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Reconsidering The Origins Of Race, Evolution, Social Darwinism and Natural Selection.

Updated on April 30, 2012

Everything we think about the origins of separate human races maybe wrong. This is just an insight and a potential theisis as opposed to being a fact.

What if everything we thought we knew about the development of separate human races is wrong. The usual theory is related to natural selection and Darwinism and from that comes the dark overtones of social Darwinism embraced by racists. The predominant exiting theory is that humans evolved into separate inter-related races because the populations were isolated from each other in areas with differences in the local environment prevailing conditions helped to condition populations in natural selection for traits most suitable for local climate and other factors. It is a reasonable theory of course. It does not necessarily explain everything. At the same time humans adapted to their local isolated environments they were busy cultivating local flora and domesticating local fauna. Humans we know did a lot to modify their local environments and they also worked to modify everything. It might be that the races became differentiated from each other because early humans in isolated areas actually also modified themselves in what could be called selective breeding. Talking about the issue of a theory of "intelligent design" no one was better at "intelligent design" or redesign of nature in cultivation and domestication as our human ancestors were. It was something that happened on at least 6 separate continents independently.

The evidence that humans maybe more than 50% percent responsible for creating the attributes of their own separate racial distinction are plentiful. Some people might find this idea controversial until they realize that all of the separate distinct human races probably played a role in creating their own uniqueness. Here is a list of reasons why this may just be the case:

1. Humans have long done selective breeding , cultivation and domestication with amazing results. As a prime example is just how many ancient and now modern breeds of domesticated dogs there are. Breeding dogs is about selectively choosing traits found to be beneficial or just harmonizing to the eye. Humans like the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Maya appear to cultivate the image of their own race just as much as they seem to be breeding it selectively.

2. European Monarcy and Nobility were based on selective breeding programs . We even see this going on to this day most recently in the royal wedding. I noticed on TV that the streets of London were lined with almost none of the minorities one usually sees in London to celebrate the wedding. Nobility around the world is most selective in breeding practices where a certain kind of physic and image is cultivated. In Europe a bastard class evolved from nobles taking advantage of local population as endowed celebrities of the time. This was not just a European phenomenon . It is seen in Africa, Asia, The Middle East and North and South America and even in the pacific islands. When you start to see a Roman Emperor's lisp being identified with by the larger population of Ancient Rome and becoming part of the way the language was spoken and you also see that Roman imperial family physical look is being cultivated just like Romans preferred certain breed of Mastiff dogs it is clear that populations can selectively breed themselves. The most sought after genes in a population come from the nobility class who are licensed to breed in those societies.

3. Racism and genocide seems to happen far too often . One would have thought the Nazis would have been the last of it. Then there were genocides in Russia, China, Cambodia ,Vietnam, Angola, Bosnia. These selective genocides tend to be tribal and tribes base their animosities against each other on neighboring tribes that are similar but have enough differences that one can see a non natural selection process going on. We know how the Spanish killed off the North African population in the inquisition. The Spanish could easily identify the Moors and root them out but struggled with their Jewish population that they allowed at first to convert or die and then changed the rules to expulsion or death. In Angola the Tutsi could tell the difference between themselves and the Hutu and it was based on racial differences that could be spotted and not just religion or at least cultural characteristics. That is sort of an intelligent design laboratory. Traits of culture or ethnicity or race alone are what decide these genocidal events that occur too often in human history form ancient times to modern.

The more one thinks about the history, ancient and modern the more one does see an intelligent design of race in isolated areas as a selection process. Racial identification is by visual means primarily. When not sure humans might have an inquisition process where they decide who might live or die or face expulsion because of their beliefs or cultural traits. It does seem that in more primitive times race was developed by breeding and unfortunate un-natural selection. The Romans have their myth of the Sabine Women. Their Roman Tribe has no wives for the men so they go and they find this ancient Sabine Etruscan tribe. The Romans are pirates from the beginning they go to the Sabine village kill all the men and children and take the Sabine women as their wives by raping them. Eventually the Sabine women accept their fate and became the strong Roman Women of the same tribe. Great myth! The story is about the Romans selectively breeding themselves. It is not the only myth like this that one finds all over the world.

If this thesis proves true then it shows that terms like social Darwinism are just not quite fully understood in terms of the regularity of the process in developing the races as a competitive breeding program among separate tribes. Nothing in this thesis justifies racism in the ancient nor modern world but it does help maybe to understand why racial feelings of differentiation are so strong. Most of all it may be necessary to change one's historic perspective and realize that humans did more to create themselves as separate races independently then just letting it happen to them in a natural process.


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