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Updated on September 30, 2011

The continent Europe is located entirely in the northern hemisphere. It lies in 36º N to 71º N latitude and 20º W to 65º W longitude. The area of this continent is 10,360,00 sq km. Europe is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean in the north; the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Asia in the east and the Mediterranean sea in the south. The Ural mountains and Ural river are the natural boundaries which separate Europe from Asia. Europe has many water bodies in the form of sea,gulf and bays. The major water bodies which link with Europe are White sea, Bay of Biscay, Gulf of Bosnia, Adriatic Sea, Baltic sea, Black sea, Caspian Sea, Arabian Sea and South China Sea.

There are several islands in Europe. Some major islands of Europe are: The British Isles(England), Corsica, Sardinia Sicily, Crete. Cyprus,etc.

Europe is one of the most developed continents of the world. There are many good harbors and ports in Europe. Europe has 50 nations. Among them Russia is the largest in size and Vatican is the smallest.

Physical Feature

Europe can be divided into three physical features. They are:

  1. The North-Western Highland
  2. The Great European Plain
  3. The Southern Mountain and Plateau


The continent of Europe lies mostly in the temperature Zone. Only the northernmost of the continent lies in the fridge zone. Here, the climate is extremely cold, for example, Norway,Sweden and Finland. The southern part of Europe is warm and gets rainfall only in winter. The western part is warm in summer and mild in winter. It receives rainfall throughout the year. This climate is found in the British Isles, Norway, Sweeden and Denmark. Towards the north and north-east the climate is extreme, that is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. But as whole the continent of Europe has moderate or temperate climate, the best climate in the world..

Natural Resources

The continent of Europe is drained by many rivers. Most parts of the continent have fertile alluvial soil. The vast water resources in the forms of lakes and rivers are used to the fullest extent for generating hydroelectricity and for developing a network of waterways.

Most of the forest resources have been cleared for cultivation, settlement, mining and building factories. Lumbering is the main occupation of the people living in the extreme northern part of Europe where there are coniferous forests.


Europe has the population of about 670 million. The people living in the north are tall, white and blue-eyed. But those in south and south-east are short, dark brown with dark hair and dark eyes. Those living in the central parts of Europe and Russia are short and flat-faced. Europe has 20% of the world population.


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