many important recommendations of the Council having a direct bearing on the improvement of quality of technical education have either been, neglected or overlooked. Quality of technical education is very important to the maintenance of standards.

If, All India Council of Technical Education is to be effective in ensuring balanced development of technical education in terms of quantity and quality, the Council should use statutory powers rigidly given in AICTE Act 1987.

With the certain changes in national educational policies to enhance the higher technical education, several private non-government un-aided engineering institutes have been established in the country, on self-financing basis in last decades.

In the present education system, only teaching faculty (“teachers” as per existing AICTE/UGC definition) is at the centre of concentration of all. They have been given added significance. But, the qualified ‘academic’ Technical Staff working as Lab. Assistants, Lab. Technicians, Technical Assistants, Programmers, Computer operators, Instructors, demonstrators who train the students in a laboratory have negligible importance in the vision of the colleges, Universities, DTE, UGC & also AICTE/MHRD, and treated as Non-Teaching at par with administrative & other supporting staff in the campus and overlooked all the way.

AICTE has issued the notification on revised pay scales and service conditions of the Teachers, Librarians and Physical Education Personnel of degree level private self-financing Technical institutions. (F.No.1-65/CD/NEC/98-99, dated MAY 3, 2000). Again a draft notification & gazette have been published by the AICTE prescribing the Sixth Pay Scales and Service Conditions of the teachers. (F.No.37-3/Legal/2010, dated 5 March, 2010)

The Pay Scales and Service Conditions, for different categories of Technical Staff are not prescribed by AICTE, even after two-three decades of introduction of these non-government & un-aided engineering colleges in the country.

In 1990, AICTE has framed short guidelines revealing Technical Staff Pattern along with job responsibilities and required minimum qualifications in the booklet of “AICTE Norms and Standards for degree level Technical Institutes”. These are not amended in subsequent publications of AICTE norms and standards.. These norms are mostly unnoticed in the private & self-financing, non government Engineering institutes in last decades due to lack of scrutiny process by the apex bodies. 

Huge number of technical staff is imparting instructions in laboratories of  these institutes. They are not being appointed as per the AICTE staff pattern and not paid proper salaries.

AICTE Act 1987 offers same importance to the teachers and technical & supporting staff.  At the same time, no particular clauses are spelled out for teachers in it.  However, AICTE powers and functions are widely operational for the development of the technical education bearing in mind the welfare of the students and only teaching faculty. The curtain raiser technical staff has been entirely overlooked in the system even though it plays a significant role in technical education.

Clauses relating to the technical and supporting staff are specified in Section 10, Chapter III of AICTE Act 1987. It reveals

- It shall be the duty of the Council to take all such steps as it may think fit for ensuring coordinated and integrated development of technical education and maintenance of standards and for the purpose of performing its functions under this Act, the Council may

(n) take all necessary steps to prevent commercialization of technical education;

(i) lay down norms and standards for courses, curricula, physical and instructional facilities, staff pattern, staff qualifications, quality instructions, assessment and examinations;

(r) take steps to strengthen the existing organisations, and to set up new organisation, and to set up new organisations to ensure effective discharge of the Council’s responsibilities and to create positions of professional, technical and supporting staff based on requirements.

In “Standard Code Rules (SCR) 1984”, Staff Structure, Pay Scales, Promotion Policies and other Service Conditions etc. are defined for Non-Teaching employees of Non-agricultural Universities & affiliated Arts, Science, Commerce & other colleges. Mainly, regulations of administrative and other Staff are specified in it.

However, the Staff Structure with required minimum qualifications and pay scales for different categories of Technical Staff of Non-Government degree level Engineering Colleges are not spelled out by most of the universities in their Standard Code Rules, even though they are being treated as Non-Teaching. Moreover, AICTE has not prescribed uniform pay scales and service conditions for Technical Staff.

Let us hope, at least now after decades, MHRD or AICTE will take steps to prescribe norms and standards for Pay Scales and Service Conditions with uniform Staff Pattern and Career Advance Scheme for different categories of Technical Staff at par with the teachers. And also persistent scrutiny will be operational for implementation of these Norms & Standards uniformly all over the country.


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    • profile image

      top engineering colleges OF INDIA 5 months ago

      thank you for sharing knowlegable information with us.

    • profile image

      All Lab. Assistant working in private polytechnic 6 months ago

      As we all aware their has no rules for technical staff related to pay scale and promotion.

      We all are ask AICTE for provide this details as soon as possible.

    • profile image

      Thounaojam Kennedy 7 months ago


      I forget to provide my email id, here it is

      My place of working is Manipur Institute of Technology, Manipur. Its a contituent college of Manipur University, a central govt university.

