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Eton London and Eton College

Updated on May 11, 2011

Eton College for Boys

You will probably already know if you have been following my hubs that I visited London last week and I have been creating hubs about the British Museum, Bricklane, WIndsor Castle and today I wanted to talk about Eton college for boys. I talk many good photographs while in Eton but I decided to leave out the picture of Eton college chapel and included a long video of me and my friend in 'Black Park' which is only a short drive from Wiindsor.

Although I did not actually go inside Eton college school, I had a good chance to see the grounds as we approached it from the back entrance through the gardens and not from the main road that leads into Windsor. My friend is very educated about the area because Slough and Eton college are in fact only 20 minutes away, although the residents of Eton wouldn't admit this since Slough is a working class town.

He told me how many of the games that Eton boys play in the school yard inspired the Harry Potter movies and he also told me that I would be unable to see the famous Eton college uniform of Tail-coat, waist coat, false-collar and pin-striped trousers because the boys were out of term time and probably visiting relatives.

Eton College Eton

Something which is a great tradition in England is rowing on lakes and rivers and I saw this daily when I was working on my laptop near the River Severn in Worcester but Eton also has the Eton College Rowing Club.

I saw the Eton Dorney Lake as we walked through the fields nearby and this was a man-made facility which had £17 million privately invested by the school but also gets hired out to the boating community and will be used in the Olympics.

Me and my friend were particularly delighted by the architecture of the buildings believing it to be Tudor in origin but I was unsure since I was only familiar with the black and white wooden framed Tudor building style. However after researching we discovered that the red brick school yard and green yard were built in 1440 which was just 40 years prior to the Tudor Dynasty.

Eton College Fees

My friend was right when he informed me that to attend Eton college for a term it is around £60,000 and to register your child between the ages of 13-18 years old you must pay a sign-up fee of £250 plus enterance fee of £1500. You then pay £9,954 per half a term and there are 3 terms, you must pay £7,963 if you are absent.

The white building above is the 'School Hall' which was also built during the Tudor period but was restored during 1858 and this is why it looks a little different in style to the red bricked buildings.

Eton College Road

Eton College is often referred to simply as 'Eton' since it is so famous, the American equivilent is probably 'Yale' or 'Harvard' because all are known for having elite societies, although Eton is more for young boys. It is so popular in England that along Eton college road there are climbing foot holds place in the surrounding walls so that visitors can peep over and have a look.

Many distinguish people have attended Eton College including current UK prime minister David Cameron and there is a big debate about politicians attending private school while the large majority are unable to enjoy this privilege. Guest speakers have been also known to appear at lectures such as J.K Rowling, Vivienne Westwood and Rowan Atkinson.

Visit Black Park for Free in Nearby Slough


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