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FNP Career Development

Updated on April 10, 2018

FNP Career Development

FNP Career Development

I am a Telemetry Nurse. A telemetry nurse monitors vital signs of a patient using an electrocardiogram or any other life-sign indicating device. Thus, a telemetry nurse will provide care to patients with heart failure, gastrointestinal diseases and other acute diagnoses (White, Brown & Fry, 2018). With this kind of work, telemetry nurses work in hospital settings. The telemetry nursing comes with opportunities and challenges like any other nursing specialization. For the last three years, I have served in this position, telemetry nursing, at two hospitals in California. I have confronted challenges that sometimes I felt a little training could enhance my reaction and delivery in future. Like any other dedicated medical practitioner, I have decided to develop my career further by enrolling for Family Nursing Practitioner course.
Reasons for the Switch
Against this background, there are several reasons to switch to the Family Nursing Practitioner direction. First, nurses must further their education so that they remain updated on new and better medical advancements. A well-educated nurse can mean the difference between a patient’s life and death. Furthering up education will also open up new career opportunities for a nurse (Hain & Fleck, 2014). For instance, a nurse can move from a hospital job into research. Additionally, a degree will offer a nurse an opportunity to specialize as a nurse practitioner. Equally important is that an extra qualification can enhance the decision making and critical care skills of a nurse. From all these improvements, a nurse who has developed her career is eligible for senior nursing positions such as director of nursing or a nurse unit manager.
What Career Development Entails
Correspondingly, I have gone ahead to search and read about what continuing professional development entails. I found out that active continuing professional development requires a student to keep a practice journal, act as a mentor or tutor, participate in committees for improvement of quality care, and undertake supervised practices for development of skills among others (Nyirati, Denham, Raffle & Ware, 2012). Active continuing professional development will also push a student to write professional material for publication such as journal articles and books. Part of activities of active continuing professional requires a student to develop guidelines and protocols. Most importantly, active continuing professional will need one to attend or present lectures, conferences or seminars (Poronsky, 2013). Contributing to research is also one of the expectations when engaging in active continuing professional development.
Additionally, nurses engaged in active continuing professional development are expected to keep evidence of their career professional development learning. Nurses may also be expected to submit a declaration that they have fulfilled their career development hours (Hain & Fleck, 2014). There might be a need for nurses to submit evidence of their continuing professional development for the last three years if they are randomly picked for an audit. The criticality of minimum clinical learning hours is that it a means to ensure that burses build on their clinical skills (Poronsky, 2013). Nurses who complete their learning hours are eligible for being awarded a certificate of completion. In this context, clinical learning directly involves patients and their problems which help the students to get as much clinical exposure as possible (Nyirati, Denham, Raffle & Ware, 2012). The students’ can then build their confidence and understanding of physical examinations, history taking, decision making, clinical reasoning, and professionalism.
The desire to grow my skills and also take up more challenging assignments motivated me to depart from telemetry direction and enroll for a family nursing practitioner. I hope to complete and become eligible for national certification. Most of family nursing practitioner programs are designed to satisfy the threshold demands for certification in the family nursing practitioner. Most states demand national certification for family nursing practitioner licensure. Most importantly, I hope to improve and develop decision-making skills, knowledge base, experience, network, leadership skills, cultural competence and holistic care understanding. The biggest motivation is to improve the areas of interest mentioned above. I look forward to becoming a certified family national practitioner.


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