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English Grammar Lesson 1

Updated on November 14, 2009

The Sentences

Let's look at these sentences below.

1. Birds fly.

2. The moon shines.

3. The girls are reading.

4. The milkman will come.

5. Helen has written a letter.

6. Are you coming tomorrow?

7. Did the teacher help you?

8. How beautiful Ann is!

The words in these sentences all make a proper sense or a complete sense.

A group of words that make a complete sense is called a sentence.

Exercise 1

Which of these group of words make a complete sense. Select all the sentences in the following group of words.

1. John my is cousin.

2. Helen she can help me with thinks my work.

3. It is Monday today.

4. Sri Lanka is an island.

5. Tea works plukers very hard.

6. Mary her mother helps with cooking.

7. Susan can play volleyball.

8. John the first in the class.

9. Mr John is a of English.

10. The clerk typed a letter.

A sentence performs 4 kinds of things.


A sentence gives us information and makes a statement.

1. Birds fly.

2. English is an international Language.

3. People in the western countries suffers from credit crunch.

4. Scientists say that there is water in the moon.

A sentence can form a question.


1. What is your name?

2. How is a hamburger?

3. Is it cold inside?

4. Have you finished your homework?

A sentence can give "order"or makes a "request".

1. Get out of my sight at once!

2. Be silent.

3. Could I use your pen, please?

4. May I come in?

A sentence expresses an exclamation.

1. What a day!

2. How nice !

3. What a nasty boy he is!

4. How wonderfully you recite the poem!

Note: Every sentence should begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop or period (.).if it makes a statement; with a question mark (?), if makes a question; and with an exclamation mark (!) , if ti is an exclamation.

Exercise 2

Read the following sentences and find what kind of each sentence is. Write 1. Statement 2. question 3. request or command 4. exclamation.

1. Birds fly.

2. Mary goes to school.

3. There are thirty children in our classroom.

4. Is there a clock on the wall?

5. Put the book in the cupboard.

6. Do not enter without permission!

7. How nice it is!

8. I feel so happy today.

9. Where are you from?

10. What do you do for a living?

11. Sit down.

12. Come here.

13. Make a cake.

14. Cut the bread.

15. Have a go!

16. John lights the fire in the evening.

17. John, light the fire!

18. An elephant is the largest creature on the land.

19. What a day!

20. You look so well!

By Shiva for HubPages


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    • esolefl profile image

      esolefl 5 years ago

      I will do my best to publish more grammar lessons.

    • fatimasoleimani profile image

      fatimasoleimani 5 years ago

      thank you a lot, it worked.

    • ramerican profile image

      ramerican 5 years ago

      thank you. please do other grammar lessons. my students have a hard time with this stuff. very helpful. will share!