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Eugenics and Racism: Evolutions Deadly Little Secrets

Updated on October 22, 2010
Ota Benga was put on display in the zoo as the 'missing link' in order to convince people of Darwinism.
Ota Benga was put on display in the zoo as the 'missing link' in order to convince people of Darwinism.

“Darwinists hate the common association of their pet theory with eugenics, not to mention its role in giving scientific validation to Nazi eugenics. But the historical connections are unavoidable."

Before you dig into your "but Christians did this" bag that does not lessen the weight of the arguments against Darwinism and its clear logical and historical connections to eugenics and racism. If Darwinists want to use this line of argument against Christianity, then they should ALSO admit it as a valid attack on their own world view, especially if the abuses were not merely based on a misunderstanding of Darwinism, but on a logical extension of the theory, which is what I am arguing here. The reason I emphasize this is for the naive evolutionists who refuse see the obvious implications of Darwinism."

Today we will look at the eugenics movement past, present, and how militant atheists are planting seeds for future social engineering.

Ardent atheist Daniel Dennett wrote,

“… many declare there is the sacred and inviolable right of life … On the other hand, many of the same people declare that, once born, the child loses its right not to be indoctrinated or brainwashed or otherwise psychologically abused by those parents.”

Atheist Richard Dawkins often states,

“It’s one thing to say people should be free to believe whatever they like, but should they be free to impose their beliefs on their children? Is there something to be said for society stepping in?”

What is the logical conclusion of this atheistic agenda? Apparently it is “evil” (“child abuse”) for parents who believe in God to teach their children to believe in God, but it is “good” (not child abuse) for atheists (or government-paid teachers?) to inculcate atheism (disbelief in God) into all children. This same twisted thinking drove Stalin, Hitler and Mao et al., and resulted in the deaths of 100 million+ people.

With public school indoctrinating kids with “You a cosmic accident and an animal” “There is no God” All religions are the same“,” All religions are evil.” “Your parents are wrong about morality” etc, you have recipe for a future eugenics movement.

Does all of this mean that Darwinism is evil or wrong? I will let you decide, but it does mean that we should be suspicious of any system of thought that so easily integrates with such historical atrocities (as you will see here). Darwinism has more in common with atheism, communism, socialism, and Nazism than it does with Christianity or democracy (got that compromised Christians).

What you do with these obvious facts presented here is up to you. I am just trying to make clear that social Darwinism is a direct descendant of Darwinism, even if Darwinists consider it the ugly redheaded stepchild.

Hitler's propaganda film

Eugenics was not only used by Hitler, but has deeper roots in the USA

Only the Biblical worldview answers racism.

"With Your blood You purchased people for God from every tribe, language, people, and nation."


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