    • profile image

      Thounaojam Kennedy 7 months ago


      I have been working as workshop instructor since 2005 in manipur institute of technology, Manipur ,my qualification is btech mech engg first class. I was appointed with a scale of 1400-2300. And with reference to AICTE HANDBOOK called An informative handbook of norms,setup, procedure and thier method of implementation" the post of instructor and Foreman are classified in the same grade and stated that they are equivalent to lecturer. Please give me clarification on this. I will remain grateful to you.

    • profile image

      Ravi kumar 7 months ago

      Sir i have completed i.t.i. welder course in 2004. Since 4 year i am working in private engineering college as a mechanical lab assistant so i have to know am egible for lab assistant equal to diploma holders and as well as salary also

    • profile image

      Dilip Shinde 18 months ago


      I am working in engineering college library as a Assistant librarian. Please send the pay scale details for Assistant Librarian, library assistant and library attender ,with the Librarian Gr. IV qualification and promotion details .Library staffs (like Asst.Librarian and Library Asst.are doing a vital part in the function of a college library, but they are avoided by AICTE, its not scale should be provided from library staffs as wel. please send us Engineering College Library Staff Pattern As per AICTE Norms.

      Thanking you

      Dilip Shinde

    • profile image

      Balaji 2 years ago

      I am N/W Admin in a College and happy to join Technical Staff Group.

    • profile image

      Benake Yashwant Santuji 2 years ago

      Technical Assisstant, in Polytechnic Workshop Since 1997,

      I want FORMAN order IT IS POSSIBLE or not



    • profile image

      mohinder 2 years ago

      Sir I am heavy vechicles driving deploma and 10+ pass 20yers experience pay grade 3-4-5-6cpc only 260-400&950-1500&3050-4590&grade pay1900rs sir I am work upto50+ ton load rams sir ba& ma&PhD no hard works pay 4-5-6cpc 2200-4000&6500-10500&5400rs grade pay sir rong pay driver from ma phd

    • profile image

      suravi bhattacharya 2 years ago

      dear sir

      i am working as a technical assistant in electrical engineering department in a privet engineering college under west Bengal university of technology in Calcutta for last 13 years i have completed my btech also in he relevant field. my job responsibility is to help students in laboratory experiments and to assist the faculty. but in actual practice i have to take a leading role in the laboratory . but still i am said to be a non teaching stuff and i have not got any increment for my educational up gradation although it is helping students as i am now theoretically sound . there is no as such appreciation from the management and my higher authority. after serving so many years in teaching field i have no option in the industry also. i am very happy to see there are so many friends in this country facing the same problem.

    • profile image

      Stevelcag 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      imran 2 years ago


      im clerk in poltechnic collage . plz send the pay sacle for polytechnic clrek.

    • profile image

      Mrs.Mali 2 years ago

      Sir, I am working in polytechnic college, pune as a lab technician since sept.1999. initially they give me a post of lab asst. & scale in 2001 as 3200 basic. my qualification in diploma in computer engineering. in 2004 my junior who is bsc chemistry got scale 4000 basic of lab technician. then i had given application for tech. asst. post because my junor got higher scale than me. then college given me Lab tech. post scale in may 2008 as 4500 basic.

      noe I have given application for the tech. asst. scale. as per 6th pay basic 9300. but they r not agree for that.

      I want to knoe the basic qualification for technical asst. post & Programmer post in polytechnic college. & I am eligible gor the post of progammer?

      Sir. Pl. send me the GR for the post of Progammer & Tech. Asst. With educational qualificaion.


      My e mail ID is

    • profile image

      Dr Soma Roy 2 years ago

      Sir, I am working as an asst professor in a Private Engineering college for the past 8 years. They are denying me regularization of my services which will benefit me in getting 6th pay scales.

    • profile image

      shafiq 2 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      I am working as system administrator in mca college and i want to know what is 6th pay scale for system administrator.kindly help me out.


    • profile image

      prakash Paturkar, President of Technical Orgnisation of Govt. Polytechnic,Engg. Colleges in maharashtra 2 years ago

      sir, I am from state of maharashtra. As per the AICTE norms from the begining a staff pattern and a pay scale has been metion in the norms. As per the norms all teaching staff will given to the pay scale as above, similerly all the supporting staff of Polytchnic and engg colleges are not allowed a pay scale as given.

      As per AICTE norms from the time of approvel of NEW Institute first condition has been mentioned in formate are

      All teaching and Non Teaching Staff should be given a pay scale as per the AICTE norm.

      But at the time of implementation there is no issue about a non teachning or technical staff.

      We are trying a several time at the floar of MAHARASHTRA VIDHAN BHAVAN ASSEMBLY question raised by MLA , in this regard government of maharashtra state that if A Special Government Resolution has been issued by the AICTE for recomondation for the pay scale as per AICTE then they are decide about this subject.

