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Facts about the Holocaust

Updated on May 26, 2012

One of the most horrific scenes in modern history is the photos, dialog, and witness stories about the German holocaust of the Jewish population. During the years, January 1933 to the end of World War 2 Hitler accosted the Jewish populations all across Europe. It is estimated that more than 6 million Jewish prisoners died during this time. However, the Jewish population was the one that caught the brunt of it there were many groups including gypsies, political refugees, and other dissidents.

There was a wide series of events that led Germany to elect Hitler to power. He officially becomes dictator on March 23, 1933 when he enabled an act of power that allowed him to be the supreme ruler. With all this new found power, he took the opportunity to create a sophisticated police and military force which he used to quiet any uprisings against him. The first concentration camp was then soon erected to place all the dissidents. The name of the first concentration camp was Dachau. It was located just outside of Munich. It was originally only for political protesters but soon developed into a fully fledged Nazi extermination camp.

By the end of the next year, 1934 Hitlers campaign of Jewish extermination was in full force. The propaganda started in the newspapers and soon became a viral spread of anti Semitic sentiments. There was talk of them not being part of the pure German race. The persecutions and arrest of people soon mounted into a life and death struggle to survive. Those that could fled the country to get away from the persecution. However, with Germanys growing obsession it would soon only be temporary safety for them.

One major meeting of government officials took place in the French town of Evian. They were there to discuss what to do with all the refugees that were fleeing Germany in droves. Members of 32 distinct nations assembled and tried to come to an agreement. However, no agreement was ever reached , and Hitler decided this meant that no one would subjugate him if he dealt with the Jewish problem in his own way.

The official start of world war two according to many scholars is when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. There in Poland Germany established the Jewish ghettos where the population could be separated from the rest of society. The conditions created in the ghettos were deplorable. Many people died as a result of disease, hunger and water deprivation.

One of the many places that scholars agree that is a major turning point in the war is when Germany decided to invade the Soviet Union. Germany was ready t o implement the final solution to the world’s problems with every county in the world. Systematically eliminating anyone they thought was undesirable. Most of the time people were lined up shot and thrown in a mass grave. However, this was not efficient enough, so death camps were established all over Europe to help eliminate those that Germany saw unfit to live.

At this point, Germany saw it fit to liquidate the opposition in as an efficient manner as possible. However, those that were still valuable or healthy were worked to death in the slave yards for the benefit of Germany’s war efforts. They had these slave camps all over Europe producing weapons, building, repairing and anything else that was deemed too dangerous for a German citizen to do.

The atrocities continued with these camps until the Soviet Union liberated the first concentration camp. The first concentration camp to be liberated was Maidanek. It was the first glimpse the world had of the rumored atrocities being committed by the Germans. Than in 1945 the first allies liberated Auschwitz concentration camp.

With all the numbers being thrown about there is never going to be a true death or survivor count of ww2 concentration camps. Some estimate millions others hundreds of millions of people. Either way these horrific accounts must never be repeated or forgotten.


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