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Expanding on the Hollow Earth Theory

Updated on October 11, 2019
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As a very qualified researcher, I have been working to disprove the Flat Earth Theory, but I have found out so much more than I thought...

Recap of What was Learned Last Time

If you want the full story, please check out my original article. If you don't have time, here's the summary.

The Earth was, until 65 million years ago, flat. On one side of the planet, dinosaurs existed, but on the other, mammals evolved and eventually became the humans we are now. Then the asteroid hits, the Earth wraps around the asteroid, forming the planet and core respectively. Mammals are on the outside, dinosaurs still survive on the inside.

All caught up? Good. Let's get into more science.

What Exactly was the Asteroid?

There are a thousand different probabilities as to what the asteroid actually was. One of the most commonly accepted lies is that it was just a hunk of space rock that happened to hit the Earth with enough force to destroy all of life as it was known. Here's the thing though, according to Sir Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion, an object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an external force. Likewise, an object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by said external force.

On Earth, we have gravity and air molecules that act as these external forces, however, in space there is no such luck. Unless this asteroid was pushed by something, there is no feasable reason that it was put into motion. So, either some unfathomably gigantic alien threw this asteroid across space, or, there is a much more biblical explaination.

As we have learned from media and stories, the Asgardians, the Olympians and the Egyptian dieties all come from different planets (Asgard, etc). Keeping that in mind, it is not too farfetched to think that it is possible that Jehovah and the concept of Heaven might exist as another planet, far away from our own. If Odin has a planet, why can't Jehovah? So, what does this have to do with anything? Why bring religion into this?

For those that read the bible, or know of the bible, or pretty much have any concept of the biblical devil, we know that Beelzebub (Lucifer, Satan, etc) was cast out of Heaven for trying to set himself up as the new god. In being cast out, he ended up on Earth, as a serpent in the Garden of Eden. Now, that's all well and good, but if an angel from Heaven, keeping the idea that Heaven is a planet, is cast out and ends up on Earth, it can be argued that he was thrown with magic, or more likely, sent off in a space craft. As Beelzebub's craft went careening through space, it is very likely that it hit rocks, asteroids, debris, ect, and with the speed and force that it would have had to be moving with, it is entirely possible that the craft superheated to the point that extraterrestrial debris began to fuse to the hull. Which brings us to Earth.

The Impact and the Aftermath

After a few millenia of shooting through space, Beelzebub's ship, now covered in thousands of tons of metal and space rock, crashes into the flat Earth. The crust wraps around it, the majority of dinosaurs are killed off, yadda yadda yadda. SO, we are now given this massive center to our Earth, which is surrounded by an atmosphere more closly akin to what was seen in the days of the dinosaurs. There is a much higher oxygen content, which of course leads to larger animals, but due to the heavy gravity, there is also a much higher amount of pressure, just as there is at the bottom of the ocean.

In this enormous pressure and high-volume oxygen atmosphere, there are not only species of dinosaurs that survived the impact, there are dinosaurs that thrived. The population below our feet has continued to grow and evolve, just like the primates and humans did on the surface. We now have a race of highly evolved, intelligent creatures that can survive immense pressure and oxygen levels that would kill the average human. There are arguements that I have been given before, which try to debunk my theories. How are there birds, if dinosaurs are supposed to have evolved into them? Why are there reptiles on this side, including ones that have been around for millions of years?

To that my answer is simple. The oceans. There are parts of the ocean that are so deep that our equipment were unable to explore until very recently, going down over 10 kilometers. Here's the thing about that, had we been able to go down that far millions of years ago, there would likely have been a very different landscape. The same techtonic activity that creates mountains and valleys would have closed off any openings that link the two worlds. It is entirely possible that the ancestors of our modern birds and reptiles found their way through these rifts under the oceans to our side of the crust. While it can be argued that the pressure would kill anything that tried to make a journey like that, we have no way of knowing how deep the oceans on our flat Earth would have been. It's possible that the ocean, in those days, was only a few meters deep, and was therefore easy to reach the bottom to wait out any catacalysm that would cause mass extintion.

With these powerful swimmers, birds and reptiles eventually evolved into the familiar creatures we have today. But what about the creatures still below?

What Lies Beneath?

Creatures that live in the deep parts of the ocean thrive under immense pressures. That changes, however, when they are brought to the surface. The blobfish's jelly-like appearance only happens when they are brought to the surface and their tissues are torn apart by the rapid change in the pressure around them. With how large and dense dinosaur bones are, I think it can be argued that they were necessary to survive the massive pressures within the "mantle" of our planet. I theorize, if mankind were somehow able to drill down far enough to find the subterranean world of the dinosaurs, and were able to bring one back to the surface, the dinosaur's body would react in much the same way as the blobfish. Since these beasts are so used to the dense air below, bringing them to our world would be potentially fatal, and at the very least, permanently damaging, which is why scientists have never attempted to drill that far down.

But what of Beelzebub and his ship? What happened to that when the collision occured? Well, as I mentioned, the core of our planet would be the mass of the ship and the fused space debris. But, as Beelzebub was seen on Earth (according to the biblical record), I do believe that just before the collision, Beelzebub was thrown from the ship, and managed to survive in the void of space, just outside of the Earth's atmosphere. There, he bided his time until the cataclysm had calmed down, and eventually landed, and waited for intelligent life to come across him.


Look, I'm no scientist, but I think it deserves to be looked into by people much more qualified than I am to see about this secret layer that the dinosaurs may be in.


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