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Six Facts About Afghanistan That You Didn't Know

Updated on October 30, 2017

What do you know about Afghanistan?Most of the people will start with the war, but unlike what most of the foreigners think about Afghanistan, it has a rich culture, different food, artisans which makes it an interesting county.

Photographs from Afghanistan
Photographs from Afghanistan | Source

I have written six facts about Afghanistan that you may never have heard about, or the facts that Afghans must be known for, their culture, food, art and cultural heritage and who they really are.

1- We Don't Celebrate New Year on 1st January.

Afghans celebrate New Year on 21 April, the first day of spring, they call this day Nowruz, a pre-Islamic festival. Thousands of Afghans travel to Mazar e Sharif to participate in raising of Jhanda (flag raising at the city of Maza e Sharif as a symbol of the beginning of the new year), as a tradition for starting the new year. People also go for picnics far away from their cities.

As a tradition, they make Haft Mewa, (a kind of drink made of the mixture of seven type of dry fruits with water), Samanak (sweet pudding made from germinated wheat) and Haft Sen decorative table (table setting includes seven items starting with the letter S or Seen as seven symbols) at Nawroz.

Buzkashi Game
Buzkashi Game | Source

2- Buzkashi is Our National Game.

National game of Afghans is Buzkashi. The game involves rider of horseback competing to grab a goat carcass and gallop clear all others to drop it in the circle.

Afghans are having good achievements in other games also.

Afghan youths are having good achievements in football and cricket. In 2013 Afghanistan's national football team won the SAFF Championship. Also, Afghanistan’s National Cricket Team is among best teams in the world.On 7 January 2017, they have ranked 9th in international Twenty20 cricket games and became a full member of ICC.

Afghan clothing style
Afghan clothing style | Source

3- Afghan Clothes Are Much Different from What You Thought.

Afghan’s clothes are the most beautiful in the area.The design of a clothe in Afghanistan indicates an ethnic group or the place someone belongs to, but the overall structure of the clothes are the same between all Afghans. Man’s clothes are called Perahan-Tunban. They wear it with a turban and a coast.Women dresses are much sophisticated. Women dresses have elegant needlework with different colors which might be inspired by nature.

Women dresses are different from one area or tribe to another area. The difference in women’s dress is only in details of these clothes. Fancy dresses are detailed with gold beads special threading methods like gold threading (Zardozi) in different colors of silk fabrics. These elaborate dresses are worn to special occasions and weddings.

Most of the foreigners think Chadari (Burqa) is an Afghan tradition but it’s not true. The burqa is a late 18th-century costume, enforced by religious authorities.

4- Poetry is Everywhere in Afghanistan.

Poetry has always been important in Afghan societies. It’s hard to find a time in the history of Afghanistan when they didn’t have a famous poet. Even kings, politician and important figures were poets. like the founding father of Afghanistan Ahmad Sha Abdali and Timur Shah. This is why some tourists before war called Afghanistan the country of Poems and beautiful handicrafts.

Traditional education system is still a reality

Though 70 percent of Afghans didn’t attend any school, most of them receive religious education during childhood and teenage. Also, they know much about their country ‘s history through the transfer of information from one generation to other. It may amaze you that many of Afghans have sufficient knowledge of their countries’ history. Like how afghans defeated British to free their country.

Afghani Kabab (Kaba-e Teka)
Afghani Kabab (Kaba-e Teka) | Source

5- Afghan Foods are Much Diverse.

Foods have always been important for Afghans. Because Afghanistan was in way of Silk Road so they have many diverse types of food. Afghans best foods are Kabab, Qabuli, Mantu, Ash (Afghani pasta) and Ashak.

Afghanistan is famous for its Kabab. It is made of beef mixed with spices which makes it two times testy. The smell of Teka Kabab always attracts people.

Many Afghans like Mantu. Dumplings filled with onion and ground beef or lamb. Mantu is steamed and usually topped with a tomato-based sauce and a yogurt- or Qoroot-based sauce. The yogurt-based topping is usually a mixture of yogurt and garlic and split chickpeas. The Qoroot-based sauce is made of goat cheese and is also mixed with garlic; a Qoroot and yogurt mixture will sometimes be used. The dish is then topped with dried mint and corriander.

Afghani Foods- Mantu and Qabuli
Afghani Foods- Mantu and Qabuli | Source
Afghani handicraft - carpet
Afghani handicraft - carpet | Source

6- Afghans are Master in Handicraft.

Afghan handicraft always has been a symbol of Afghanistan. Carpets, rugs, jewelry, Pottery, Saddle bag, felt carpet, needlework, embroidery and other types of handicrafts are made in different parts of Afghanistan. Different tribes have their own specialty in making handicraft.

Carpet, rug, Jewelry, and pottery are Afghanistan's famous handicrafts. These handicrafts are sold with a high price in international markets like Dubai.

Estalefi Pottery
Estalefi Pottery | Source

Afghanistan Geography, History, Culture, and Religion.

How much do you know about Afghanistan's culture, art and food?

How much do you know about Afghanistan?

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      16 months ago

      Afghanistan is much different from what i thought.


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