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English in Indonesian schools as an initial step for globalization

Updated on June 13, 2012

Indonesian schools did take a lot of initiatives in order to bring up
English as a unified language of communication. This was mainly because the Asian country did organize many international workshops in order to impart better education and values to the youngsters. This was taken into serious account by the various educational institutions in the country and was quoted as an example to the rest of the world. (Alwi, Hasan, 1998). After seeing the progress made by the students of the country due to this initiative, many other nations took part in similar conventions which helped make English a very vital part in their respective countries. This was an initiative that was taken during the earlier years; and this shows the importance of the language all through the years. The need for a global language has only gone up steadily mainly due to the advancements in technology. (Chafe. W, 2005)

English definitely help a lot in making communication better and this will bring better economic progress in any country. Effective communication is definitely required in progressing with the world. Since the majority of the people speak this language, it is very important for the non-
English speaking countries to promote the language in order to bring positive results to a countries economy. (Flowerdew. J, 2000) Indonesia being a small country located in the continent of Asia has shown the world that a global language is very much necessary in order to bring in better lives in a country. This will definitely help the third-world nations to come up in life and erase poverty from their lands. With globalization will come different ways of employment opportunities across the world and this will help in eradicating a life of misery in the economically backward nations. (Gledhill. C, 2000)


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