      Can help us in this regard

    • profile image

      Kz74 2 years ago

      I've tried this link for putting grievance about aicte to update norms.

      They r showing no. of depts, there is no AICTE. Should we lodge complaint in dept of higher education.

      I'm also one of the lab assts who have suffered b'coz AICTE not clear about lab asst payscales & promotion norms.

      Our college also say does this rule apply to university of Mumbai. I'm a lab asst appointed in 1996. After 10 yrs colleges promoted me as a Sr. Lab. Asst. & placed in a payscale. when my salary was reached at the same gross salary, I reached by annual increment. So there was no benefit of money. Since then I'm on the same post, only AGP incresed in 2013. No promotion.

      I also think we all should make united efforts before 7th pay commission gets approved.

      Raut sir has started this movement. Sir pl draft a letter & we all will send it to the no. of offices u have mentioned in earlier port

    • profile image

      minal 2 years ago

      respected sir,

      i am also agree with u . i am working as computer programmer form 14 years .

    • profile image

      Sukanta Baskey 2 years ago

      Sir, I am a clerk in a school. The clerk 's scale of pay is lowest from teaching staff. But many many important work is doing the clerk in a school. They (Clerk) are very headache and tension. If there is no way to increasing basic and grade pay to labor there work? If increase there pay scale they are very energetic and spiritual for this work.

      So, I request to take some mind and steps for this regards.

    • profile image

      ganesh 2 years ago

      I am working as a lecturer in pvp polytechnic.I am taking state pay scale from 2000 to 2012.after I am completing first class (2007) but presently 2012 on words getting aicte 6th pay scale.sir my question is why it is not considered after finishing degree(first class).pls suggest me sir. (mail:

    • profile image

      RADHA 2 years ago

      I am working as a junior assistant in office of the controller of Examinations in a private Engineering college my qualification is MBA and experience is 7 yrs in the same. i need a promotion , so please suggest me a suitable designation with AICTE pay scale.

    • profile image

      Vikas 2 years ago

      the above link of MHRD site. I am requesting to all technical staff in technical education Institutes to begin write there suggestions on this link regarding guide line of UGC, which is never talk for pay scale & promotion policy for non teaching staff in the Institutes.

    • profile image

      techsparks 2 years ago

      This is very informative post.we provide best thesis service in our student.Please visit

    • profile image

      chandrashekhara A 3 years ago

      pls send the qualification details for all technical staff in engg colleges and diploma colleges

    • profile image

      Jitendra Pandey 3 years ago

      i am working as jr.technical superintendent in BIT Mesra Ranchi. i have done (EEE) some employee gets his fuaud degree from UPRTOU

      and get promotion but i have not got.....after doing Mesra Ranchi Bahut kharab hai yahan pe jo apna bibi ko boss ke pass bhejta hai

      uska promotion allahabad campus lalit apna bibi ko kanungo ke pass bhej ke promotion paa gaya matherchod...

    • profile image

      Ms Sarika Naik 3 years ago


      Im appointed as instructor in Physical Education in Gao College of Pharmacy. On the very 1st day of my joining when I was told to sign on non teaching registar I was shocked to know hw I come under non teaching category when I have taken this profession as a teaching profession & also my work is similar to the work of Directors in other colleges. & on top I was not informed at the time of appointment also that I will fall under non teaching category. Or else I would have not left my old job although it was a temporary post. Sorry to say but sports is treated on very low par in the academic n also the person Woking in the field. All unwanted work is given to me... Like becoming hostel warden, than Im told to go for admission work leaving my games.... Principal says admission is more important than Sports.... when I was given internal order saying I have to become Resident warden of this college hostel I refuse to accept it so I was threatend saying that i wrote a letter which has become a bad document against me... Im emotionally & mentally feeling very low.... Don't understand what to do....

      Sir I will be highly obliged if u inform me what should I do? Y this injustice is done to me & and y im coming in Non teaching faculty? & How should I collect the proper information & what should I do?

      Im on probation period. On 1st Nov 2014 im completing 1year of my job. So please don't leak any of my Details that may put me in more trouble....

      Thanking you in anticipation

      yours faithfully

      Ms Sarika Naik

      Instructor in Physical Education

      BA, BPED

      No:DTE/Estt/1-41/Order of posting C&D/2013-14/2263


      9710-34800/-GP 4200

      Sports section


      Govt. Of Goa, Goa College of Pharmacy, Panjim

      Giving training to the students in sport, conduct intra murals for them & Tk them for Extra murals


      please do mail me.... I ill be waiting. ...

    • profile image

      kiran 3 years ago

      Can anyone tell me what is the standard working load for a HOD in engineering college ?

    • profile image

      kiran 3 years ago

      Can anyone tell me what is the standard working load for a HOD in engineering college ?

