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Updated on July 6, 2016
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

Is there something out there on our doorstep?

Day after day...night after night

Does anybody ever think about the seemingly changing appearances in the skies above each day, and the colours of the night skies? The variances and brightness of the sun and the clouds? The polar white cumulous clouds, and the creamy, yellowy clouds seen all too often within a vast expanse of the horizon, a colourful mixture of clouds akin to both daytime and evening time but early in the day?

The most beautiful of scarlet red sunsets each day unusual in themselves when you consider that most of the time the sun cannot be seen, and of course these scarlet red colours take up most of the night horizon, which also seems to be at different positions on the compass?

I always thought that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? Funnily I have noticed a slight movement in the positioning of the setting sun on both a digital compass and a normal compass if you accept the description as such. I have noticed quite a lot that there are " Light spots" that you would assume is the sun when behind the clouds, however, I cannot fathom the fact that there are almost always "TWO" Light sources in the sky which are far apart and I was wondering if indeed could this be possible? Could a source light up the clouds on both sides of the horizon at different angles?

Could the sun be capable of when setting in its usual way light up the whole of the horizon to the points on say WEST, NORTH and SOUTH at the same time, and in the usual deep red colours I have become accustomed to no matter whatever the weather during the day. I think back to years gone by when I was a teenager, and the beautiful orangey sunsets which followed a gloriously sunny day, was the "norm" now its different, but still beautiful in it's own way.

It would seem that the weather is changing and changing rapidly, as is the positioning of the sun throughout the day. Has it changed for you? Is it lower or higher in the sky at certain times in the day? Of course it is! But is it right or wrong? Is it imagination or reality?

Into the coming weeks / months

APPARENTLY ....something is about to show up by August / September so if it is correct, then nothing can be hidden away any longer, its going to be interesting to say the least when it becomes visible to all in the sky, along with it's mini planetary system and debris and dust. Someone somewhere has to deal with this God forbidden entity coming towards us, in the way of advice and what to do in what expanse of time. Well another way of looking at it is this : If indeed all the somewhat muted hype about this multi named object/s became more and more pronounced (as it is in certain quarters ) social media and other sites not mentioned, then people could be more aware and accepting. Most of humanity would prepare for whatever happens with their loved ones and cherished friends, close by, it would seem a tragic and unethical way of allowing such to befall us all without being given prior knowledge, at some time rather than never. It is interesting that there are " New planets and things" being found out in space more so than ever? Maybe our universe is changing, or is about to change somewhat soon? I certainly hope that I can wish my elderly Father a happy birthday this 23rd September It will be a big bear hug! Well it should be, it could be the last one he ever gets from me, of course I wanna see my children (who are grown up) marry and have kids etc....I try to remain hopeful....its just that daily reminder towards evening time that rekindles my fears.

Anyway! .. Onwards and upwards...


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