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Facts About Adolf Hitler

Updated on April 26, 2016

17 Facts About Hitler by Face and The No Credits (Video)

17 Facts About Adolf Hitler

The following video is a little ditty called "17 Facts About Hitler" from my musical project Face and the No Credits. Even though the song is meant to be humorous (and intentionally bad) the facts contained in the song are true.

The following facts are based on excerpts from a 1942 secret document which was compiled by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It is good to note that some of the facts that are contained in the report are disputed and they may not be entirely accurate. That being said, it is interesting that a government would be interested in a dictator’s habits as it pertains to entertainment and mundane daily activities.

Of course Adolf Hitler's acts were pure evil, so the purpose of this is not to make light of his atrocities. Considering Hitler's peculiarities is fascinating on a purely sociological level.

We will now consider some highlights from those excerpts (which are partially mentioned in the video as well).

Office of Strategic Services (OSS)

The OSS was a US intelligence agency formed during World War II. It was formed with the intention of coordinating espionage activities behind enemy lines for the United States Armed Forces. It is consider a predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

1938 Photo of Adolf Hitler

Hitler had some definite peculiarities in connection with his personal appearance.
Hitler had some definite peculiarities in connection with his personal appearance. | Source

Hitler's Personal Appearance

Here are some details contained in the report dealing Hitler's personal appearance:

  • Hitler did not permit anyone to see him if he was bathing or naked
  • He did not use any cologne or scents on his body
  • In 1923, the Nazi press secretary tried to convince Hitler to get rid of his trademark mustache. Hitler responded: "Do not worry about my mustache. If it is not the fashion now, it will be later because I wear it!"
  • No matter how hot it was, Hitler refused to take off his coat in public

Hitler's Social Behavior

Here are some aspects of Hitler's social behavior that were contained in the report.

  • When Hitler would dine with others he would let the conversation to linger for hours, but would then interrupt with a flawlessy rehearsed and long monologue
  • Hitler's favorite topics included: "When I was a soldier," "When I was in Vienna," "When I was in prison,"
  • When Hitler begins speaking about the opera he would embark on long sermons until he lulled his audience to sleep

Photo of Carl Jung

Famous psychologist Carl Jung analyzed Hitler's handwriting in 1937.
Famous psychologist Carl Jung analyzed Hitler's handwriting in 1937. | Source

Hitler's Personal Habits

Here are some details in the report that pertain to Hitler's personal habits.

  • Famous psychologist Carl Jung made the following remark when he saw Hitler's handwriting in 1937: "Behind this handwriting I recognize the typical characteristics of a man with essentially feminine instinct."
  • Hitler had no interest in sports and his only exercise was the occasional walk
  • He frequently paced inside rooms, always whistling the same tune

Hitler's Entertainment Habits

Here are some details concerning Hitler's entertainment choices:

  • Hitler was a fan of American college football marches and Alma maters and to stir up the masses he made use of American College football-style music during his speeches
  • Hitler's rally cry of "Sieg Heil!" was patterned after the techniques used by American football cheerleaders
  • Hitler loved the circus, because he took pleasure in the fact that underpaid performers were risking their lives for his pleasure
  • He had no interest in wild animal acts, unless a woman was at risk
  • Nearly every night Hitler would watch foreign films that were banned to the German public in his private theatre
  • He especially loved comedies and would laugh merrily at Jewish comedians
  • He also liked a few Jewish singers, but would comment that it was unfortunate that they were not Aryan

Adolf Hitler Memorial Stone

Outside of Hitler's birthplace is a memorial stone with the inscription: "For peace freedom / and democracy / never again fascism / millions of dead remind us" It serves as a sombre reminder of the atrocities committed by Hitler.
Outside of Hitler's birthplace is a memorial stone with the inscription: "For peace freedom / and democracy / never again fascism / millions of dead remind us" It serves as a sombre reminder of the atrocities committed by Hitler. | Source

© 2012 CJ Baker


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