    • profile image

      kanmani 3 years ago

      hi sir.. i am working as assistant professor in anna university chennai, i have appointed for regular posting but appointment order includes the sentence" on probation for 2 years" so on. Now almost three and a half years completed, before one month certificate verification was held by university, till date we didnt get confirmation order. My colleague told that, you did ug in cse and pg in ece so there are chances you to be terminated like that. is it true sir. can i terminate me after three years also..

    • profile image

      dharani atp 3 years ago

      dear sir

      i am working in private engineering collage as lab assistant in mechanical dept. so now i heard that only diploma holder are eligible to lab assistant, but i am a I.T.I holder, and i discontinued my degree, so i request to you i am eligible for lab assistant or not

    • profile image

      Mukund kokate 3 years ago

      Dear sir,

      I an working in Private Pharmacy college Last 10 year as a Librarian I amI Class in M.L.I.Sc. Sir Plese tell me in Degree Pharmacy college I class is option for Net

    • profile image

      Shemy 3 years ago

      I am working with an Engineering college in Kerala ,Thrissur district .Lab instructors are getting very worse experiences eventhough they are working intelellectually and physically .Even cleaning cattegoty persons also consider them very unimportant.Most of the instructors are working hard for the development and and upcoming of Engineering colleges .They play an important role in moulding the students.Redesignate the word 'instructor' by Teaching assistant or

      Teaching staff grade I,II according to their qualifications and experiences will be helpful to change the attitude of the society towards Lab instructors , including College authorities.Pay standards also should be raised considering the present lifestandards .

    • profile image

      Lalit Yadav 3 years ago

      Respected Sir,

      what is the pay scale for lab technician in Amity University?

      technical staff do work more than others but pay scale is less than others why?

      Please send me pay scale of lab technician.

    • profile image

      ASHOK 3 years ago

      Dear sir,

      i want to know about: how to calculate our net salary if know Pay band, DA, Grade pay

      please reply

    • profile image

      Mohandas.G S/O Late Maribasappa.G 3 years ago

      Respected sir, I the undersigned has completed B.Tech degree course in electrical & electronics engg from National institute of Technology,Calicut, Kerala during 1988--1992, my DOB=01/07/1963[52 Years] .

      At present iam working inBELLARY,Karnataka Rao bahadur Y Mahabaleswarappa private engineering college[code =045] in BELLARY,karnataka, as a assitant instructor as per V.V.Sangha[management] scale ie Rs 5850 per month.

      Also i have 3 sons studying in 1st B.E, 12th ,& 8th standard respectively. Since iam belonging to schduled tribe[ST] ie Valmiki community i have been paid less salary ,also my nature of job is like peon, even assigning Tiolet, sweepers & garden maintenance is done. Inspite of my repeted requests not made suitable designation & pay scales due ST caste.[VALMIKI] .Even iam staying in rented house[Rs 2700+800+170], with great mental pressure iam running family, Will you help me in this regard with humble request to run family & persue children's education by reducing little stress.

      AICTE/DTE /VTU/ Human rights commission not complained .



      +91 9731834551

    • profile image

      Anandkar Prasad 3 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      I am a Computer Science graduate(B.Sc.Computer Science), working as Technical Assistant in Diploma in Computer Engineering College. I need to show my college administration that my qualification is eligible for the technical assistant post. Please send me the concerned document/information so I can get my correct salary. Thanks in advance. My Email is -

    • profile image

      Gopal, 3 years ago

      Dear sir,

      I am working in a private Engineering college in TN. My qualification SSLC+M.A. (OUS)+ BLIS+MLIS+M.Phil , i am Eligibility for private Engineering college Librarian.

    • profile image

      S.Sathishkumar 3 years ago


      I am working as Technical Assistant past 13 years. Now my additional qualification is B.E., and M.E. any special increment norms or Government Order. Pls. reply sir...

    • Ragul Suresh profile image

      Ragul Suresh 3 years ago from Vellore

      Dear sir,I am working in in tamilnadu as superindentent.My scale is 9300-34800+ 4800G P.Why ugc or aicte have not fixed scales for non-teaching staffs till date? Shall we apporach the court to implement the scales.Do you have any previous judgements in this regards.Kindly arrange to send it to my e-mail id as soon as possible.Our union is ready to file a case in this regards .Pl help us soon.

      S E SURESH,09245775386

    • profile image

      iniya 3 years ago

      I need to know an info I worked as asst professor and I got offer in one pvt.engg collg chennai.During my offer they got my PG certificate. But now I m in a situation of not joining the college. The reason is because of sudden arrangement in my marriage. When I informed the college regarding this,they are asking me to pay 3 months of salary.without working in a college of single day how can I pay money and suggest me to get my certificate. my mail id

    • profile image

      AL 3 years ago

      Where to complain if the salary is not paid by the college as per the Payscale applicable for SET qualified Librarian.

