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Updated on May 6, 2011


 Anyone who has never experienced a panic attack in the true sense will have no understanding of anything here. Those who do will identify their own area of concern and may find this of help and assistance. I had no idea of true panic attacks till I  was almost 30 years of age but it took me the next 20 years to overcome my personal gremlins, which as I shall reveal later, are by no means uncommon.


I have never had this problem, but having cleared my own specific problem area ,I can empathise with those who experience such general concerns. For the record I suffer from vertigo and claustrophobia alike, so my regime teaches me to avoid putting myself in such positions, save for the one specific area that caused me grief for over 20 years and which we will address later. Fear of open spaces, spiders, snakes, fire, water etc are just the tip of the panic icebergs that afflict people in different ways and which, unaddressed will restrict at the very least, a person"s life. They can be dealt with.


So we arrive at my personal dark hole. I was never the happiest of people getting on a plane and usually one of the happiest getting off. I feared not flying at 35,000 feet, it was the last few to the floor that concerned me, if you follow my drift.Then I was actually in an airliner that crashed. I say crashed but that is to over egg the pudding, for we actually aqua planed off the runway landing at Montreal and waltzed all over the grass at the end of the runway. Frightening while it lasted I promise you. My problem was to get from there to London and without that and the assistance of top care from the airline involved I am sure I would never have flown again.

However as my sons grew it was of course key that I conquered the fears to ensure that holidays, for example could be taken abroad. I cannot explain detail the agonies I went through prior to the holiday times looming, nor the total panic on take off that I could not control alone.This went on for, as I said earlier, the best part of 20 years. I flew. I suffered.A mixture of self pragmatism and more regular flights eventually enabled me to deal with my problem and I now actually enjoy the experience.My own trial and error method eventually paid off but after such a long time.


I actually taught myself without knowing it at the time, some of the core principles of avoiding attacks. I learned not to anticipate attacks and put behind me pre-event fears and memories of how previous attacks had felt.I eventually trained myself to dispel my fears of an attack taking place and learned to focus on positive things at key moments to avoid the mind having free reign to dive into the areas that trigger attacks.At the end of this piece, if you wish use the link below. I wish that this had been known to me all those panic filled years when alone I tried to discover a way to rid myself of those most horrid fears that truly did consume me. Trial and error is not a really effective way of learning things, hence the years I suffered. Knowing the principles earlier would, I am convinced have accelerated the process and thus provided me with much earlier release. If panic attacks in any form blight your life currently, I sympathise and wish you well and hope that, unlike me you may gain your release earlier, much earlier


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