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Scientific Ethics

Updated on August 2, 2016

Why is it important Ethics?

For many days ago, scientific research made provocative advances in society, whether for good or bad, but by the passage of major world dictatorships, which said there was "more scientific progress, as 100 years in embryology" but how is it obtained? The answer is simple: human experimentation, with a cruel manipulation and nothing respectful.

Heard many say "Thanks to the Scientific Ethics and nothing can be done, as in those times where he experienced a taste for the good" because I tell all / as those LIE THAT'S NOT DO GOOD.

Thanks to scientific ethics respect to living beings such as humans, animals and plants, handling is rigidly set, highlight the Helsinki Rules which recognizes that advances in medicine and other disciplines is given through research, which should include human experimentation while respecting their rights as justice, informed consent, etc.

Thanks to scientific ethics can not do evil but rather how? Demonstrating torture or satisfaction to the group.

If this continues even been discussion, as I stress, being ethical is not bad, bad is not knowing investigate, keep thanking SCIENTIFIC ETHICS.


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