    • profile image

      Jyoti Dharane Nagarkar 3 years ago

      I'm working as a Lab Coordinator in commerce college last 10 years.Our college run the B.B.A & B.C.A. courses also. I want to know that the post of Lab Coordinator is treat as non-teaching staff or in teaching staff & want to the ugc norms.(

    • profile image

      NAQKTU 3 years ago


    • profile image

      paul 3 years ago

      this is very sad the engineering college that I am working for ,pays me the 6th pay but ,I have to return half the amount in 5days ,if not they are not paying my next months salary,they are crediting 6th pay salary in my salary account but they are taking half the amount from me,what do I do here?

    • profile image

      Srl 3 years ago

      AICTE norms say ME or MTech Master Degree.. Will MS is also considered as a Master Degree?

    • rautsharad profile image

      rautsharad 3 years ago

      Dear friends

      Technical Staff members of Private Engineering colleges should get the pay scales of respective post similar to the technical staff working in the government Engineering college run by the concern state government.

      another thing is, its very unfortunate that AICTE and other apex bodies do not look in to the matter framing the uniform staff structure with proper pay scales of technical staff of the engineering colleges in the country irrespective of government or private.

    • profile image

      vismadev Chatterjee 3 years ago

      Sir, your opinions on the above mention article is highly valuable. So, please replay your post here or email me at

    • profile image

      Vismadev Chatterjee 3 years ago

      In short the above article says:

      In K. Krishnamacharyulu and Others vs. Sri Venkateswara Hindu College of Engineering and Another

      (supra), relied upon by the learned counsel for the appellants, executive instructions were issued by the

      Government that the scales of pay of Laboratory Assistants as non-teaching staff of private colleges shall be at

      par with the government employees and this Court held that even though there were no statutory rules, the

      Laboratory Assistants as non- teaching staff of private college were entitled to the parity of the pay-scales as

      per the executive instructions of the Government and the writ jurisdiction of the High Court under Article 226

      of the 17

      Constitution is wide enough to issue a writ for payment of pay on par with government employees.

    • profile image

      Vismadev Chatterjee 3 years ago

      In short the above article says:

      In K. Krishnamacharyulu and Others vs. Sri Venkateswara Hindu College of Engineering and Another

      (supra), relied upon by the learned counsel for the appellants, executive instructions were issued by the

      Government that the scales of pay of Laboratory Assistants as non-teaching staff of private colleges shall be at

      par with the government employees and this Court held that even though there were no statutory rules, the

      Laboratory Assistants as non- teaching staff of private college were entitled to the parity of the pay-scales as

      per the executive instructions of the Government and the writ jurisdiction of the High Court under Article 226

      of the 17

      Constitution is wide enough to issue a writ for payment of pay on par with government employees. In the

      present case, there are no executive instructions issued by the Government requiring private schools to pay the

      same salary and allowances to their teachers as are being paid to teachers of Government schools or

      Government aided schools.

    • profile image

      Vismadev Chatterjee 3 years ago

      Dear Sir, I found this Supreme Court order to day. Will this order help in our struggle please let me know as early as possible.


      http://JUDIS.NIC.IN SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Page 1 of 2






      DATE OF JUDGMENT: 21/02/1997






      O R D E R

      Leave granted. Heard learned counsel for both the


      This appeal by special leave arises from the judgment

      of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, made on April 23, 1996

      in W.A. No. 179 of 1996.

      The admitted position is that the appellant and six

      others had been appointed on daily wages to the post of Lab

      Assistants as non-teaching staff of the respondent-private

      college. They were being paid daily wages. Writ petition and

      appeal seeking equal pay having been dismissed, they have

      filed the present appeal for direction to pay them equal pay

      for equal work on par with the other Government employees.

      It is not in dispute that executive instructions issued

      by the Government have given them the right to claim the pay

      scales so as to be on par with the Government employees. The

      question is: when there is no statutory values issued in

      that behalf, and the Institution, at the relevant time,

      being not in receipt of any grant-in-aid; Whether the writ

      petition under Article 226 of the Constitution is not

      maintainable? In view of the long line of decisions of this

      Court holding that when there is a interest created by the

      Government in a Institution to impart education, which is a

      fundamental right of the citizens, which is a fundamental

      right of the citizens, the teachers who teach the education

      gets an element of public interest in the performance of

      their duties. As a consequence, the element of public

      interest requires to regulate the conditions of service of

      those employees on bat with Government employees. In

      consequence, are they also not entitled to the parity of the

      pay scales as per the executive instruction so the

      Government? It is not also in dispute that all the persons

      who filed the writ petition along with the appellant has

      later withdrawn from the writ petition and thereafter the

      respondent-Management paid the salaries on par with the

      Government employees. Since the appellants are insisting

      upon enforcement of their right through the judicial

      pressure, they need and seek the protection of law. we are

      of the view that the State has obligation to provide

      facilities and opportunities to the people to available of

      http://JUDIS.NIC.IN SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Page 2 of 2

