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Stuttering / Stammering Treatment for Speech Fluency

Updated on January 7, 2014

Identifying Stuttering Problems

Stuttering / stammering affects the fluency of speech where the normal speech flow is interrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, words, syllables and phrases. Blocks in the attempts to make sounds are common and often the harder the stammerer tries to utter a word, the more difficult it is. Dysfluency is not necessarily a problem, but when a person produces too many and communication is hampered, then speech is impaired. The bulk of the stuttering problems are hidden from listeners. Stuttering has been likened to an iceberg, in that the stutter is only the 10% that you can see ... with 90% of the effects of stammering being hidden below the surface. People associating with PWS (people who stutter) are generally unaware of what is going on inside that person. Stuttering problems are more than just the audible dysfluencies. There are also the negative emotional and behavioural effects bubbling within.

Stuttering is not a disease and therefore cannot be cured.

It is a condition that, with the help of treatment, can be successfully controlled.

Verbal communication is a vital part of our daily lives. To PWS the pressure is always there in speaking situations. The amount of pressure depends on the individual. A person might have a slight stutter, but is profoundly anxious about speaking. On the other hand, a person with a severe stutter may not be as worried. Every person is different. Concern over different speaking activities varies also. To some, the thought of using the phone is terrifying. Others may be daunted by reading aloud in public. The impact of stuttering on our emotional wellbeing can be severe. Many people who stutter feel ashamed and fearful of what others may think. In extreme instances, social phobia can develop - all social situations are avoided.

As people move from adolescence to adulthood, often the pressure of working and providing for a family constitutes greater responsibilities. Controlled verbal communication is a valuable tool. At this time of life, the stress caused by trying to cope with a stutter can warrant serious attention. Stuttering is a complex issue composed of many different elements. We have many negative feelings and emotions, strange behaviours and misconceptions that affect every aspect of our lives. These different elements interact with speech, reinforce dysfluencies and play havoc with efforts to become fluent. Stuttering obviously cannot be effectively eliminated to any degree if these hidden aspects are ignored. Effective stuttering speech therapy should consider the individual as a whole. Stuttering is not a disease and therefore cannot be cured. It is a condition that, with the help of evidence-based treatment, can be successfully controlled.

Ezy-Speech is a comprehensive, in-home stuttering therapy program offering fluency and cognitive training for adolescents and adults. It is a successful collaboration between recovering stutterers and specialist clinicians. My name is David Edwards and I am a recovering stutterer. I am one of the directors of Ezy-Speech. This technique has been developed over the last 10 years and is based on the foundations of Prolonged Speech. I highly recommend this stuttering therapy program as I am living proof of its efficacy. I control my stutter by using the technique whenever I speak. Ezy-Speech enhances the Prolonged Speech method through a holistic and more natural approach, using breathing technique and dealing with the psychological issues associated with stuttering. It is targeted towards the whole person, not just the physical symptoms. This innovative DVD-based program offers a support-for-life treatment package, maintenance system and worldwide support network. It is your choice whether you become an active member of this network. Once you purchase the intensive DVD course, it is totally up to you as to how you adapt the Ezy-Speech program into your life. As a participant, you will take part in the most complete speech fluency program ever offered over the web.

Ezy-Speech Stuttering Therapy_Before & After Video

How has stuttering / stammering affected your life?

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    • EzySpeech profile image

      EzySpeech 3 years ago

      Stuttering initially hindered me and caused me to think negatively about life in general. The dread I felt toward speaking motivated me to seek out effective treatment. I found therapy in the form of Prolonged Speech known in Australia as 'Smooth Speech'. After procrastinating for two years with not using technique, I finally discovered that the only thing that would allow me to be successful with my fluency technique was ME. Since then I've incorporated fluent speech in all aspects of my life. Over the last ten years I have been involved in the development of Ezy-Speech, a stuttering / stammering treatment program aimed at helping adolescent and adult stutterers worldwide. The group involved in Ezy-Speech include two recovering stutterers, a speech pathologist and a psychologist. Ezy-Speech is an innovative program offering solid science-based therapy, cognitive training and online support, all in the comfort of your own home.