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Every Student sits in the first row

Updated on March 22, 2016

With online live classes, no student can sit at the back bench and get lost. One of the greatest advantage of online learning is that student demands and gives undivided attention. Student to teacher interaction is of high quality keeping both of them focused on the subject and training their minds to understand the other person on the screen.

Higher engagement levels

The engagement level of student is much higher, as both the teacher and student need to have a meaningful discussion communicating maximum information and minimizing noise, in the given the time. In a more technical sense, the information transmission reaches its peak in online learning, the amount of information communicated per timeframe is much higher as compared to a traditional class set up.

No Lazy learning or teaching

Any call to action by the teacher or student is immediate and so is the feedback or response. Technology makes it much faster to decide whether the student is on the right track and take corrective measures. In online teaching environment, teachers are looking for immediate reactions/feedback and needs to be agile to adjust his methods and pedagogy on the feedback.

Simplicity in instructions

Simplicity in communication is the key for a good online teacher. It’s the board money for good online teachers to have a simplistic, not naïve, approach towards a topic. This is the only way teachers can bring student on the same page. Moreover, this is the way for teachers to exhibit their craftsmanship.

Personalized lesson plan

Usages of personalized learning technologies such as online quizzes assessments help create a flexible learning model for students. Students are likely to absorb more at a time which is convenient to them rather following a strict routine.

Survival of the Smartest

What differentiates a great online class courses from the mediocre one is the quality of the teachers or instructors. Teacher’s passion, enthusiasm and expertise bring the subjects to life. The pedagogy should be above an average teacher. Good online teachers always have to continuously raise the bars for them to maintain high student interest level.

Someone’s loss is your gain!

What appears to be demanding situation for teachers, works for the benefit of students. This self-evolving system ensures that only good teachers, with excellent communication skill, who can ignite passion for the subject and deliver lessons in interesting and innovative ways, remain in the business.

Access to the best teachers

The unique advantage of online learning is that students can access the best teachers irrespective of distance. And even the teachers get a chance to interact with students with varied demographic, social and academic backgrounds.


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