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Every Drop of Drinking Water Counts - World Water Day

Updated on March 22, 2016

Our home planet, earth, is often described as the ‘Blue Planet’, as its surface area is composed of 70% water and 30% land. Unfortunately, not all this water is suitable for consumption. Man has always harnessed the power of natural resources to make him and his community more capable. However, this has also led to the depletion of natural resources and water is one of the most adversely affected of these. Based on international studies and reports from scientists, access to clean drinking water will soon be a challenge. A lot has been said and done about conserving water, but our efforts at conservation of water resources have so far been inadequate.

World Water Day

Every drop counts and every tiny action has the power to create a ripple effect. World Water Day is one of the most significant milestones laid down in the water conservation project worldwide. This annual event is celebrated on March 22nd. The fundamental purpose of the day is to emphasize the importance of freshwater and spread awareness on sustainable practices for conservation of these resources. The occasion was officially designated in 1993 and thereafter, the United Nations General Assembly convenes to address a different water issue every year on this day. The UN and its member nations strategize to implement recommendations on water conservation in their individual countries. A number of non-governmental organizations also promote clean and sustainable aquatic habitats.

AO Smith has also joined efforts at conservation by offering special discounts and combo offers on their purifiers to encourage users to switch to using tap water, instead of bottled water. This has a huge impact on the environment as it saves precious water resources and helps with saving energy.

World Water Day 2016

The theme for 2016’s World Water Day is “Better Water, Better Jobs”. The connection between water and jobs has always been intangible to the extent that half the global population is quite unaware of the magnitude and significance of jobs in the water sector. Almost 1.5 billion people, a staggering half the world’s population of workers, serve in water related sectors, from source to delivery and conservation. When water becomes a scarcity, this huge percentage of population will be rendered jobless. More importantly, recognition for this segment of workers is long overdue. The workers and their jobs and their relation to quantity and quality of water are reasons that contribute to the growth and development of societies and economies at large.

This year, on World Water Day it is our responsibility to recognize the role of these workers in the development and sustenance of our modern societies. It is also time to take stock of our valuable water resources and make efforts to conserve them.


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