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Wonders In My Head

Updated on September 6, 2011

Wandering confused around the sea,

I see you and you see me.

Although we come from foreign states,

We know that love is all it takes.

Seeing couples far and near

Gives me hope and yet brings fear.

What if something were to go wrong?

How would I tell myself to stand strong?

I look at the people through the moon's light.

There is trust and love and yet they're up-tight.

As I continue to walk down the path

I think to myself all the wonders I've had.

People are frightened of becoming too close.

For all that they know love could be a huge hoax.

Some give love a chance.

Some let it pass by.

I turn my head to the right and sigh.

It is time to go home.

I have made my choice.

To such feelings of heartache I cannot rejoice.


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