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The Summer Linguistic Camp: Teaching Methods and Approaches

Updated on August 22, 2018
Mykola profile image

Mykola has teaching experience in French and English for 35 years. He is interested in excursion as the method of teaching.


The general aim of the summer linguistic camp for teachers is ensuring of professional growth.

Tasks are as follows:

.1. Analysis and application for semantics of global processes in English, French and German;

.2. Development of creative thinking in team;

.3. Choice and approbation of the most optimal approaches and methods of extra-curricular works by means of foreign languages, as a cultural phenomenon.

.4. Forming of favorable climate in interpersonal relations;

.5. Preparations of informative materials due to analogues of classrooms, such as streets of the town Berdiansk, its monuments, parks, different buildings, sea-port, etc.

.6. Development of strategy of collaboration with pupils.

The general aim for pupils is to realize necessity of learning several foreign languages. Tasks are as follows:

.1. Growth of their cultural competency, its global, environmental aspect;

.2. Development of speech competency, learning of semantics of global processes in cognate languages;

.3. Forming of strategic competency as global, environmental consciousness, i.e greening of mind.

The Wild Goose as a Symbol of Free Communication

“The wild goose is more cosmopolitan than we; he breaks his fast in Canada, takes a luncheon in the Ohio, and plumes himself for the night in a southern bayou. Even the bison, to some extent, keeps pace with the seasons cropping the pastures of the Colorado only till a greener and sweeter grass awaits him by the Yellowstone. Yet we think that if rail fences are pulled down, and stone walls piled up on our farms, bounds are henceforth set to our lives and our fates decided". Henri David Thoreau

Telecommuting-the favourite video of campers, teachers and pupils

Future Learn of the BBC

Future Learn aims to help campers fulfill his potential in English-speaking world, by transforming access to education in summer time. There are online course categories such as : History, Languages and Cultures, Law, Literature, Health and Psychology etc. Thus, Internet oriented technologies correlate with Global and Cultural Approaches.

Sunflower as the Emblem of Campers, 2017

Excursion's Method

Our town-resort, with hope for the Blue Banner of Europe, permits using the excursion method of teaching. As humanitarian teachers, as science’s teachers apply it.

We propose to examine each method in detail for creating a new possible approach. Excursion, as a method, by means of it provides learning of social and natural phenomena.

Pointing to its versatile direction, the researchers choose its aspects as follows: 1. Journey - enrichment, spreading of pupil’s knowledge. Also, the possibility of integrated application. It requires the establishment of the correlative links with different subjects.
2. This contact provides perception of environment.

The Excursion to the Sea Port's Museum, summer 2017, Berdiansk

The Vessel's Gong

The Excursion to the Sea Port's Museum

Summary of the Video in English

In this video, the journalist Ye. Denisov (National Union of Journalists of Ukraine) was retelling about the port's history. Pupils met also with special maritime terms such as: Bill of lading, Certificate of Origin, Master's Receipt, Cargo Plan, etc.

Definition of Globalization

What Will Be Your Assessment of This Definition?

See results

Our camp, 2017

Assistance of Berdiansk Pedagogical University to the Summer Camp, 2018

The Ukrainian South as Viewed by Consuls of the British Empire

The book represents the history of relationships of Berdiansk with Great Britain and biographies of British Consuls in this port-city on the Sea of Azov. To a certain extent, the edition opens Berdiansk as a part of the Southern Ukraine to English-speaking readers who previously could only find scattered mentions this city. It includes reports of British Consuls in Berdiansk for 1858-1912 years.

Teachers and pupils in the linguistic camps willingly discuss this history in connection with understanding the modern process of globalization. This is a bright example of collaboration between secondary and high education in Berdiansk.

The Ecotourist Itinerary For the Successfull Synthesis of Two Methods.

The excursion may be under the title By the ecotourist itinerary to the globalization of the Sea of Azov”. It will be preceded by the preparatory works during the lessons in the second half-year.

The titles of block’s topics permit to add the elements of local country-guiding. Moreover, make to find local picturesque details. There are as “My city is ecocity, isn’t it?”, “The environment’s protection”, and “The European integration”, etc.
This search makes with the help of Internet, meeting with the local museums. The selected material in form of projects promote perception of concrete local images. Pupils formed the lexical basis in advance (a priori).

Pupils start understanding the world wider than their notions about it are. The destinies of men, of the animal’s and plant’s world, and spread all around the world, impress and stir the pupils. For example, this is our fellow townsman Waldemar Haffkine. He was the greatest philanthropist in Great Britain. In contrary, W. Haffkine was a little known in Russia of those times.