      the right to education. The private institutions cater to

      the needs of the educational opportunities. The teacher duly

      appointed to a post in the private institution also is

      entitled to seek enforcement of the orders issued by the

      Government. The question is as to which forum on should

      approach. The High Court has held that the remedy is

      available under the Industrial Disputes Act. when an element

      of public interest is created and the institution is

      catering to the element, the teacher, the arm of the

      institution is also entitled to avail of the remedy provided

      under Article 226: the jurisdiction part is very wide. It

      would be different position, if the remedy is a private law

      remedy. so, they cannot be denied the same benefit which is

      available to others. Accordingly, we hold that the writ

      petition is maintainable. They are entitled to equal pay so

      as to be on par with Government employees under Article

      39(d) of the Constitution.

      The appeal is accordingly allowed. The writ is issued.

      But in the circumstances without costs.


    • profile image

      PIYALI PATRA 3 years ago


      I , Piyali Patra is a current employee of The Institute of Computer Engineers(India) under Techno India who coordinates the courses of NIELIT(formerly DOEACC).

      I am a computer faculty in this institution since 2008 .

      I have completed M.Sc in IT from PTU and also DOEACC A Level.

      But still now my pay scale is Rs. 3500 and company provides a special allowance of Rs.1500.I have no P.F.. No increment is provided on those years.

      My ph no:9831591722


    • profile image

      ham 3 years ago


      What are the minimum basic facility and salary should be given to admin assistant staffs/Secretary who works in Pvt. Engineering Colleges under Anna University.

    • profile image

      bsingh 3 years ago

      hello Priyanka


      you are doing MS in IIT Madras so why you are worry , defenetly you are eligible for lecturer post under AICTE in Govt Engineering colleges

      wish you all the best

    • profile image

      sourav bandyopadhyay 3 years ago

      respected sir,

      is there any future prospct in the payment of the department of west bengal state council of vocational education & training? payment to the faculty in this department is lower than a job-card holder in west bengal. there is irregularity of payment of salary in this dept. we,who are in service in this department, qualified as MCA/BCA(Hons)/B.Tech/Diploma Engineer/M.A etc. is there no respect of ours? we are really hopeless. will you help us? there is many institutions alover west bengal where vocational h.s and viii+ level course is going on. coming vocational h.s exam,2014 will start from 3/3/2014. my e-mail is

    • profile image

      lokesh jain 3 years ago

      please send informatiom about working nature of junior instructor post

    • profile image

      SUBRATA 3 years ago

      I am senior instructor of government I.T.I, and completed Government of India training(G.O.I) 1988 to1099 from Eastern Railway workshop(1973Act) Jamalpur, But, have I needed Training of any TT--1, TT-2 from CSTARI for my current government I.T.I jobs?

      please ,inform me the above mentioned enquiry to my email address(

    • profile image

      Vijaya S., Goa 3 years ago


      Library staffs (like Librarian, Asst.Librarian and Library Asst.) are doing a vital part in the function of a Polytechnic library, but they are avoided by AICTE, its not scale should be provided from library staffs as well

    • profile image

      RAJU R 3 years ago


      what is the promotion steam-line and scale of pay for the post of technical assistant in state university engineering collages? my email ID:

    • profile image

      Priyanka 3 years ago


      I am doing MS in IIT Madras after completing my Btech in a government engineering college. Could you please tell me whether I will be eligible for lecturer post under AICTE in Engineering colleges?

    • profile image

      arul 3 years ago

      eneyone have 5th payscale (correct formate G.o. date) of skilled assistant depending their qualification. plese send me

    • profile image

      Rajen 3 years ago


      please tel me about the scale of the work shop Instructors in the AICET approved Engineering colleges and polytechnics

      My id :

      awaiting ur favourable commends in the above

      Thanking you sir,


    • profile image

      mv palani 3 years ago

      very use full comonts ,ideas thanks

    • profile image

      vinod kumar 3 years ago


      please send a copy of norms and standard of AICTE 1987 . My email is .

