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Fall projects for the Preschool Classroom

Updated on July 17, 2008

Fall Projects for preschoolers that make them smarter

How can fall projects in the preschool classroom actually make kids smarter?

And which fall projects can actually do that?

Let's take a look at a standard fall project or any project done for that matter in any preschool classroom and see if it can make children smarter.

You the teacher surfs the web or goes through crafts books looking for ideas to help enhance lessons in the classroom. In this case it is fall and you want a fall project for your students to connect to the lesson.

You may come up with an idea, make a dummy of the project, present it to the class, give them the materials and have them make the project, a copy cat product.

Depending on how open you are, will determine how much of the project you let them do.Will you let them have some input or will it be all yours.

If our goals in a preschool classroom are to help kids get smarter and raise their self esteem let's analyze how projects can help towards these goals.

In the above project, let's use making squirrels because squirrels are a classic fall project.

O.K. You the teacher cuts out 20 pictures of squirrels and gives them to the kids to color and maybe even put some googly eyes on them. Project done.

Let's analyze:

Was there any thinking involved in this project? How can there be if there are step by step instructions how to make the project..

Any individuality? Not if all projects look alike and not if the children were unable to create their own thing.

So in short that's really the state of most traditional arts and crafts projects.

No thinking

No problem solving

No creativity

No helping raise self esteem.

So let's say you would really like more individuality in your students projects (otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this) and would like them to make some creative projects but your'e stuck and don't really know how to go about it.

That's where Educational Art comes in. Teaching kids to create projects, all kinds of projects (now in the fall it's fall projects) that can make kids smarter.

I will now present a fall project for the preschool classroom that will incorporate all of the goals we talked about. This fall project will help the children think, solve problems, be creative and raise their self esteem.

Individual fall murals

  1. Start off this project by discussing with the children what they like to do in the fall. Make a list with them of things that have to do with fall. Ex: trees, colorful leaves, apple picking, acorns, pine-cones, sunny days, coats, piles of leaves etc.

  2. Give the children plain paperand have them draw as many of these things as they can and then have them cut them out. Encourage them to do it any way they can.
  3. Give the children large pieces of tag-board and present them with a cafeteria of materials that they can use along with their cutouts to make a fall mural.
  4. Materials can consist of fall colors of pieces of tissue paper and other kinds of paper. round yellow circle to suggest sun. Rectangular brown pieces to suggest trees et.
  5. Instruct them to use their cutouts along with some of the other material to make a mural of something they like to do in the fall or just a fall picture.
  6. If you want to structure it a bit more you can have them paint the bottom of the tag-board brown for ground and the top blue for sly. this way it will delineate more where they should put their items.

Now we have a clear example of Educational Art in doing a fall project.

This project a clear difference in copy cat arts and crafts allows children to think, solve a myriad of problems as they decide where and how to put things, of course expand their creativity and allows their self esteem to grow as the see a creation that they created on their own. No-one else's will look like theirs.

see for another fall project idea for your preschool classroom. designed to help teach how to do projects in an Educational art approach.


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    • faigekobre profile image

      faigekobre 8 years ago from NY

      I actually have done this with 4 year olds Kenny, but the truth is I think of preschool as all schooling before first grade

    • profile image

      Kenny 8 years ago

      Im not sure this is a preschool level project. . . . . maybe kindergarden.

    • profile image

      dianne 9 years ago

      what a nice article! it is indeed great for preschoolers..i agree with Shana

    • profile image

      Shana 9 years ago

      Love, love, love this post!! The Individulal Mural idea is so great.... it causes the Preschoolers to use their own imagination. Good job!!