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Discover how the extraterrestrials conceal their planets

Updated on April 5, 2016

Discover how the extraterrestrials conceal their planets

  • A team of astronomers Americans has shown that advanced civilizations extraterrestrials can remain invisible to our telescopes, thanks to a laser system that hides partially or completely your planet, according to an article accepted for publication in the journal "Monthly Notices of the Royal Astonomical Society'.

In recent years the Kepler space telescope and the spectrograph harps, among others, have discovered thousands of exoplanets, some of them are within the area where you might have life and even are similar to the earth. However, so far has not found any evidence of the existence of alien civilizations in none of those planets...

The researchers David Kipping, Harvard University, and Alex Teachey, of the University of Columbia (USA), argue that the failures in the search of advanced civilizations in the universe must be to the aliens simply do not want to come into contact with humans and hide their presence making your planet invisible to our instruments of search for extraterrestrial life...

According to the authors of this work, the advanced civilizations used a powerful laser system, whose "enceguece lighting" to Kepler and other telescopes. Furthermore, scientists believe that the aliens also used lasers of lower power to "erase" traces of the presence of microbes, organic matter and other signs of life in the spectrum of their planet, thus discouraging the earthlings or other potential alien invaders in the interest in your home...


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