The students found the information about him at the local museum of regional studies. There are sources as “Evening News of India”, “Focus”, “Jewish chronicle”. To add Annual Reports of Haffkine Institute. At the local sanitary epidemic station they meet the magazine “the Soviet Land”. It was the visit of Indian doctors to Zaporizhia. The photo of the famous doctor’s bust finished this information. It erected near the Berdiansk’s Pedagogical University.

The links with English, French, and German- speaking worlds are in many foreshortened. Sometimes, they had been very intensive, even tragic, sometimes harmonious and friendly.

Berdiansk sea port seized the imagination of the students. Close to the port, the edifice of the military registration where in the wall the canon-ball had got stuck. That was a result of the bombardment by English, French, and Turkish squadron. The war happened in 1856, i.e. destructive moment. As the positive moment, this is “a breakwater” in English, “lame-brise” in French. The English engineer Hartley drew and built it in 1866.

“This week the newly-appointed English consul has come to Berdiansk”. Local historians instructors K. Bakhanov and I. Lyman describe it. Their book has a title “Berdiansk in the diaries of the titular counselor V.K. Krizhanovskiy”

Thus, the students collided with the global problems. The purpose of the teacher is to use the global questions through the lens of the local examples. These two methods convert into global and cultural approaches.

Using Resources of the Town Central Library in Extra-Curricular Arrangement about W. Haffkine

The lead specialist of Berdiansk Central Library Olena Bayeva organized for campers conversation about life of the famous bacteriologist Waldemar Haffkine. It paid attention to the knowledge of foreign languages in his medical career.

The Method of Art-therapy in Learning English. Campers Like It Very Much

The Camper Tells about the Role of Foreign Languages in the Life of W. Haffkine

Our camp, 2017


Our camp, 2017

The Northern Part of the Sea of Azov

Berdiansk, School №2, Summer Camp, 2016

Summer Camp, 2017, Awarding the Campers

Planning of Summer Language Camp

Hours per one day
Areas of Communication
the 1st
The listening comprehension in French language about the Sea of Azov
Translation in English, French, German of the articles concerning the life of the famous bacteriologist Waldemar Haffkine, the Berdyansk’s fellowtownman.
Walk from the school to the bust of W. Haffkine near the local PedagogicalUniversity. Practice in speech on this subject
the 2nd
Acquaintance with the map of the Sea of Azov. Using of the article with the geographical names
Aims and tasks of the international environmental fund “Let’s save the Sea of Azov”
Walk along the seacoast, information about the breakwater of the seaport, its history and functions, play darts, petanque
the 3d
Walk along the seacoast to Miller’s thumb’s monument
Listening comprehension of materials concerning of the sea-port of Berdyansk
Excursion to the local sea-port museum
the 4th
The rules of play the beach footey-volley.
Playing in the beach. Judging in foreign languages.
Commentary by English, German, French; to play darts, petanque
the 5th
The comparative analysis of resort-towns such as Berdyansk, Ukraine – Blackpool, Great Britain – Nice, France in the beach. Judging in foreign languages.
The environmental path to the furthest part of Berdyansk Spit
Acquaintance with the bed river of Berda. Ram Sara’s agreement
the 6th
Scythian Barrows (tumuli).The history of Southern Elephant and other relics. Play darts, petanque, tennis
Wall papers, fliers, ads.
Demostration videos.
the 7th
The quantity of hours is at will Excursion on foot which unites all itineraries previous days. The title of it is “The understanding of the globalization problems in the Azov region with the ecotourist itinerary”
the 8th
The quantity of hours is at will The voyage by the launch from the Berdyansk Sea port to the further part of Berdyansk’s Spit. The further acquaintance with the plant and animal world of the Sea of Azov
the 9th
The quantity of hours is at will The excursion to the Berdyansk’ branch of Azov scientific research Institute of fish industry. The development of fish industry against a background of the Mediterranean Sea. Blue Plan of UNO. Species of fish in the Sea of Azov.
the 10th
The quantity of hours is at will The first hour. The Design of projects on the basis of excursion’s experience. Advertising board on Berdyansk as an international resort town.

