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Evidence that Mars has life

Updated on April 6, 2016

The Group of biologists Announces international space research in the journal Astrobiology/2 minutes 16. They found many elements necessary for life in a giant basin region, 1,770 km wide, lies in the southern hemisphere of the red planet. In other words, this basin is the cradle of life, if any, on the planet, according to the Science Alert.

"According to the independent biologist corner of the universe, we realize that many strands Argyre geological characteristics, such as hydrothermal sediment formed by the circulation of hot water, the icy stone mounds and traces of ancient glacier", Alberto Fairen, from Cornell University, Usa , head of research, said.

The wide basin, the surface morphology in particular geographical proximity and accessible locations created favorable conditions for scientists to study.

About 4 billion years ago, Mars had many rivers and an atmosphere to protect the planet from the solar radiation. Two characteristics of this environment can survive for some forms of life.

At the same time, a large rocks on Mars, forming the Argyre basin. The impact could have enabled hydrothermal activity and can also have enabled and create the conditions for life.

Gradually, the atmosphere of Mars was destroyed by the harsh solar wind. The planet freezes and becomes drier as we see today.

Argyre basin is not only ideal for the reproduction of living but also where fossils preserve perfectly.Therefore, although the living no longer exist on the red planet, scientists hope to be able to find any trace of it.

Argyre lies at latitude 50, equivalent to the Falkland Islands, the position of the British territory in the South Atlantic region very hard. get sunlight in the winter, meaning the probe would like to explore this planet needs to use nuclear power, rather than solar energy.

Fairen and his research team suggests the use of flying probe according to the orbit to observe the planet from above, then the spacecraft, landed on the planet to bring a mini lab and drill and to search for life.

"Probably the remnant of ancient Mars biosphere system are stored in the Argyre," he said.

Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) has launched self-propelled probe Curiosity up Mars. But he said that this ship Fairen, along the material it carries can make these specimens found on Mars infected the Earth's life forms, led to the scientists may have the wrong test results.

Within 15 years, NASA can expect on the red planet. Fairen says the residents of Mars will explore Argyre basin.

"It sounds crazy to imagine the pioneers will search for fossils in the area. But that's the appeal of science, because you never know where is the end, "said Fairen said.


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