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Failure is an opportunity to succeed

Updated on May 18, 2011

Failure is an opportunity to succeed

For several years I have been battling with the fear of failure & the more I feared, the more I faced obstacles, problems & failures. Fear of the future constantly nagged me leaving me discouraged & emotionally low. Life is all about learning & each day brings new insights, experiences & opportunities that one must not miss out on. With a sincere desire to succeed in life & a strong determination to rid myself of these fears, the giants in my life, I was able to put the past behind & confidently move ahead.

The popular saying "Failure is the stepping stone to success" flashed through my mind & I realised that there is no achievement without failure. From the numerous autobiographies I had read of great leaders, successful men & achievers it dawned on me that all of them had experienced failure. Inspired & encouraged by their success, I decided to make a conscious effort to accept responsibility for my failures & adopt a positive attitude.

Dwelling on the past is futile & a waste of time but learning from the past mistakes & failures is worthwhile. You must never fear failure but view it as an opportunity to succeed in life. When you stumble & fall, dont stay down but get up & have faith, hope, persistence & determination. Commit & trust your life to God & He will be with you every step of the way. Fearing the future is stressful as you stop living & enjoying the present. You miss out on life's opportunities by forecasting & worrying about things that may never happen or never exist. This leads to health problems & depression.

Life has ups & downs & you can rise above with a positve alttitude. It is important to set goals & focus on the solutions & not the problems. Never run away from problems but face them head on with confidence. Always focus on your strengths & not your weaknesses. Focus on your goals, your solutions & be committed to excellence & persistence to reach your goals. Fear, failure, discouragement, are products of negative thinking. But positive thinking will lead you to heights of success.

The mind is very powerful. You get what you think. So think BIG!. Think HAPPY thoughts! Be content & appreciate what you have. Be optimistic, accept the situation & make use of the God given resources & talents. Never quit. Sincere efforts & hard work always brings fruitful results. Release the past & make way for a wonderful future.

So whenever you face challenges , problems, failures in life, be grateful for the experience & look at it as an opportunity to turn it into success. Cheers!


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