Addition to the Planning in 2018

Hours per Days
Areas of Communication
Sport linguistic games. Darts. Practice with volunteer.
Meeting with representatives of Armenian Society
Speech practice with English-speaking volunteer
Foreing songs and linguistic games, practice with volunteer
Meeting with representatives of German Society
Excursion to the Berdiansk Museum of Artl
Championship in darts, practice with volunteer
Championship in darts
Meeting with representatives of Jewish Society
Championship in petanque, practice with volunteer
Championship in darts
Meeting with represetatives of Polish Society
1-3 hours
Festival dedicated to the achievements of Summer Linguistic Camp

The Potential of National or Ethnic Societies

As Berdiansk is multinational town, there are many ethnic societies in it. The most active among them are Jewish, German, Polish Societies. Recently, the Armenian and Italian societies were found. Teachers of foreign languages use their potential actively in linguistic camps. It develops the feeling of mutual understanding and friendship, motivates pupils for studying other languages.

A New Armenian Society

Polish Society

GoCamp in Berdiansk

Volunteers in Berdiansk continue to develop life skills, leadership qualities and values which the youth need for challenges of our time. They help pupils to overcome the language barrier. As a bright example there are activities of the volunteer from Canada, Nestor Petriv.

Nestor Petriv at the Gymnasium N3 of Berdiansk

For the 2018 campers the Berdiansk Museum of Art proposed series of lectures in English for the first time in the history of this establishment. Thanks to the lead specialist Victoria Kuptchinskaya pupils knew a lot of meaningful and original information about painting gallery in our town, Berdiansk. Moreover, pupils of the school N1 shared their impressions about the meaningful excursion.

Evaluation of Summer Camps

Do the Summer Linguistic Camps help in learning foreign languages?

See results

Assessing Report about Summer Linguistic Camp - Structure (For Teachers)

It consists of : Introduction, Main body, Final paragraph.

§-1 State the purpose and content of the report.

§ -2,3,4 -General information of the place (location, facilities, activities);

- Present each point in detail under suitable subheadings ;

- Give positive and negative points;

- Join the positive and negative comments using linking words:

However, nevertheless, on the other hand, in contrast.

§-5 (final paragraph) -Summarize the information from the main body;

-State your general assessment and | or recommendation.

Compare Berdiansk, Ukrainian Resort-town, with Blackpool, British Resort town, and write the Article (Task for Campers, after Finishing Camp's Activities),

General structure of the article:

Give your article a heading or headline which makes the subject clear and also catches the reader's attention.

Divide the article into paragraphs to help the reader follow the argument. Begin with an interesting introduction -an example, perhaps, or a question.

End with an overall comment or concluding

As an example, read National Geographic, January, 1998, Bill Bryson, Blackpool, England.

Algorhythm of Activities in Summer Linguistic Camp

Analogues of classrooms
Educational Establishments
Teaching methods and approaches
Berdiansk Art Museum
Berdiansk Department of Education
Cultural approach and situational method
Berdiansk Central Library
Secondary schools of Berdiansk
Cultural approach
Sea-port Museum
Berdiansk State Pedagogical University
Global approach, Internet oriented technologies
Berdiansk Spit
Activities of GoCamp
Excursion and situational methods
The Azov Sea Coast
Excursion and situational methods
Jewish, Polish, German Societies
Cultural and global approaches


Extra-curricular works may have certain advantages before the indoor lessons.

This is a possibility to use the situation's method in determined phase of studying. Among other effective methods are art-therapy one and method oriented to Internet technologies. Moreover, the searching of extra- curricular works, not limited by school programs continues. This search requires new tools including modern changes. It says about cultural and global approaches. They promote successful advertisement of programs Future Learn, BBC and GoCamp.

For students in summer camp, there is possibility to use the knowledge from different subjects. They can do it in form of integrated studies of some unique phenomenon. It may be the phenomenon of society, nature, or person in real circumstances. Extra-curricular works need preparations through the lens of local materials. This is because our school is at the coast of the Sea of Azov, the most beautiful sea in the world.

Global Approach in Teaching Foreign Languages

“Think globally and act locally” is the emerging dynamic of the new global citizen participant-observer. Teaching policy is emphasizing this globalization trend and preparing participants to think in global context while acting primarily on local level using foreign languages

Cultural Approach in Foreign Languages Studies

The language-culture link is significant in Foreign Language education. Learning a foreign language becomes a kind of enculturation, where one acquires new cultural frames of reference and a new world view, reflecting those of the target language culture and its speakers. From learning a new language, FL learners experience a new world.

Berdiansk, the Sea Port

This article is a milestone in my extra-curricular works at the secondary school. In accordance with the planning in it I wrote a lot of English arrangements fo

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    • Mykola profile imageAUTHOR


      6 weeks ago from Ukraine

      This is my milestone article about extra-curricular works at the secondary school. In accordance with the planning here I wrote a series of arrangements for the summer camp. Yours.


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