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Erich Fromm Biography

Updated on March 13, 2012

Hello everyone! Today I am going to introduce you to the life of one of my favorite psychoanalysts. I have read almost all his books and I have to say that his ideas became the light of my life.Erich Fromm was born in 1900 in Frankfurt . Raised in a family of Orthodox Jews from early age he became familiar with the religious teachings. Fromm started studying law in his hometown, but he decided that law was not his passion and moved to Heidelberg where he studied sociology. In 1921 young Fromm met much older psychiatrist Frieda REICHMANN. She introduced him to psychoanalysis. .In 1926 Fromm and REICHMANN got married. Meanwhile he began psychoanalytic training at the Berlin Institute. With his wife Frieda who currently had serious drinking problems Fromm moved to Frankfurt where he established the South German Institute for Psychoanalysis. Meanwhile Fromm became interested in Karl Marx’s ideas. His marriage lasted only five years. In 1931 he got divorced. Reichmann moved to USA where she established Washington-Baltimore Psychoanalytic Society. Erich Fromm moved to USA too, first in Chicago than in New York. There he met Karen Horny. In 1941 was published his first and maybe most significant work “Escape from freedom”. The book made him very popular, but still he was not welcomed in the American psychoanalytical society because he did not have medical education and he did not follow the rules imposed by IPA (International psychoanalytical association). In 1944 he got married for the second time but his wife died six years later. Meantime are published some of his greatest works like" Psychoanalysis and religion". Fromm decided to move to Mexico where he began teaching in the university. He got married for the third time. In Mexico he established Mexican Institute of Psychoanalysis. Later he and his wife moved to Switzerland where he lived until the end of his days. In 1973 Fromm published his magnificent work "The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" and in 1976 his other famous book "To have or to be" which became a bestseller . Erich Fromm died in 1980


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    • medicinefuture profile image

      medicinefuture 5 years ago

      I shall be waiting for that eagerly. nice to meet you on hubpages

    • scarletohara profile image

      scarletohara 5 years ago

      Yes, I am planning a long Hub about his ideas, but it takes time ! Thank you for the comment!

    • medicinefuture profile image

      medicinefuture 5 years ago


      you have touched only tip of the iceberg.make the world known the real contribution Erich made to psychology.