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Fall Creek Falls - The Best Park You Don't Know About

Updated on May 9, 2012
The Large Falls at Fall Creek Falls provides for some breathtaking views
The Large Falls at Fall Creek Falls provides for some breathtaking views

One of Tennessee's most beautiful parks has remained a hidden jewel in the Upper Cumberland

Located in Middle Tennessee, Fall Creek Falls State Park boasts one of the most incredible natural areas in the Southeastern United States. Near Pikeville, Tennessee, Fall Creek Falls is home to an incredible array of natural attractions including some of the most spectacular waterfalls anywhere in the world. Due to an intelligent and intentional natural area management philosophy, Tennessee’s largest state park has been able to find the balance between the preservation of the area’s natural beauty while providing visitors with an outstanding outdoor experience. Not only does the park offer world class recreational facilities with over 50 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, but golfers will be thrilled to find an 18 hole golf course that takes advantage of the areas tremendous views.

One of the primary draws to the park is the waterfalls. The park’s namesake falls (Fall Creek Falls) drops a staggering 256 feet into a clear swimming hole below. The iconic pictures of the falls are seen throughout the web, but many folks don’t realize they are looking at a Tennessee treasure. If you are looking for an incredible view, take a hike over to Millikan’s Outlook. The outlook provides a panoramic view across Cane Creek and overlooks some of Middle Tenseness’s most beautiful terrain. Additionally, there are other waterfalls and cascades throughout the park that will make your hikes that much more spectacular.

If you are looking for a natural hike with plenty of vegetation, you will find that as well. The areas around the plateau and throughout the park include forest with plant species including oak and hickory trees and in the protected gorge is full of tulip poplar and hemlock trees. Additionally mountain laurel and rhododendron are spread throughout the park.

For those looking to take advantage of outdoor recreation, Falls Creek Falls State Park offers a all sorts of choices; there’s an full sized swimming pool, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and boating. Visitors can also fish on the 345 acre Falls Creek Falls Lake (with a permit) for various species including channel catfish, bream and largemouth bass. The Betty Dunn Nature center is an excellent interpretive experience of the park’s geology, plant and vegetation and cultural history.

Finally, the area around the park offers plenty of choices as well. From local camp grounds to the incredible Cumberland Caverns, there is plenty do and see beyond the borders of Fall Creek Falls State Park. Take a look today at one of the southeast’s best kept secrets, Fall Creek Falls State Park.

For more information on Fall Creek Falls State Park:

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    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      You are right, it is a special place, and far too often folks aren't even aware it exists. I can add information to the website about your organization if you like. Just contact me privately through HP if you would like a page devoted to your efforts (obviously free).

    • profile image

      Zeb 5 years ago

      Thanks for posting this article. In general the Cumberland Plateau region is a very little known part of our world. Often over shadowed by hype in the Great Smokey Mountains, this 500 million year old region is one of the most biologically unique region's in the world.

      My organization, Alliance for the Cumberlands, is working hard to build an awareness about issues facing the region, and we are making the region's many natural attractions available in one location.

      There are lots of places like Fall Creek Falls in the Plateau region - go to to see the best nature sites, and visit to learn more about out efforts to prepare the region for growth and change.