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FInding Inspiration for Writing Online

Updated on June 3, 2015

Hand Writing

Writing | Source

The Act of Writing

Very often, we are unable to put our ideas on paper when wanting to write a piece of our art. It may be that our mind occupies an issue that is different from the act of writing. This happens very often and is normal in all cases; however, we can resume the task of writing if we search for writing resources for inspiration online.

Searching the Internet

Internet | Source

Inspiration Online

At some time or another, loosing inspiration and feeling unable to write something can happen to anyone, the mind is blocked and needs some help to resume the task of writing. To get out from this state, you need only to take the right path on the road. If your writing embarks only one subject of specialization, you should just search inspiration in that range of inspiration.

There are some writers who in their range of expertise, they include various areas of knowledge; they have an ample range for inspiration. This do not exclude them from having writers block.

Both, those who write within a few areas of knowledge as those who have an ample range from where to develop their writing, can benefit from finding ideas for inspiration online.

Yahoo | Source

Writer´s Block

How often do you Suffer from Writiers Block?

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Forums can help us finding topics for writing at a specific topic. Questions are asked on a daily basis and they range from about everything you can imagine. If you only want to find topics of inspiration in your own range, then you can search for that topic in a forum. Sometimes a question can be as simple as, ¨how do you write the symbol at in a mac.¨ for those who use this kind of computers the answer is very simple; from this simple question, you could write an article about how to simplify your writing using the short cuts on a computer…


Painting | Source

Art Sites

For those who find lots of inspiration from looking at art, there are many attractive art sites. Some good painting can arouse the art savvy within you and help you extract the most hidden ideas from it. Since I´m a nature lover, I have found lots of inspiration from nature paintings. However, if you are an astronomy, technology or ocean, fan, you can find inspiration from the art of painting, as well.

Instant Messaging

Skype | Source

Inspiration from Conversations

It is very common to engage in conversations in which many ideas are interchanged. Talking to friends or estrangers can be a source of inspiration. Usually people will tend to talk about daily events, such as weather, money trends, work, school, but if you get deep into a person´s mind, you can end up with a good argument for your next piece of writing.

Blogger | Source


Blogs can inspire many ideas. There are people who write blogs one daily basis. Subscribing to one of your favorite blogs through a feed reader can keep you up to date with what a blogger is writing and inspire you with ideas for an article.

Videos Online

YouTube | Source

YouTube Videos

Watching videos on YouTube can help you increase your knowledge in a given area, but it can also help you brainstorm ideas for your next chunk of writing. Either, science, languages, nutrition, paranormal phenomena, space, oceanography, etc. you can find about any kind of this videos on YouTube. You can even find funny videos, which although some seem ridiculous, they can arouse some ideas, as well.


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