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Eternal Recurrence...Again!

Updated on February 15, 2018

Laws of Eternal Matter in Motion:

In the book Rope Hypothesis and Thread Theory, I discussed, with the luxury of detail, the so-called laws of thermodynamics and will continue to develop the ideas further in the next book by the same title, Part Two.

I’ve re-framed the laws under what I call the Laws of Eternal Matter in Motion:

  • Matter and its motion is eternal
  • Matter assembles, disassembles and reassembles forever
  • Anything that can happen, did happen and will happen....forever.

Although there is a limited amount of matter, there is an unlimited number of ways that these can assemble.

If everything keeps happening EXACTLY the way it has always happened before, we are stuck in a loop with no possibility of getting out AND no way of knowing that this is the case, so in that respect, this is not an issue for science, Not mainstream, because it can not be tested, and not rational science because it can not be reasoned further.

On the other hand, I have proposed that since life can move against gravity, or along with it and along with or against the path of least resistance, then although there may be a limited amount of matter, unlimited combinations of choices always add new variables that can neither be predicted or acted against.

If motion could be neutralized (heat death), then matter and its motion would not be eternal. So something keeps it all going. I'm voting : life

Life is inevitable because living things can add quality movements in different ways which continually change the local environment and more quickly add to maximizing of entropy or minimizing potentials LOCALLY. BUT since there are no open, closed, or isolated systems, GLOBALLY the beat goes on.

Life begins and ends on earth or over there in some other Solar System (LOCALLY), but life never began or ends GLOBALLY (Universally).

If someone proposes that they will return again and again, they would be talking about a universal intelligence, because there is no continuity between brain/ mind/ brain.

Here's an excerpt from Part One:

"There can be no limit to the number of interactions between the limited number of composite objects because the fundamental unit of matter, although necessarily finite, has the intrinsic property of motion.

"Because life (living beings comprised of composite objects) arises here and there forever, and moves against gravity and along or against the path of least resistance, and since the fundamental is ever present and forever in motion, the feedback between the two insures not just an incalculable number of possible motions or phenomena, but an unlimited number of them.

"Living objects continually produce new conditions which can alter or even negate possible effects and new causes in the chain, or more accurately in the loop of thread which forms a two strand rope which interconnects every hydrogen atom forming every existing composite object."

A universal intelligence would be some sort of continuity between fundamental and composite objects maintaining connections between your neurons and neurons of other brains. There are about 10,000 atoms in each neuron and they are all connected to all other atoms via H-atoms, but not TO EACH OTHER in the same way once YOU disassemble.

I propose that at the sub atomic level all phenomena is the result of interaction between fundamental and composite objects!

The infinitesimally small thread has so little resistance, that living composite objects can move a thread here, and a thread there in ways that keep the whole ball of yarn in motion. I referred to this as quality movement.

We have an unlimited ability to conceive of concepts, and this is made possible by synaptic plasticity along with the ability of certain parts of the brain, like the hippocampus, to generate new neurons. It is this and the feedback mechanisms that make possible an unlimited number of interactions in the brain and therefore the mind.

Similarly, a finite number of H-atoms may form a limited number of composite objects but an unlimited number of relationships between objects is possible due to assembly and disassembly resulting from feedback.

I speculate that because the number of H-atoms (a finite amount of matter) is constant, there can only be an odd number of them because there is only one rope between any two H-atoms. Additionally, since living entities can move against gravity or in concert with the never ending motion of the fundamental, this offsets a potentially perfect gravitational balance which would cause motion to cease, and insures unlimited combinations of composite objects and their resulting phenomena.

In his effort to predict events, man selects limited processes from unlimited possibilities. He believes that the deterministic application of cause and effect accounts for all phenomena, and that all phenomena can be accounted for. If one compounds this misunderstanding with creation of matter and time and space, one may also buy into philosophy’s mechanistic determinism, quantum’s uncertainty principle, or religion’s “God done it.”

Mechanistic determinism is useful for engineering but can lead to fatalism, and Quantum’s uncertainty is useful for nothing but mental masturbation, but at least religion may give one peace of mind.

Humans can not only remember the past, but consider possible events that have not yet happened. They can conceive of objects not present or visible and both of these figure into the feed-back and feed-forward mechanisms which can alter possibilities in ways that other “self-organizing systems” like tornadoes can not. Maybe we’ll cover that at the cosmic scale in a future discussion on stellar metamorphosis and nebular hypothesis.

The idea that I am trying to put forth is this:

Eternal matter is ceaselessly in motion because of the feedback and feed forward mechanisms inherent to all things being interconnected. This means that fundamental objects and composite objects are also interconnected and so feedback, feed forward mechanisms are in play there as well. Motion does not grind to a halt because of the quality of feedback and feed forward brought into play by living objects.

Although it is quite possible that the pushme-pullyou never stops simply because it is matter UNBOUNDED, and the dance between fundamental and composite objects can't possibly reach homeostasis, I none-the-less propose that life with its ability to move on its own against gravity (or with it) keeps everything dynamic. If SOMETHING wasn't fighting against gravity then what keeps everything from coming together and staying there?

Otherwise, we can take the easy way out and just say that motion is an intrinsic property of thread, and leave it at that.

One possible mechanism, I assume, is that the small amount of resistance of the fundamental to the composite is never enough to overcome even a single organism's push or pull. An equal amount of push and pull would eventually play out with a draw, or IOW, everything stops moving. Had that ever happened, of course, we wouldn't be having this conversation. That it CAN never happen is also a given because eternal matter endlessly in motion are the DEFAULT position because creation of matter and a prime mover is impossible.

Living things alone have the ability to defy gravity, and so this is why I assume life is responsible for overcoming the drag of friction. It is in the quality of movement and the feedback feed forward dance between living and inanimate, fundamental and composite, and objects going bump in the night with the sum of all objects in existence unbounded "by space" that keeps everything going., and it is the quality of movement by living objects that insures there will always be novel ways in which matter can assemble.

Thermodynamic is a branch of physics that deals with temperature (atomic and molecular motion) and "different forms of energy."

As such, it is foundational to many other aspects of physics and especially cosmology. In particular, one depends on the Laws of Thermodynamics in their discussions of Big Bang matter creation and "end of the universe" type scenarios.

BUT Mother Nature and Father Universe recognize no such man made laws. Neither do I. Why? Because there are no open, closed or isolated systems. For this reason I have re-written the Laws Of Thermodynamics (LOT) and I refer to that as The Laws of Eternal Matter in Motion.

1) Matter and its motion had no beginning and is never-ending.

That persons deem it necessary to "prove" eternal matter, underscores the need to start at the very basics. Eternal matter is the default position one should take.

If someone concedes this point about eternal matter in motion, then, I am comfortable moving to to the next "Law":

2) Matter assembles, disassembles and reassembles forever


3) Anything that can happen, did happen and will happen....forever.

These are my adaptations of the mainstream's LOT. I ignore the Zeroth Law, because this deals with measuring and thermometers. But "3), Anything that can happen, did happen and will happen....forever," does not mean that particular events are going to happen forever like like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

Read the book, Rope Hypothesis and Thread Theory Part One and stay tuned for Part Two.

Newton's Laws of Motion is another interesting and related subject we’ll cover next in this series:


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