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Eucalyptus- It's Various Benefits

Updated on July 21, 2018

Gum trees, scientifically known as Eucalyptus, are trees native to Australia. It is known for its wide range of benefits and uses. With over 400 species of Eucalyptus, the most globally used species is the Eucalyptus globulus, which is commonly known as the Blue Gum.

Eucalpytus is used to treat cough, cold, congestion and also helps in reducing muscle and joint pains. Besides this, it is also used to treat skin infections and rashes.

The oil extracted from the Eucalyptus tree is used as a flavoring agent, in making antiseptics, perfumes and cosmetics and in several dental preparations.

The leaves of the gum trees contain flavonoids and tannins. Flavonoids are described as any of many compounds that are plant metabolites, formally derived from flavone. They have antioxidant properties. Tannins have anti-inflammation properties.

Benefits and Uses of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus and its benefits has been known to people since time immemorial. It served as a natural treatment to many diseases and hence have been an important part in medicine history. Here are some of the benefits and uses of Eucalyptus:

Fungal infections: Eucalyptus is used to treat fungal infections and skin wounds. That is why it is also seen as an ingredient in various antiseptic products.

Dental preparations: Because of its antimicrobial properties, Eucalyptus is used as an ingredient in mouthwashes. Also dentists use it in some dental preparations.

Antimicrobial properties: New studies have proved its use as an antimicrobial agent. People have been curing infections using Eucalyptus oil and this can eventually reduce the dependence on antibiotics as newer discoveries suggest.

Respiratory problems: Eucalyptus oil is used to treat cold, cough, bronchitis and sore throat. Fresh leaves should be used in a gargle to treat sore throat and bronchitis.

Insect Repellent: Eucalyptus acts as an insect repellent and helps in keeping mosquitoes away. It is also used as an insecticide and a pesticide.

Reducing Pains: The oil extracted from gum trees acts as a pain reliever and helps to reduce muscle and joint pains. It also finds its use in reducing backaches, arthritis and bruising.

Additionally, Eucalyptus oil is also known to stimulate the immune system and increase the body’s immune response. Cat scratches can also be treated with this oil. Several diseases are known to get reduced with the help of this oil like diabetes, fever and flu.

Side Effects

Essential oils should always be used according to the instructions for some of them may have huge side effects and thus can be hazardous. People should see that they use only pure and genuine products of essential oils.

While applying on the skin, Eucalyptus oil should be diluted with any other carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Essential oils should never be undiluted. One drop of essential oil should be mixed with approximately four drops of carrier oil.

Eucalyptus oil is also known to produce irritation or a burning sensation and thus a patch test should be done before use.

Nature's Absolutes Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Nature's Absolutes Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Nature's Absolutes Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Nature's Absolutes brings you this pure, steam distilled eucalyptus essential oil known for is invigorating, fresh fragrance that is redolent of vast eucalyptus forests in the Nilgiris. A favorite among aroma therapists and essential oil enthusiasts alike, its energizing fragrance makes it a popular choice for relaxing the body and opening the mind, whether diffused, added to bath water or blended with a carrier oil for a massage


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