    • profile image

      rajat roy 3 years ago


      iam rajat roy want to know that how many supporting staff required for a lab/workshop acording to aicte rules in diploma module

    • profile image

      sorj 3 years ago

      please take action for including the technical staff[instructors,trade instructors and technician] in aicte staff pattern

    • profile image

      D.Senthil velu 4 years ago

      Iam joining has a physical director in puducherry govt. polytechnic on 24.7.1998 with master degree and mphil .my pay scale 5500-175-9000

      in 1998 aicte issue vpay notification for the polytechnic lecturer & physical education personnel pay scale and qualification .but the qualification not mention physical education personnel only mention pay scale equal to lecturer so our govt.not implement pay scale please send the qualification of physical education personnel in v pay notification my email id is

    • profile image

      ANITTA SIMON T 4 years ago

      I am working as lab ast/demonstrator at indian naval academy ezhimala for 4 years. my pay scale is 5200-20200+GP2800. my institution is registered under AICTE .plz provide me the actual payscale of the same post as per AICTE norms. my emaile id is

    • profile image

      rajesh N 4 years ago

      i am working in IT engg college as a skilled Assistance,since 2005, iam a diploma holder in mechanical engg. so can i eligible for assist.instructor or instructor?also pl give me proff on paper if it is possible.or soft copy,also pl clearify pay band scale, contact e mail id is

      thanking you

    • profile image

      v n lakshmi narayana 4 years ago

      Dear sir,

      I am working in a private polytechnic in A.P as a senior instructor since 1999.I have completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

      Can you please send the promotion rules/pay scale of senior instrutor as per AICTE norms. My mail ID is

    • profile image

      Adinarayana Moorthty 4 years ago


      I am working in a Diploma in Engineering Polytechnic College in Andhra Pradesh

      we are running with 4 diploma in engineering 3 year course

      we require Teaching, Non-teaching and Administrative & Ministerial staff pattern

      mail id:

    • profile image

      husain c m 4 years ago


      I am working in engineering college library. Please send the pay scale details for library assistant and library attender ,with the Librarian Gr. IV qualification and promotion details .Library staffs(like Asst.Librarian and Library Asst.are doing a vital part in the function of a college library,but they are avoided by AICTE, its not scale should be provided from library staffs as wel

      Thanking you

    • profile image

      mukesh07.gadhavi 4 years ago

      Sir, there is gujarat government recruitment of Asst.proff in CE,IT degree college. problem is that student with Bechlor in CE (comp.eng) or IT (information tech. eng) and post graduation in CSE(computer sci&eng)

      does not consider,,,,,so question is that is post graduation in CE=CSE,,,,or,,,post graduation in IT=CSE is NOT equal,,,in CSE pg level they admiited both brances of IT,,,and CE also,,,,any guideline from AICTE,,,please tell,,,9998871124,,,,,mail on,,

    • profile image

      sanjayjoshi 4 years ago


      pl tell me the working hours per week for teaching & non teaching staff

    • Ashraf Khwaja profile image

      Ashraf Khwaja 4 years ago from Nagpur

      I have 12 yrs service in Engg college , Nagpur working as Lab Assistant in electrical department . I have completed my degree B E in winter 2012 in electrical branch in second class. ( part time degree course) my current basic 9390 & AGP 2400. I need the rule and regulation for increment against degree. E Mail :

    • profile image

      P.Janani 4 years ago

      My qualification is B.Sc electronics (regular), MSc electronics (regular), M.Phil electronics (Distance education) and I am doing M.E communication system (2nd year) in Vels university, chennai. My experience is 2 years in call center and 4 years as lecturer in abroad. can i join as assistant professor in anna university affiliated colleges? where can i check my eligibility status to work in anna university affiliated colleges. Kindly reply to

    • profile image

      Bhagwanjee Jha 4 years ago

      Can any one clarify about : I had attended Earthquake training programme sponsored by MHA, govt. of india and organised at BITS Pillani for 6 weeks. Can these training is suitable for career benefits as per CAS, AICTE, New Delhi? --- Pl. also provide some document reference or circular regarding this trainig----Thanks, Dr. B. Jha

    • profile image

      santhosh 4 years ago

      I am working as sr. steno. in Polytechnic since 1989 with a qualification of DCP (Distinction) M.Com. (55%) with HIGHER in both Shorthand and Typewriting. Will I become eligible as Lecturer in Commercial & Computer Practice Department of Polytechnic.

    • profile image

      Nitin Kumar Verma 4 years ago

      I want to confirm weather i am eligible for lecturership in Engineering Physics as per AICTE NORMS. I have scored 59% in MSc Physics and 62% in M.Phil Physics.

      If possible can iget the copy of AICTE Norms and Guidelines for Lecturership

    • profile image

      SMRUTI RANJAN NAYAK 4 years ago


    • profile image

      arul 4 years ago

      i want to know what is the pay scale for the post of skilled assistant depending the tech qualification. and i want the 1987 govt order for the skilled assis. post details my id

    • profile image

      santosh 4 years ago

      hello sir.........

      i have completed MCA and pursuing in CSE III sem. am i eligible for lectureship in Polytechnic college in cs department. if yes please suggest the how.

