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Eternal Question 13: Are Oil and Gas Really Fossil Fuels?

Updated on December 26, 2012

Oil and Gas- Its NOT really a lot of Hot Air!


As an Independent Research Scientist, I research the nature of the human condition and mankind's connection to Spirituality. I do so by research and first hand experimentation.

(Please read the Eternal Questions and their answers in order, as the answers build upon one another in an ordered and sequential format.)

If you are a student going to school, they will teach you that Oil and Gas are the products of vast ages of time, of ancient forests and dead animals that got buried in the Earth and eventually formed limited pockets of Oil and Gas. The creation of Oil and Gas are all part of a vast Evolutionary Process that has taken thousands and thousands of Years to form.

But, above All - Oil and Gas are limited in amounts. In fact, we are told we are using all the Oil and Gas up, and are going to run out!

I was a student in High School during the the 1970's Fuel Shortages and Gas rationing, it was the time of the construction of the great Alaskan Pipeline.

The Evidence Collects:

1. I had over time, heard a rumor that that Oil was really a self replenishing natural by product of the Earth. It was a curious detail that I filed in the back of my mind for future reference. I couldn't find any information to support this as the time.

2. I saw a television documentary where they discovered that there were Black Smokers, where jets of gas and other gassified elements were under pressure being vented from Hydro thermal vents, in the bottom of the ocean. The interesting issue was that there were bacteria that lived deep down in the bottom of the ocean, on the outside surface of the vents (black smokers), The bacteria required no sun light to survive.

3. One day I was watching a television documentary where they had algae growing in clear plastic tanks exposed to the Sunlight and the algae residue was oily liquid. The algae were being experimented with and used to make a bio-fuel

At a certain point in time, after seeing the last program, I had an Epiphany.

I realized that Oil and Gas were natural by products of the Earth.

Certain bacteria:

1) are Anaerobic, and live in the ground water of the earth (they don't need oxygen)

2) receive their life sustaining energy from the heat of the Earth, (not light)

2) eat rock in the fractures of the Earth's Crust, and

3) as a waste product - produce Oil and Gas as natural replenishing by products of the Earth.

The Immediate Conclusions:

  • Oil and Gas are not Fossil Fuels!
  • Oil and Gas are Natural Self Replenishing by products of the Earth.

With additional research, I then came to the following Disturbing Conclusions:

  • Some Group is powerful Enough to spread a Great Lie throughout the Earth, about the Source of Oil and Gas, and even teach it in our schools.
  • Some powerful Group has taken control over the Energy Supplies of the Earth and is using this power for a nefarious purpose.
  • This Group is not only controlling the Oil and Gas, but research proves that they also secretly control Oil and Gas Processing, Distribution, and Pricing. With this kind of control, they have the power to take or buy control of the Governments of the Earth???


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