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Everything Has Consciousness

Updated on September 30, 2009

Everything Has Consciousness

Some of we more spiritually minded people have memories of seeing "spirits" and all manner of creatures, fairies, devas, angels, dragons, elementals, nature spirits, etc. Many of us have have always had a passionate fascination for nature.

Not only are the nature spirits, devas and such alive so are the trees, plants, flowers, and even the rocks and minerals. Everything has consciousness. It's just that the consciousness and awareness of a rosebush is not going to be the same as an animal's nor a person's. I also believe that we can communicate with all life forms. Some people say that they talk to their plants. I am one person who does. I know that they can feel my love and positive energy when I water them and visit them daily. I would like to share a couple of experiences that I had:

I visited the Hare Krishna home base back in the 1990's that honors Swami Srila Prabhupada, the movement's founder. On the second day went for a walk in the woods and were asked to maintain total silence during the duration of the hike. I could feel my energies shift and heighten. There seemed to be magic in the air. Then suddenly I found myself looking at the magnificent beautiful towering trees that so graced the forest. I closed my eyes and gave a silent prayer to them for all they have given to us.

Then I heard a voice in my head say: "We joyously and lovingly give our trees to you to build your homes with, craft your works of art with, to burn upon your fireplaces to keep you warm, and for many other purposes. We only ask for some gratitude in return and unfortunately most never think to give us gratitude for our gifts and sacrifices to you. Thank you, kind soul for your gratitude. You have filled our tree souls with joy!"

I was aghast and almost let out a cry. Was I going crazy? Was my imagination working overtime? I certainly was not on mushrooms or any drugs as I don't do drugs. I never shared that experience but I never forgot it. And to this day I have to have lots of trees around me and I hike any and every opportunity that I get.

Second Experience: I was preparing myself to do a public channeling some years ago. It was during the Christmas holiday season. I took a nice walk outside and lost myself in childlike wonder and awe as I observed all the beautiful Christmas bright lights and decorations that graced the neighborhood. When I came back, I went around back to admire my friend's huge Oak tree. Minutes later, I seemed to fall into a light trance or something. And then out of nowhere I beheld this short man with a pointed hat, suspenders, breeches, and a big nose. He said that he was a snow gnome and that he and his kin lived in the oak tree. He said that they seldom come up to the earth because of the stench that most mortals emit. He added that the snow purifies the land and the air for a time, and during such times a snow gnome will occasionally make an appearance to a human when they perceive that the human is of pure intent and good hearted. We had a nice conversation. He told me that he was over eight hundred years old as were many of his kin, and we talked of other things. Then he bowed and said he must take leave.

I could not get him out of my mind. A few days later I wrote a story about a snow gnome. I know that he was real. It was just not 'reality' on the third dimension mundane level that we call ordinary reality.

In any case I found the snow gnome very fascinating and a good soul. I hope that he fares well and perhaps on some snowy wintry day, I may go back to my friend's house and see if he shows up.

I have also had a genuine Faerie encounter. A few years ago I was visited by a beautiful lady who came to me in a vision type of dream altered state. She taught me about soul merging on her distant planet she called Sulva. I have been visited by and gone on spirit soul journeys with many wonderful and wise beings who taught me so much. Some inhabit the higher astral planes while others come from distant stars but they are all loving, wise and very kind. I always learn something from each of them and my life is enriched when I have such encounters.

The soul is truly vast. We are all interconnected and can enjoy the company of our countless 'other worldly friend' who exist and live on many different dimensions and dimensions. Let us rejoice and give thanks for our oneness!




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    • profile image

      Lisa A. 7 years ago

      Thanks for your reply! Funny you should mention that about the gnomes not liking the human's smell. Even the animals don't care for our smell at all.

      I spoke with a friend of mine who has had visitations by a gnome named Samson-- Samson mentioned to him that humans are smelly, but they love us anyway!

      I will be getting your book when it is published- will it be on You are soo right about the trees also-- They really do have a consciousness. I have hugged some and have felt hugged right back as though I were being hugged by a person. Wow, does mankind ever need to rethink our way of living o this planet!!

      Your title for your new book is perfect- thanks again for your reply


    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 7 years ago

      Yes, it is human's egocentric nature that turns the gnomes off, and as you know, mind, body and spirit are all intertwined. What we think, and put out spiritually affects our aura and human vibrations and energy as well. Good observation. I'll go back to the story and clear that up as I'm about to submit the story and a bunch of others in my new book GOD'S MANY MANSIONS to a publisher.

    • profile image

      Lisa A. 7 years ago

      Dear Michael, thank you for sharing your experiences and encounters... I know what you experienced is genuine-- I also had a faery encounter--face to face , after praying that God would reveal one of these Beings. It wasn't even in a meditation- but visibly- in our physical realm.

      One question I have for you about the Snow Gnome.. Did that gnome mean our physical stench is what turns off the gnomes, or is it our egocentric human nature? I would think both would be a turn off!