    • profile image

      manikandan 4 years ago

      how to get teaching staff in goverment college for engineering&polytechnic college

    • profile image

      gajendra acharya 4 years ago

      please send me aicte praposed pay scale 2010 for supporting present it is not on aicte side. i am g. acharya lab.technician in politechnic madhya pradesh (,,b.e.mech.engg.)

    • profile image

      Mrs.Dipti Durgesh Chaudhari 4 years ago

      Dear sir.

      I am first class Diploma Chemical Engineer, working at V.P.M.'s Polytechnic, Thane from last 6 yrs. Last year our college has given us a post of Lab Assistant and scale 5200-20200-2000.

      As per our qualification can we get a post of Technical Lab Assistant?

      What is the difference between Lab Assistant And Technical lab Assistant post?

    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 4 years ago

      Небо… каждый раз, в разных обстоятельствах и частях света, я говорю, что «такого неба я никогда не видел». И в этот раз скажу еще раз: ТАКОГО НЕБА Я НИКОГДА НЕ ВИДЕЛ!!!

    • profile image

      Vismadev Chatterjee 4 years ago

      Is it true that AICTE is prepearing norms and standard for non-teaching/technical staffs? Beacuse a senior lecturur from a reuted pvt. engg college at kolkata told so to one of my friend working in the same college.

    • profile image

      WALI MOHD DAR Email id, 4 years ago

      I am a science graduate plus 2 years diploma plus M C A and 7 years experience as lab. Assistant . I am presently working in the department of Computer science , Islamic university of Science and technology Awantipora j&K. I am drawing the salary in the scale 5200-20200 -1900. I need your help and guidance so that my disparity and injustice on the part of university administration is challenged.Also please send this information to the concerned people /authorities like AICTE/UGC /DEC regarding the above disparity and total in justice . The university authorities are not giving an eye towards the technical Staff at all..They have ignored this corner . Kindly help by providing exact pay scales for the Lab. assistants with PG qualifications required for those posts.I hope this request will be sent to the concerned at an earliest. My email id is

    • profile image

      WALI MOHD DAR 4 years ago

      I am a science graduate plus 2 years diploma plus M C A and 7 years experience as lab. Assistant . I am presently working in the department of Computer science , Islamic university of Science and technology Awantipora j&K. I am drawing the salary in the scale 5200-20200 -1900. I need your help and guidance so that my disparity and injustice on the part of university administration is challenged.

    • profile image

      vbkreddy 4 years ago

      sir can u provide scale of non-teaching and supporting staff , please give the mail to

    • profile image

      Sukumar 4 years ago

      I have completed MCA with ME Anna University. Can i have a job for assistant professor for ANNA university engineering colleges ? any updates for AICTE Norms or rules ? pls update.

    • profile image

      GueltGoopsBop 4 years ago

      My partner and i accustomed to get on top of existence nevertheless recently I've piled up a amount of resistance.

    • profile image

      ravi jadhav 4 years ago

      how students are non teching staff.

    • profile image

      ravi jadhav 4 years ago

      how students are non teching staff.

    • profile image

      Ravi H.N 4 years ago

      sir i am working as lab assistant in the depatment of electronics and communication U V C E Bangalore university my qulification is B E in E & C and MTech in Vlsi. I joined in 2003 i completed 10 years of service, still i did not get any promotion after lab assistant which is the next post please help me and also pay scale of lab assistant my mail Id is

    • profile image

      Dinesh B. 4 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      my sister give an interview in AICTE. and she sellected as data entry operator on contract basis. she got letter late on this 23.02.2013. and its mention that please contact with in 3 days after received. now the mumbai branch located at churchgate is giv justification that the vacancy is full. call to delhi. may be this vacancy give to others. what we do. please guide. my email id is.

    • profile image

      Ravi H.N 4 years ago

      sir i am working as lab assistant in the depatment of electronics and communication U V C E Bangalore university my qulification is B E in E & C and MTech in Vlsi. I joined in 2003 i completed 10 years of service, still i didnot get any promotion after lab assistant which is the next post please helpme and also pay scale of lab assistant

    • profile image

      Mrs. Geetha 4 years ago

      Hello Sir ,

      My qualification is as under

      MCA, M.Tech and pursuing PhD in (CSE)

      Teaching Experience : 12 years

      Absorbed as lecturer under fifth pay scale

      Now the clarification is whether I am eligible to become Assistant Professor in the same college.

      KIndly reply to

    • profile image 4 years ago

      Our Engg. College having 6 branches of subjects. 4years old. PG courses (M.Tech) will be start in the coming year. Then, How much books to be collected in the central library?. Number of journals and International Journals to be subscribed?

    • profile image

      sekhar 4 years ago


    • profile image

      MALLIKARJUN K M 4 years ago

      I Have Msc (IT) Degree holder . I wants to know qualification for programer OR ELIGIBLE CANDIDATE ME