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Expressions from a Soul

Updated on September 8, 2013
The bridge to infinity? from E8 Album HQR Initiative
The bridge to infinity? from E8 Album HQR Initiative
Release from Ghost of a Flea Source:
Release from Ghost of a Flea Source:
Love is from cry2207 Source:
Love is from cry2207 Source:
Release Yourself from the coldwhisper Source:
Release Yourself from the coldwhisper Source:
A Floating Feather in the Waves of Life from Lutfi Shedraway
A Floating Feather in the Waves of Life from Lutfi Shedraway

Expressions from a Soul

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Dreams are not simply the remnant waste of incomplete thought they are the ever-yearning expression of a free soul, taken flight by recognizing itself. The manifest possibility of expression is a soul’s want for nurturing, for the encompassing of infinite thought. While minds dream within the cell walls of limitation, souls imbibe the universe to see what more can be and to fathom what could be.

Thoughts so trite and wasted hover around life, blurring the beauty of a sun’s awakening, a moons somber observance and the whispers of nature in realization We judge what we see not what we could understand, ignore what could save us and bury ourselves deep in the sludge of the banal. The soul thirsts for simplicity, far beyond the mundane, far beyond even truth. The truth is simply the stage on which a soul projects its desires, in the most eloquent and simplistic way.

We float on a sea of life, tossed in the ravages of torrid strife, then at rest on a sheet of glass. But always life holds us in its arms, gives us dreams to muse, disappointments to understand and love to embrace. We are whole, embellished by the purpose of being, every opportunity at hand, within reach. It is only we who reject these gifts, ignore them or fear them in our humanity husk. The soul is vigilant, ever-present in our wakeful moments and decisions, hoping for an unencumbered step, a moment of realization, of enlightenment to give us the wings that are ours from the beginning.

Cycle of life from Jytte Jensen
Cycle of life from Jytte Jensen

Life is a circle, all reaches the end as a beginning and all begins with an ending. Our minds contrive to know life out of ignorance, a stance of human pride and illusion. Life is far more than our view of it and bids us to explore the heart, the passage to a soul. Life wants us to have whatever we desire; there are no limits only the ones we create. In love we open our hearts to life in an unlimited way in expectation of change. Then a soul’s will is released into consciousness and a universe waits in all its complexity for a mind in utter simplicity, to view possibility in an infinite manner.

The key is your love from Alexandra Szalai
The key is your love from Alexandra Szalai

Within the bounds of a loving heart exists a key without bounds, without even the inkling of thought. Here life simply ‘is’ and remains relentless in its anonymity of purpose and will. For if it were known, the key would be lost to the dull judgments of determination. Time and space are limits of thought, not of the heart. What ‘is’ underpins what we perceive, but in trying to quantify it, we lose connection.

The soul lives within the expressions of life, grows by the nurturing hand of selfless love and is given wings by freedom of the mind. Released, it is our true nature that learns to fly, to create boundless skies and miracles of understanding. Love beyond all else is the catalyst for change, for realization and the ultimate understanding of what we are, and what we can become.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks Gary, and yes I believe and understand about our capacity to heal and do many things. My thoughts are with you and your wife for a quick recovery. Take care.

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 

      6 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      Bravo again! Yes to the power and Light of the soul. As you know, I believe we are more spiritual than material. I also believe that we can connect with our soul and have it manifest healing in the body. Is that too bold? Maybe, but my Faith comforts me in times of great challenges. Peace to you my friend....Gary.


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