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Evolutionary Limitations

Updated on January 12, 2012


Earth's First Line of Defense?
Earth's First Line of Defense? | Source


Although we may think that we have evolved quite well, have we really?

Our evolution has been limited by our planet. Our minds are limited. We are limited to concepts of size, space and time by our surroundings. We cannot perceive the big picture.

We measure time by a watch, yet on our own planet, the lifetime of a fly could just be one of our days.

We have problems grasping that God was always there, he wasn’t born, and he has always existed. We have trouble imagining the billions upon billions of stars that are in the universe. It gives us a headache trying to imagine that the universe is endless. If it isn’t, then what lays beyond it?

With the number of planets out there, it is probably inevitable that aliens exist some where. Why is it that although we often imagine that they may not look like us, we always think of them by our own limitations.

A whole lifetime for us may be even less than a day to them.

Size and strength are probably determined, to some degree, on the power of the gravity on ones planet. Even on ours, giants like dinosaurs existed. Small ants still flourish. It is estimated that if all the ants on Earth could be gathered together and weighed, they would weigh more than any other species on the planet, including humans.

The Universe

Limitless | Source


There have been thousands of so called sightings of UFOs, yet the skeptics say, there cannot be aliens because we have not seen any land.

These sightings are usually described as lights seemingly moving in impossible manners, yet none have actually been seen on the ground up close.

What if, what are seen are the lights from an alien spacecrafts propulsion system. When they land, it is on the bottom of the ocean, where they feel at home, or they are hidden by the grass on the verge of a road or in a field.

What if they are in actual fact no bigger than ants?

If this were the case, is it possible, unbeknown to us, that ants have already been our planets first line of defense and have already deterred one alien invasion attempt on our planet?

Perhaps they are even now, among us but they are in a form that can only be seen in a visual spectrum that is outside of our own limited vision.

The point here is that we should always try to keep an open mind, as somewhere in the universe anything or everything may be possible. The universe is so vast, that if our limited minds can imagine it, then somewhere in the immenseness it may actually exist.


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    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      A most compelling read, make us all seem pretty insignificant, doesn't it?