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False credit card verification

Updated on August 10, 2009

know what you're getting into

I've decided to dedicate my first page to informing the many people who may not be aware of the deception that takes place when they receive a new store credit card. I work for a so called verification center that handles many store credit cards including Victoria's secret, dress barn, new york and company and many others. If you've ever applied for one of these cards you may notice a sticker on the card that tells you to call this number to confirm receipt of your card. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no such thing as a verification process. The common misconception is that people feel they need to call the number on the card to activate their card, and that's just not so. The card is active and usable as soon as it comes in the mail. The so called verification process is for the most part, a way to get a customer to call in so they can be sold the theft protection on the card, which is also a scam, but i'll get into that later. 

When a customer calls in they will be told that the verification process will take a few minutes to confirm, there is no such process, the voice on the other end of the line is lying to you so you will listen to the great things they have to tell you about the various optional programs they will offer you, which cost around $13 per month. Identity protector is a pretty useless product due to the fact that most credit cards or store cards are covered from theft anyway. Let me ask this, if your dress barn credit card was stolen and the thief charged up $300 worth of stuff on the card, would you have to pay for that? The answer is no. I will say that identity protector does offer the convenience of being able to register all of your cards and only having one number to call to cancel your cards in case of theft, but in my opinion thats not worth $13 a month.

My main point is that you do not need to call the number on the sticker to have your card registered, it's a big scam to get your information and sell you products you probably don't want or need. So the next time you get a store card, i dare you to use it without calling the number on the sticker. I think you'll find that the card works just fine.


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    • profile image

      i wished i read this first! 8 years ago

      i fucking hate VS idenity plan, i wanna kill those bastards. i was charged 12.99 this month for the purchase of nothing. im trying to cancel but today's sunday and the lines are closed. the guy whom i activated my card with was a robotic maniac! i hope he dies in hell, yes i am pissed.

    • jeremycarter profile image

      jeremycarter 8 years ago

      yep, a terrible place to work. just an all around bad job.

    • profile image

      dorn 8 years ago

      Is that place called dial america