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Example of How to Write a University Application Personal Statement for Medicine, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic or Osteopa

Updated on December 31, 2016

Opening Paragraph

You only have about one page to write your personal statement. So in your opening paragraph, you should engage the reader at once, stating your interest in the particular subject of the university degree that you would like to do.


The human body has long commanded a perpetual fascination in my mind, in one way or another, throughout my life. However, it was not until science GCSE, which introduced the more complex nature of Biology and Chemistry, that I developed a more in-depth understanding. The more in-depth mode of teaching that GCSE brought catalysed my determination to pursue a career that would allow me to work with the human body. The way in which all the numerous, and vastly different biological systems in the human body must work together in synergy on all levels is a concept that is in my mind almost unparalleled in terms of its intellectual engagement; even the most ostensibly simple of actions requires an awe-inspiring interplay of different biological systems and chemical reactions. For me, the fine line between the efficient functioning of the human body and its failure due to physical reasons is something which I would like to devote my career to understanding and helping ensure is optimised.

Continuation of the Opening Paragraph

Now, you should state what experiences or studies have allowed you to further develop your interest in studying a particular degree.


From my study of Physical Education and my participation in sports from a very young age, I have come to realise how important regular exercise and a good diet can be, and how the human body develops and adapts as a result. It also taught me about the structures of the body, including the musculoskeletal system, and the many factors that can affect them. My deep and profound personal and academic interest in these areas, as well as my lifelong fascination with the way in which the human body functions, have given me the ambition to undertake a degree in chiropractic.

Paragraph 2—Personal Achievements

Now comes the time when you need to boast—yes boast—about all your achievements, either through sports, music, and school. You want them to choose you, so what have you done through your life which could benefit their university! If you haven't managed to do anything, then why not volunteer one week at a homeless shelter, or go observe at a GP surgery, or volunteer at a primary school. Universities just love students who have put themselves out in the community, or who have sporting or musical achievements. It means that you will probably do the same for them, making their university look good!


I am a competitive swimmer and have swum at the county, regional, national and international levels. In 2006 and 2007 I represented England in the WISE Schools International and was English Schools Champion in the 100m Butterfly. I was also selected to compete in the UK Schools Games and I am currently ranked 6th in England for the 100m Butterfly in my age group. To achieve this, a rigorous training regime of sixteen hours per week is required. This results in my having much less time to study, so I have developed strong organisational skills and the ability to manage my time in a very economical fashion. This ability has allowed me to achieve success both academically and in the swimming pool, and participating in a competitive atmosphere has fostered in me a determination quite different from that which results from academic competition, but not by any means less potent. I help coach young children at my local football club, where I teach them essential football skills and help develop their self-esteem, awareness and communication skills. I am also a qualified football referee. At my sixth form, I was a member of 'TeamQE'. This meant that I had responsibilities which included assisting at open days, integration of new students and generally helping the school with public events.


The last paragraph and closing sentence should reinforce everything you have said in your personal statement, and should show exactly why you are a perfect candidate to study that particular degree!

Good luck!

As For Me

Currently, I am taking a gap year, in which I will travel and experience different traditions and cultures around the world and also, I hope, gain an insight into how the healthcare systems of other, non-Westernised countries differ to that of the United Kingdom's.

Once a week I help care for an elderly man with Motor Neurone disease who has lost the use of his arms. I perform paperwork for him, help him move about the house as well as other general tasks he cannot perform himself. I have also recently completed work experience at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, where I shadowed a team of doctors working in the gastroenterology department and the Acute Assessment Unit. These experiences have helped me confirm to myself that clinical healthcare is the career path for me, as they have both reinforced my innate altruistic nature; I believe qualities such as altruism and its many derivatives to be vital to anyone wishing to start a career in healthcare, and this is why I believe I am by my very nature an ideal candidate for a degree in Chiropractic.


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