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What Influence Your Personality?

Updated on December 21, 2011

Factors that Influence your Personality

This hub title is listed under cognition or cognitive psychology because I believe the way people think and the things that influence people to think the way they do plays a major role in who they are, which (in a sense) assist in the shaping of personality.

Personality consists of three major facets in which may potentially contribute to a person’s personality development, which are, environmental influences, biological influences, and a person’s personal belief system. Environmental factors are any influences outside of a person’s body, and biological influences are the traits and characteristics in which a person inherited, whereas a person’s personal beliefs system is the things in which people chose to believe. However, to elaborate further, environmental factors consists of anything including a person’s surrounding community and affairs such as living in poverty, or in a wealthy community, the media (e.g., radio, television, the internet), the economy, and most importantly society (e.g., cultures, people, and groups of association). Correspondingly, biological influences are inevitable in a way because these traits and characteristics cannot be, dismissed (so to speak) but can however, be shaped as people grow, and as personalities develop. A person’s personal beliefs system allows an individual a sense of direction (so to speak) by relating and reflecting on personal wants or desires in association to the individuals perceptions and perspectives of or within the world. In addition to the three core factors in personality development, another strong factor in which influences personality are emotions, or the emotional state of a person during any given revelation within in a person’s personal beliefs system, or from any given influential environmental stipulation.

What do you think?


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    • profile image

      Ahmed 3 years ago

      i agree

    • profile image

      Nicki Minaj 4 years ago

      did u guys hear about jenni rivera

    • thieshajones profile image

      thieshajones 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Hi Kellyward, I agree and I also believe that from our perceptions and the meaningful connections that we form (good or bad) pave a way of assisting (in part) in shaping who we are.

      If we associate ourselves with and around others, their qualities or characteristics will either influence our own thoughts or perceptions or change some of our thoughts, views or perceptions of how we see things or various aspects of life and its essentials.

      Now, in contrary to this, you will also find people who are strong within their personal belief systems - the systems in which some people would rather hold fast to in aspirations of what he or she feel is right.

      Thank you and please continue to follow my post and share them with others.

    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      I believe the perceptions we have are most important in establishing meaningful connections.