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Explaining human anatomy as a basic medical science

Updated on February 14, 2011

Human anatomy is a essential medical science that is about the study of morphology of human body. It deals entirely with the structure of human body and not a thing else. The term “anatomy” is derived from the Greek word “anatome”, which means “cutting up”. In medical area, the term “dissection” is ordinarily used for the process of cutting dead bodies to study inner parts. This means that dissection is equivalent to the Greek word “anatome”, however, dissection is not equivalent to anatomy. Anatomy is a vast discipline of study and dissection is a simple technique, which is a part of this huge field.

Human anatomy forms firm basis of the complete art of medicine. It highlights the larger portion of medical terminology to students and elaborates the theater in which all measures happen. With no the information of human anatomy, it is virtually unattainable to address various disorders of human body and consequently I should be correct in saying that it is out of the question to develop into a Doctor with no the awareness of human anatomy.

Human anatomy is not merely essential for medical authorities but also for all kind of science students. Everyone should certainly know the structure of his own body and the arrangement of different organs inside the body. It is required to keep a healthy existence that you have an adequate amount of information of yourself.

For the purpose of study, human anatomy is divided into three key subdivisions. The division is carried out to make the process of studying easy. Because of the huge range of depth in the field, it is virtually impossible to secure different types of information at the same time. It is the identical reason for which the study of structure (Anatomy) is segregated from the study of function (Physiology). The major subdivisions of human anatomy are: Gross anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy and Basic anatomy.


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