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Expose the secret of the Bermuda triangle

Updated on April 7, 2016

For decades, the Bermuda triangle is one of the biggest mysteries of humanity, with a myriad of theories put forth to explain the phenomenon of bulk vessels and aircraft missing not to leave traces in the sea. Bermuda became an endless source of inspiration for writers and filmmakers with a myriad of books and film on the subject.

In 1974, Charles Berlitz publishing the book "the Bermuda triangle" and hypothesized to be the most convincing of the secrets of this magical waters. Berlitz that triggers the culprit of the accident aircraft, ships in Bermuda is the ancient city of Atlantis was sunk deep under the seabed.

In his book, Berlitz said that Atlantis is an immensely powerful Empire and perfect existence more than 11 thousand years ago. However a strong earthquake has hit the island sinks to the bottom of the deep sea, and where it is located is the Bermuda waters today.

Berlitz believes that the ancient city of Atlantis ever used a powerful energy source especially energy to survive. Main source of energy emitted from the remnants of Atlantis caused perturbation of electronic equipment on ships and aircraft meant this means loss of control and crashed.

To prove his theory, Berlitz said in 1970, a diver has found a special pyramid located deep beneath the Atlantic seabed in the waters around the Bahamas, near the Bermuda triangle.

Some people also pointed out that the large rocks near the coast of the island of Bimini is shaped very much like a sea port, and this is exactly where the Atlantis Welcome shipping back.

While the hypothesis of Berlitz makes a lot of people curious and attracted no less ink paper of the press, a reporter named Larry Kusche has left plenty of time to explore the research hypotheses about the Bermuda triangle, and he gave a shocking conclusion: disappearances on the waters of Bermuda is no mystery , and the so-called "Bermuda triangle" is just the product of the human imagination.

In the book "secret decoder Bermuda triangle", Kusche stressed that most of the authors when referring to this topic have ignored a factor of utmost importance, it is himself quit the effort to investigate. They mostly just collecting information from other people's stories, and interpret the information that according to his understanding.

Kusche also confirms the hypothesis about the Bermuda triangle of Charles Berlitz is rife with errors and inconsistencies and the lack of scientific reasoning. In other words, the Bermuda triangle is just the spin from the mistakes of Berlitz, by the study of his arbitrary to the extent that "If Berlitz says that the Red ship, the vessel which has the other color is almost certainly".

According to Kusche, lots of service ships and aircraft is missing in the sea never recorded in any document, they only exist in the imagination of Berlitz. Also with disappearances that Berlitz and other writers are deliberately ignoring the fact that they are mainly "disappearance" of the big storms, or shipwrecks in place far outside the Bermuda triangle.

In addition, there is an important but often overlooked, which is the Bermuda triangle is where a lot of ships through the back, so the ratio of the shipwrecks in the sea of traffic crowded the area superior to the few vehicles through the back as in the South Pacific is the thing of course.

Many analysts and historians also have the same opinion with Kusche. Mr. John Reilly, historian in the United States Naval Academy historian, said: "this region has a lot of vessels through the bustling again since the Europeans to the discovery of the Americas. So the many ships and aircraft in distress in the sea that also does what no other number of horrible accident on a major highway in New Jersey ".

When asked about the Bermuda triangle, Commander a. l. Russell in U.s. Coast Guard answered: "according to our experience, the combination of the power of nature with the unpredictable errors are of remarkable people than fantasy stories".

The waters of the Bermuda triangle has a number of characteristics about the very unusual terrain.The bottom of the sea that has the deepest underground crevices in the world, and the ships were wrecked if falling down the rift will lie very deep under the ocean floor. In large part this waters have 5791 meters depth, however the southern triangle corner near the fissure Puerto Rico, deep sea bottom to 8229 meters.

Along the continental margin in the Americas has numerous shallow Reef and extremely dangerous.The U.s. Coast Guard said the water flow when going through the reef forms the Vortex contains a lot of risk to boats.

Usually no one witnesses the accident in the sea, so the exact cause and location of this tragedy still could not be determined. There is however a fact that there are many small-sized yachts between Florida and the Bahamas, and people who go on this media is generally not fully amateur people skills as well as awareness of the uncertainties in the sea, leading to the accident rate in this area is often very high.

According to the report of the Committee of the United States national transportation safety, a lot of accidents in the waters of Bermuda is due to technical problems of the media. Such service a Cessna aircraft crashed near Great Abaco island in the waters of the islands of the Bahamas today 13/7/2003 is due to the broken engine at flying. If none of the victims survive, surely people will claim that the plane was missing was due to "the Bermuda triangle".

Another factor also plays a role not least in the accident in the Bermuda triangle is extremely powerful Gulf currents flow cut across the area. This fast-flowing currents and chaotic that it can quickly obliterate all traces of a crash. Confirm shipping, aircraft and the bodies of the victims may be washed only momentarily and buried the bottom waters.


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